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  1. vulbas

    Colorize Stern Roms With Pinball Browser

    thx lucky1, I had made a mistake. it works very well finally sorry
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  2. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    I think this should be made more clear that not all donations go into the charity project, by placing it on top of the post, since some didn´t know that. For legal reasons UncleSash is only allowed to sell the device with a activation key for the basic features (no pinball browser, no pin2dmd editor). You can easly get a full featured Key from me by making a additional donation which goes 100% into charity.
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  3. File Name: VP 10 Terminator 2 Judgment Day Hanibal's Chrome Edition File Submitter: Hanibal2001 File Submitted: 08 Feb 2016 File Category: Visual Pinball 10 - Tables Permission to Mod: Yes VP Version: v10 Thanks to the nice work before to all people making this table for VP10. This is one of my favorit, so I must optimize it and hope you enjoy my work. Click here to download this file
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