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    View File Indiana Jones (Stern2008) Hanibal's 4k Edition Thanks to freneticamnesic for there nice VP9 table and the permission for convert to VP10. And additionally special thank to GLX, gtxjo, Highlnder00 and anybody else where working on the previous versions before. In this table I have create some new scripts for an ballistic impulse to the "MAP" section and some sound scripts for moving parts. I have modified many Textures and Objects according to the real version of the table, and have created some special light effects, I hope you like it. Generally enjoy this nice table and have fun with 8 Ball Multiball Submitter Hanibal2001 Submitted 05/16/2016 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name ij4_210 Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version  
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    Version 1.2.0


    This is the logo used on the Batman Forever pin. I got them mixed up.
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    Terminator 2

    Cool, I've also did some colorization on T2 but stopped when I found out Rappelbox was also working on it. Maybe good to inform him you are almost done ;).
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    Terminator 2

    Ive been updating the thread at pinside: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-terminator-2 but I am *almost* done Animations/sequences/frames done (including the first post stuff) : Pull the Trigger Williams logo in Red Presents in Red replay in red T2 title animation (in sections) Test Screen GrandChampion Top Marksmen Shoot again words (not the elevator scene yet) Load the Gun Sequence Shoot for Jackpot Sequence HunterKiller crosshair animation HunterKiller explosion (I will probably take the time to draw the HK stuff by hand) T800 with lightning Bolt in attract mode Los Angeles July 11, 2029 text "Color by Malenko" replacing the say no to drugs screen Free Play / Push Start (will change my machine to coins and capture that too) Arnie holding the shotgun and now firing it Score Reset Scene Credits / Special Thanks Cyborg text "Door Reveal" is done , its a color mask so it works for all the "reveals"(ie check point, passcode, silent alarm, etc ) Arnie shooting the M79 Other things done: Bonus Held (its light blue for now) 2x 4x 6x 8x Get the CPU (orange) Extra Ball! PAYPACK TIME! announce Paybacktime Mode Payback time results Database Select Kickback/Autofire video mode (it just switches to "terminator vision" aka a red palette heh) you win / you lose after video mode with dynamic bonus number of kills and bonus after video mode (blue) jackpot Grows (yellow) Jackpot Values (dynamic!) changed the motorcycle loop to night time 5 Million X target for Multiball Multiball Hurry Up Go Run Jackpot Multiplied Ball Locked Shoot for 1X/2X/3X jackpot jackpot! jackpot static plate jackpot spinning plate super jackpot announce super jackpot animation 50 million explosion after super jackpot