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    Version 1.0.1


    Specifications : Full rebuild from scratch New dark translite image cleaned Resolution 2048 x 1896 @70dpi Authentic lighting (as possible) Infinity lights with reflexion on the convex mirrors Thanks to Hauntfreaks for the convex mirror image ID based on the previous Dozer316 version with little modifications, thanks for this incredible job. Contains about 70 snippits No DMD image
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    Version 1.2.0


    The board rotates and the logo is static.
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    Version 2.0


    Flash Gordon (Bally 1981)
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    The kickback animation looks like its working but it seems to have the wrong timing. When the animation triggers its color but the animation is so slow that you almost never even get to see the guy shooting and the score screen comes back on. What I personally noticed with the editor is that if you record animations from pinmame, the first frame of the animations sometimes has too long of a delay, then that delay gets transmitted to your custom animation causing it to be slower than it should be. Im not saying that's whats happening here but it seems odd that I never get to actually see your beautiful animation of the guy shooting. Ive used some $2 voltage shunt convertor/regulators off ebay. They take any kind of voltage from 9v-32V and convert it down to 5V 5A regulated supply. On my terminator 2 pinball I took some random voltage(I think like 16v unregulated) off one of the unused connectors in the upper right hand corner of the power driver board and it works great.
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    It is absolutely not recommended to use the 5V from WPC power board. You can use a DC-DC converter available at ebay to use 12V (J117) and convert down to stable 5V. A minimum of 5A is recommended.
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    official rev 4381 Set Transformers to 12-port aux board to enable LE solenoids [DJRobX] For those keeping track, the A.G. Football rom sets recently added to the source are full clones of A.G. Soccer-Ball. Tables sold to the Europe market had different artwork but used the same game code. Just copy the following and rename if you need to run these: agsoccer.zip = agfootbl.zip agsocc07.zip = agfoot07.zip SAMBuild_r4381.zip
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