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    View File X-Files Hanibal 4k LED Edition Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work. I have changed the physics, they are now very nice. I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights. Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection. Looks like an LED modified table Submitter Hanibal2001 Submitted 03/05/2017 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version  
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    A project from vborusev on pinside using pin2dmd editor V-Pin files are here
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    found the pronblem... The old SHARK codec previously used in PinballX trashed up my XDMD/UltraDMD functions. Un-Installing this and installed the LAV-filter codec worked for me. Thanks for the help once again!
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