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    the fact that i don't play to real pins or not doesn't matter, i can look dozens of youtube videos of real pins just like anyone, there's no need to feel anything, just watching the ball sliding on the playfield or on lanes, or flippers, bouncing on objects, it has nothing to do with i am an experienced real pin player or not ok that's good that i know that you have seen the issue as well, now like i say, if anyone has a solution, im' sure even you would be interested to know, that was the reason of my post, no blaming to your work at all, you are doing a fantastic work on my part, i continously have plenty of things to do about dof, today i modded 4 tables, and approved 5 other ones, after work, so i'm sticking to what i'm good at and contribute to the community that way, that's the best that i can do
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    I'll say my piece. Yes, I see what you're talking about, I've seen the flipper react oddly with the ball, but the problem is if I adjust it to fix something that occurs once a game (for me), it negatively affects the flipper behavior for the rest of the game. I've heard it a lot from arngrim, and it annoys me because he has told me he doesn't play real pins so getting physics feedback from him is like getting financial advice from....me... but trust me, I've seen the issue. If you check my youtube channel (please subscribe) you'll see my latest AMH video, a couple minutes into it you see a ball on the flipper, cradles, and another ball hits the flipper and ball at the same time, and takes off like a rocket. What the fuck is that? There's nothing inherently wrong with my friction, elasticity etc settings, but for some reason it just wigs out. The only solution is to apparently change those settings, but that will change the way the rest of the game feels for me and it's just not worth it. I don't want to shit on your opinions, but I've heard the same thing over and over, and if I haven't fixed it yet, in however many tables, there's a good chance I'm not going to fix it. So if it bothers you that much, play another table - or adapt the physics from that table to my table and feel free to share your settings or release a patch, but I do not endorse any physics changes because it will not play the way that I feel it needs to be played, even if there is a little hiccup here and there. It's open source and I'm recreating tables that others have spent their time on, so I can't tell you not to change them. I embrace that aspect of this hobby. That's why groni is such a shit, lock the table so we can't change it. none of that is his idea, so why should he even be able to lock it down? whatever that's another issue entirely. Physics are the most debatable thing in a table build, if what we're debating when I've released a mod or a complete table build, is the physics, then fuck it man I'm happy. But know that I am shitlisting you if you dare tell me to make my physics like another table. Here's what you should do in the future: "hey, I noticed odd ball behavior on the flippers, try these settings they seem to work for me..."
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    Well I've already expressed my opinions on the matter and sitting down and talking it out in a chat would accomplish nothing. I'm sure things would be said and taken the wrong way in the heat of the moment.. I guess the solution here is to just put certain members on ignore. I should of done that a wile ago.. I'll do that and let someone else step up and say something from now on about all the negativity, nagging and bringing up the same stuff over and over.. So with that said you heard it here 1st I won't say another word unless it's a direct comment or digg at me personally.. Feel free to light it up, complain and put people's work down, I guess it's open season now b/c I'm done dealing with it!
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    I think you two guys should talk in chatroom together and lay down all the problems. For my personal preference i don´t make a difference between table authors, db2s backglass designer, guys who make redraws or any other stuff to make vp better. Ck provided a lot (his indiana jones redraw is "state of the art"). You say its the fault of people like him to loose authors. I say its your fault to loose conent providers like him too. But all besides that, it must be allowed to ask questions without a "why do you not come up with a solution" mentality. For his question about friction..., i don´t know it too why on some tables it does work and on other it does not. You as an author should know that the editor in vp is tricky. I think not everyone must be a wizard with it...
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    For sure CK brings a lot of positive to the community too but for some people the "but" is abrasive because of the constant nature of it. It may not be meant that way but that's the effect. Although I am 100% certain there is a positive intent behind it, the quest for perfection should not be targeted to everyone and artistic interpretation by the authors, as like in every work that involves personal commitment, creativity and sacrifice (which I believe applies to authors and their tables) should be considered as "not needing to be changed". I think that is something for all to think about anyway. No one should paint guys like Fren or icpjuggla with a broad stroke that says they have a short fuse or don't want their tables to play well, that is undeserving considering the amount of testing, taking in constructive criticism and updates that they put into their tables in the past. If they have a point to make, it's earned that it should be considered and maybe respectfully understood, if not 100% in agreement.
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    It's not stalking bro. I'm an active member of this comunity.. Think about that!!! You too are "friends" according to CK so I'm not surprised you'll jump on the bandwagon and defend him.. Witch I totally understand, I don't have a problem with you or Kaan. As I've said before maybe CK should think about what he is saying before he types it.. Some people including me take all his nagging and complaining as negative comments b/c it's always about the same crap. Never a nice thing to say and always a but! It gets old and many of us around here are sick of it! It's b/c of people like him we only have a few authors left. When I got into this comunity there were over 20 or 30 authors look at it now what are there maybe 5 to 10 now.. think about that! Keep pissing us all off and you'll have no tables to play.. Maybe us authors will just start showing awesome screen shots of tables and stop releasing them and only share them with friends! b/c pretty soon that's prob the route I'm going to go b/c I'm sick of it as I know many others are too.
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