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    NOTE: This last post is best viewed under a shot glass.
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    Vpcabs And Virtapin Myths And Truths

    As a side note to the cry babies over at VPF....quit crying nobody getting rich off of your hard free work GROW UP... Vpcabs and Virtapin are the only 2 people helping out the non tech guys with top notch cabs... I see alot of crying about all the work you do into putting out a free table and guys are making money off of me....LMFAO heres the truth.. 1 you gave up your right to your hard work once you uploaded it to the internet for free...you only get credit with your name... 2 ya you put in alot of hrs into it but lets face it its you a copyright pirate... 3 believe me nobody gettin rich off of your work 4 if you dont like it dont upload your work for others to enjoy instead get off the forums and go crawl in a corner and drop dead ..because reading all the BS about not getting paid is just BS...Grow the fuck up..theres always a scumbag out there to try to rip people off.. VPcabs and Virtapin are the only 2 companys tryin to help out the comminity not hurt it ..not to mention the other guys that make the great hardware to make your own cab !!! All my work in backglasses and the hours i put in to make them I could care less if they end up in a cab or dvd ..the point is it was made to enjoy and make the pinball experience fun.. and when i see stuff like that on tv or anywere I feel proud to say I made that !!! Not look... i didnt get nothing for it $$.... and as far as the beerme here im not swimming in $$$.. its just nice for guys to say thanks man heres a beer enjoy... its what makes me want to keep doing it ...when my friends help me out I have no problem buyin the beer.. Look this is a hobby and its been left alone by the big companys, we violate every copyright law out there...so be greatfull we have what we have... It just pisses me off when you authors start pissing and moaning about money on 1 hand and next how you love to give for free .. you cant have your cake and eat it to .. So Fuck Off and quit picking on the guys that are for and trying to make this VP scene better..AKA VPcabs and Virtapin..and all others... You dont like it dont contribute...... if you like it and contribute dont complain about it..be grateful we even know your name... anybody that built there own cab knows how hard it is.......why i laugh STOP THE MADDNESS Congrates to all for trying to make VP better !!!!! WAIT !!! i just went to a show and saw a backglass i made on a VPcabs /cab....What Virtapin has some too....Fuck Im not making any more Backglasses till i get paid ..fuck all you guys Bunch of fuckin babies ...Grow the Fuck Up
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    No beef just maybe think before putting people down when they have a different view.. Honestly what bothered me the most was how you all ganged up on me and treated me like an ass hole b/c I had a different view on the matter.. There is a fine line when joking around and the written word can be read differently by different people.. Anyway, as I said that was a long time ago and I'm over it.. :-) Wildman we have already talked I've got no beef with you! We all good hug it out.. :-)
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    http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/634-tribute-to-uw/page-3#entry61522 Brad is one of the good guys. It's too bad he's being vilified.
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    Sent 12 May 2016 - 08:49 AM I look at all the Backglasses from different authors before choosing one baded on color,accuracy,table match. I find myself using your Backglasses about 80-90 percent of the time. Thank you so very much for all your hard work in bring these tables to life with your excellent backglasses. Larry Thats why i do what i do for guys that have the love/// all others can fuck off and die lol man this the shit that motivates me .......WANT TO PLAY A GAME???? remember lol :D
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    I didn't see him trying to sell VP on the show. Looks like Zen, which he said he's licensing. Did you even watch the show? My guess is no. Funny how the VP world loves to eat it's own.