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    Version 2.0.0


    Here is my new Transformers Pro Backglass directb2s File. Backglass Images: Thanks Wildman Grill Image: Thanks Hauntfreaks I changed Size and some Lights ( very nice with JP's Transformers )
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    With JP releasing Transformers Pro. Could we maybe bother you @DJRobX to put in support for tf_180 as well ?? I expect that could be a code re-use?
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    i have used this code to get ff working on family guy. There is a bug in stewie pinball multiball now: all four flippers are supposed to be active since you get balls in the normal playfield and in the mini playfield. After the changes for ff only the two mini playfield flippers are active. Any way to fix this?
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    Version 2.0


    Sharpshooter II (Gameplan 1983)
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    For those waiting on a Spiderman VE (smanve_101) fix, here is an update script care of @DJRobX. Modified version of the version available on MB https://pastebin.com/v4nBGba0 Wob
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