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    Well, everything has gone really smoothly. Very easy to setup. The shield and discovery board are considerably larger than the pinDMD3 board and I didn't have room to mount them on my speaker panel so I made a longer ribbon cable and mounted it to the back of my backbox, it looks fine back there and works well. The pinDMD3 also comes with a crimped power connector that you plug directly into the pinDMD3 board so you need to find another way to run 5V to the DMD panels. I didn't want to cut off the crimped end on my dmd panels so I soldered a male header to a piece of breadboard, ran 5V up from a power supply in the body of my cab and then also attached the 5V required for the shield. I picture would be worth a 1000 words here I'm sure... I'll include one @UncleSash puts the latest firmware on the discovery board for you but naturally within the couple of days it took to ship me my board there was a new version :). Seeing as @UncleSash spells out exactly what you need I had both a micro and mini usb on hand and was able to update to the latest 2.41 firmware myself quite easily. Again the directions on the pin2dmd site as well as @UncleSash thread make all this very easy. I updated the dmddevice.dll in my vpinmame directory to use the latest for pin2dmd. I updated my dmddevice.ini to say I was running a pin2dmd now rather than a pindmd3 and my games were up and running. I can't say enough about the TSPP colour ROM... wow... jaw dropping! That rom alone was worth the trouble of upgrading (Ya I said it, upgrading!) to a pin2dmd. The The other two pin2dmd ONLY roms Shrek and POTC roms on the other hand are not as polished as the TSPP colorization so set expectations accordingly. I also need to give SFII a go too... have to download that table, don't have it yet. I do consider myself down right fierce though so I'll get that soon (SFII joke there). Anyway... only "issue" i'm dealing with at the moment is an unsatisfactory orange colour for my the rest of my games. It isn't the nice bright "plasma" orange I was getting before with the pindmd3. I read another thread but no suggestions in there have given me the orange I'm looking for. I do recall a change to vpinmame at one point I thought that changed the orange and made it darker... anyway... I'm totally up to having screwed something up on my end to cause this, just not sure what it is yet. Major thanks to @UncleSash for the super fast shipping and help with the shield and board and of course big thanks to @lucky1. Really glad to have a pin2dmd in my cabinet, looking forward to trying to spend some time with the editor now and seeing if I can contribute to the colour rom scene. This would have been easier to spend some time with if I wouldn't have gotten accepted to the pinballfx3 beta... that is now stealing cycles Thanks again!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I built this particular B2S, who help me having a visual render of the rom for finding the right ID when I build a B2S. I think this is helpful and fun, in addition to the Pinball manuel and reading the table script, so I share it if it can help anybody else. This B2s will show you : the LAMPS ID wich are used (between ID 1 to 100), the SOLENOID ID wich are used (between 1 to 60) the GI STRING ID wich are used (between 1 to 20)
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    But for a real Pin are you right. And the DC-DC step down converter is good thing for every real Pin owner. Reference link for that kind of converter: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192002048403
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    In Roars case, is it a V-Pin with 5V from a good PC power Supply. No worries about power from the WPC board ;-)
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    Version 1.03


    Kong! The 8th Wonder of the World! Here is Release 1.0 of King Kong. There is still a lot more bling that can be added to this table, but since it has already been in the making on and off for about 3 years now, it's best to release it as is and let people enjoy it. Special thanks to: Dazz creating the King Kong WIP on VP9 and asking me to help with scripting the table. The two left ramps proved to be almost impossible to implement with VP9 and Physmod. With VPX, it was finally possible DStruct for sharing the FP resources Wildman for the Kong backglass Arngrim for DOF support Toxie and Fuzzel for VPX Thanks to the other authors that worked or were involved on this table WIP
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    Version 2.0


    Hey all. I’ve been waiting for a Bally Kiss version for VPX for a while. So instead of asking for someone to make it, I tried my hand at table converting\building. My parents have this table and it is what I grew up playing as a kid. So it is near and dear to me. I’ve logged many of hours standing at this pin. This is my first attempt at anything, building wise with VP ever… So give me you opinions and thoughts. Let me know what you think or what needs to be changed. I’m open to criticism even. I tried to get the physics as close as possible to our table. Seems pretty good to me, but let me know what you think. Special thanks to 32assassin, Batch, JP, and arngrim