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    freezy: I use virtual DMD on a monitor. One thing I noticed with your latest DLL files, is that, yes the colouring for VPMame virtual DMD does work, but only with tables that have palette files, and only with the colours in those files. If a table doesn't have a palette file, or I have colorizing disabled, then it goes back to only being orange, and doesn't use the colours I chose myself in VPMAME. Your earlier DLL from Dec 23 works with custom VPinMAME colour settings (my own colours,etc) properly and doesn't just stay at Orange. I also had copies of my files in syswow64, system32, and PinMAME fodlers. Maybe you guys can clarify my understanding....since I'm new to DMD colouring, etc.... Correct me if I'm wrong about the following: - All non-SAM DMD tables can only use a maximum of 4 colours. These can be either from your own VPinMAME settings, or a palette file (I used lucky's collection, renamed by sensless, worked great) - SAM DMD tables can use up to 16 colours, but these must use a palette file and the rom must be customized to use this. (Walking Dead LE worked great for me with the 16 colours) - can we get customized SAM roms for 16 colours (that someone has done) on this site? - is it possible to use full 24 bit RGB images (or any other format) for DMD use with VPMame in any way? Or are we limited to the 4 and 16 colour options only? - we can use 24 bit images with real DMD / virtual DMD in Pinball X Thanks for any clarification you can give....
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    Maybe having a setting in VPMame, per table (in the gui), which would allow for the choice of PWM flashers and PWM solenoids.... or the choice of the older non PWM flashers and solenoids method? It sounds like the newer PWM flashers and solenoids on those tables (the LE tables) may be causing some other issues though..... ....but some people may want the "option" in case it's also a performance drain on their system? Don't know if this is doable...just throwing this out there.... An option to chose ddraw=0 per table (in the gui) would be lovely as well...
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    Would changing the modulated solenoids "frames" or the led "frames" (I may have the wording wrong) in the B2S settings help at all with this? I know that for some B2S files changing the number of frames rendered helped alot with some tables.... (my wording may be off, and I don't have access to my cab atm)
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    I've already declared that I officially approve hijacking of this thread. At least we know it's a performance issue. Are you running B2S in EXE mode?
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    Version 1.0


    Gilligans Island (Midway 1991) not original but better..2 screen and 3 screen in rar...enjoy