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    Version 3.0


    Unofficial Stern SAM enabled compile based on Visual PinMAME Same as official VPinMAME except 1. also supports full color DMD patches for S.A.M. game code that require side channel loading to use extended memory 2. also supports full clones that have unique configurations in DOFConfigtool - blkou_hf, ratfink, missworld, penthouse Instructions for use: Install official Visual PinMAME http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11571 Overwrite VPinMAME.dll with the SAMbuild version. Run Setup.exe again and press the 'Install' button. In order for any user customized game code mods to load and run whether the mod adds full color DMD or a soundtrack remix, the game setting for the replacement game code set must have 'Ignore ROM CRC errors' enabled. PinMAME executable included for rom testing and auditing. Compiled with VC2015 PLAYERS NOTE (for 2.8 or greater): To align with official VPinMAME set naming from driver.c, the following were renamed: Iron Man & Iron Man Vault Edition im2 -> im X-Men xmen -> xmn The Avengers avg -> avs This will also require renaming the rom in VP table scripts For stable release based on official 2.7 go here and then click "See Changelog" button and select June 30 v2.34.
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    Version twd_156h


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    I need to get around to this also, so I looked at the Kiss table. It uses the kicker plunger method. One way is to covert it to the new modern plunger that was added to VP. CONVERT KICKER PLUNGER based tables: You need the plunger images from VP9.9 VP, so open VP and click on File->New to create a new table. Click on Table->Image Manager. Select the plungerBlackTip or plungerWhiteTip image or both and click on Export and save this image somewhere. NOTE: the default name for the plungerBlackTip is plunger.png, rename it to plungerBlackTip.png. You will use it later Now open the KISS table. Click on Table->Image Manager. Click on Import and select the black or white plunger image you want to use. Click on Open, then OK, Now, in the plunger area, move the round kickers in the plunger area and move them off the table. Click on the plunger object (highlighted in blue) and change the parameters shown in the attached picture. After changing the plunger settings, move the plunger as shown in the pic and test the table. Adjust the plunger location and plunger "Mechanical Strength" as needed.