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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    No fast flips is not auto-magic. It probably could be for most tables, but I'd rather not break something trying. UseVPMModsol is for modulated flashers - generally turning this on won't hurt anything, but needs table support to do something useful. Tables like ACDC/LE have supported this from the get-go. Fast flips is something different. To use fast flips, first update your SAM.VBS with this one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T8eI076hLSpSsc-__TQNIg-K7mlpdbE9/view?usp=sharing then at the end of table init sub, add this line: InitVpmFFlipsSAM That should be it. So for example, in ACDC/LE, scroll down to around line 230, and make it look like this: 'Other Suff InitOptions:InitBell:InitCannon:InitDiverters InitVpmFFlipsSAM End Sub As a reminder - AC/DC 1.68h is what's supported at this time, not 1.70. If someone ever color patches 1.70 I'll look into doing it. If you are a table author updating a table, you may want to have it read: On Error Resume Next InitVpmFFlipsSAM On Error Goto 0 This will keep your table compatible with older sam.vbs. If you are an end-user just add the one line. If you get an error you'll know that sam.vbs wasn't updated correctly.
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    View File Strikes and Spares (Bally 1978) "Undressed" version of Wildman's Strikes and Spares (Bally 1978) backglass. The zip file includes Unclewilly VP9 table, with minimal mod... sharpen your sight. and as usual frontend preview images. Tanks to the authors for their permission to modd their works. NOTICE My work does NOT want to offend anyone, if you do not agree just don't download. Seriously, you have been warned. You know what we are talking about so if you disagree don't download and dont't use at home. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Submitter editoy Submitted 05/31/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Buck Rogers (Gottlieb 1980)1.0 For both VP9 and VPX table version. This is my first B2S backglass from zero. I started from an high resolution image making a big restoration work. Created all frames and imported in B2S Designer. Studied script file for lights and solenoids (with alittle luck and B2S TEST_ROM_ID tester) and... that's all. Enjoy.
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    Hi, For information and with payal's help I received my order yesterday... More for 2 months to received my order and, I thin,k I probably never have it if Paypal don't ask German Gaming supplies to do is job... Probably my last order to him. I hope ZZM will find a solution with is order. Probably with paypal dispute He'll find. Strange way to do business...