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    Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    File Name: AC/DC (Stern 2012) File Submitter: Javier15 File Submitted: 09 Dec 2014 File Category: Recreations Permission to Mod: YesVP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod Based in AC/DC Stern 2011 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666: Models 3d and resources redraw MUKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts and bell model 3d DAZZ: BY ALLOWING THESE BEAUTIES WILL BE HOSTED ON THE FORUM. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Download VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED latest version: vpinmame.dll Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Descargar VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED ultima version: vpinmame.dll Click here to download this file
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    Hi Carny, I've quickly tested this build this morning and could launch multiple SAM ROMs without any issue. I've launched 4 or 5 SAM ROMs from VPM setup test and launched 3 times Spider-Man VE from VPX and didn't notice any freeze of my setup. Thanks ++
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    Also, the VPX-packaged version you mentioned above has coloring disabled. I'll release a new version shortly with coloring enabled again.
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    Ok, here's a VC2010 build. At least it loads twd_156h. Please let us know about WPC sound. Seems like users have had issues with Gilligan's Island, for example. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45430846/VPinMAME.dll
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    how do i post to a topic?

    hi', since the site upgrade, i cant figure out how to post to a topic. i dont see the usual, text box at the bottom of the posts. am i crazy?? thanks/sparky
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    Totem (Gottlieb 1979)

    Version 1.2


    Totem (Gottlieb 1979)