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    Version 1.1


    Who Dunnit 1947 is an attempt to bring the 1995 Bally game closer to its classic noir origins, reducing the color palette and redesigning many art elements to a more subdued deco style. This mod of ninuzzu/djrobx's Who Dunnit project was given new art, rothfozzy physics, the full fleep sound package, and rendered lighting and textures. Thanks to all who contributed to the mod: rothbauerw for physics and scripting help, benji for the sound work and insert models, tomate, sixtoe, and the rest of the VPW crew for testing and troubleshooting, flupper for insert models, JR for always being up for talking classic film noir, and a host of early testers. Most of all thanks to ninuzzu and djrobx for the game that I built this on. I highly recommending changing your DMD color palette to black and white before playing. Enjoy and go watch Out of the Past this weekend.
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    Usually I only wanted to start experimenting with the new 64 color mode. Now too late to turn back lol, so here is a new WIP for you🙂 It is not my top priority, so will take some time...
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    Version 2.0


    ACDC Premium (Stern 2012) hi rez
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    Version 1.0.0


    New Hi Rez .. Harley Davidson (Bally 1991)
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    Finally! I am finished another game - WPT. Here is fully colorized game without firmware modifications. Works on pin2dmd v 4.05 or later. Here is preview of colorized game. Who interested in files for real pinball let me know. Vpin version is free - you can download here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/QHHv%2FCowrpUwJ5 Donations welcome https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/vbobrusev
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    Hi all, So this is my first attempt to colourise a file, i previously built a PIN2DMD for a flintstones but had to sell it before i could start the project. Now a few years later i have a real JD pinball machine. I thought i would post here first as althoug i am working on a real machine there seems to be the best knowledge here and most active projects So i have been learning the program and the process after reading and watching videos but still get stuck so hopefully someone can help? I have been working away for a couple of weeks i undersatand cutting scenes and colouring them but keyframes are still a bit hit and miss and i could do with some assistance. Currently using 64 colour editor and have 4.07 on my pin2dmd & running the L1-AT deadworld locking ring ROM in my machine I have got the attract sequencce working well using a mix of CM, replace and palette switching. This is what i worked on first to learn the process. It is not the best as the shifting background on the high scores makes the colour mask on the dynamic scenes harder to accomadate names/scores, but its a start! this works well in the machine and displays properly. Now i have started on the regular game (still supergame to dump too!) and made good process with the colouring of scenes, i havent cut all of them yet and during testing have found ones i have missed so need to record them too. So this is where i am finding isues with getting keyframes to work relaiably, lots of them work well like the ball lock and the "judge" drop target scenes. Currently my biggest issue is with the Drive-by at the end, in CM mode it seems to overlay the previous mask on the next scene so leaving a ghosting effect, when split up into replace (as in the gif above) the colours work well but the timimg is out then the CM match score has the same lingering old mask issue. I have tried the CM sequence & the Replace sequence set hash thingy but it then just gets stuck on the first frame and never moves on Looking to see if someone more knowlegable in the process can look at the project or help me understand what is going wrong?? I dont think i fully understand they keyframe process with diffrent hash layers and the triggering process (when should i set the hash? on the 1st frame that has any of the detail/scene that i want to colour?) Does the Colour mask secquence & replace sequence mode work properly? or am i messing up the selection of which hash to use? If you change the mode is there a way to update the keyframe or do you have to delete the old one and create an new one? To me there seems to be a lot of complicated scenes in JD that may cause me issue like the "warning for smoking/jail scenes" as they fade in and out a lot so would love to understand the process now before continuing so i cut the scenes correctly My plan would be to release this wheen i get a bit more done so other people can use it but it might be a bit slow as i have to work around job, family life and house renovation any advice welcome! Cheers Loz P.S sorry about thee long post
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    As I finish up Cirqus Voltaire, I already have my sights set on the next project, and I decided to go astronomical and tackle Capcom's BIG BANG BAR. Way too early to show anything but here's a taste. This game definitely deserves a color DMD. Stay tuned!
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    Version 2.0


    Transporter The Rescue(Bally 1989)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Millionaire (Williams 1987) 2scr 3scr ..
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    Version 1.0.0


    New Rebuild, New Lighting, Hi Rez
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    Version 2.0


    Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013)
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    Hi! It's me again. Almost finished first full colorization for Stern S.A.M system game ( but not sure, maybe somebody made it, but i didnt know about it ). So almost all scenes is colorized. Here is version for vPin - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/dWyc/FFjBe8U4n (actual updates and last version for vPin users will be available by this link). Not work propertly at this moment bonus multipliers and light timed lock. All other scenes should work fine. All current bugs will fixed ASAP. I will be glad if you left feedback how it works on virtual pinballs. Version for real pinball will be avaliable when all bugs will be fixed. Who want get colorization when it will be ready for real pin, can send me messages via personal messages. PS: Donations welcome https://www.paypal.me/vbobrusev Here is preview: Enjoy!
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    Version 2.0


    Maverick(Data East 1994)
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    Version 1.0


    Cyclopes(Game plan 1985)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Deadpool premium (Stern 2018) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.0.0


    Elvira's House Of Horrors Premium (Stern 2019) Hi Rez
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    Gradients were fixed. vpin version was updated. Please re download it. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/6rQD%2FoEahVPtaD All who requested files for real pinballs, please re download your personal link. realpin version was also updated.
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    Powers back on!.. Still early going but here's some boiler action:
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    Version 2.0


    Deadpool Pro (Stern 2018) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.0.0


    Star Wars Pro (Stern 2017) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.0.0


    Aerosmith Pro (Stern 2017) Hi Rez
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    Update ready! Changelog: - bear kicks fix -"replay at x" fix
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    Version 2.0


    Viking (Bally 1979)
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    Here's a 2021 update. Cant believe I started this in May of last year, and with the pandemic it took a few months to even pick it up again. I'm starting to near the finish line! This DMD is full of random transitions so it has been quite the task. I've even had to redraw full animations to make it clear.
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    Version 3.0


    Metallica Pro (Stern 2013) Hi Rez Update
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    File imported by an administrator
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    Version 2.0


    Bounty Hunter (Gottlieb 1985)
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    REAL PIN SHOWTIME! Still working on minor bug fixes, but aiming at a release within the next 24 hours...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean is finished for pin2dmd. This is not a rom patching colorization - this is fully colorized game via pin2dmd editor. Who need files for real pinball - send me messages. Working on v4.02 or later. Final preview with fixed and added scenes. Version for vpin is also updated in link in first message.
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    Version 2.0


    Austin Powers(Stern 2001)
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    Version 2.0


    White Water ( Williams 1993)
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    Final tweaks and tests. Should be dropping any day now.
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    Thanks for your feedback. I needed to change the colorization method of that scene to optimize it für real pins, but this issue seems to came up now. I am going to fix it very soon since I already have an idea how to do it.
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    Version 2.0


    Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993)
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    Version 1.8


    Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work. I have changed the physics, they are now very nice. I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights. Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection. Looks like an LED modified table
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    Dont F#$@ with granny!.... SLACKERS! This is looking sweet dude!
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    The files in the collection are simple color to shades mappings which don´t need a fsq file. This means all animations use the same colors. FSQ is only needed for advanced colorizations. How it looks ? Why not just find out yourself. Just copy as pin2dmd.pal to your SD card. If noone has made a advanced colorization for your pinball machine you can make one yourself with the pin2dmd editor. Instructions are here https://pin2dmd.com/#5 The first thing you need to do is make a recording of complete gameplay using the pin2dmd.exe tool dump function as described here https://pin2dmd.com/tool/ Just remove the glass of your pinball machine and roll the ball by hand while recoding the dmd output through USB. Make sure you use the latest firmware (4.05) before starting your project.
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    Version 1.0


    ACDC Pro (Stern 2012) HI rez
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    View File Metallica Premium + Pro (Stern 2013) B2S Dual Backglass + BG Video + Wheels + More Metallica Premium + Pro (Stern 2013) B2S Dual Backglass + BG Video + Wheels + More PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAY 'THANKS'. THIS IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! The original backglass for these pinballs were simple translites with a single fluorescent bulb and wasn't very interesting, so I decided to make a couple new "authentic" and "fantasy" b2s backglasses that were the full original bacgkglass images - i.e.: not cropped. Both backglass are Dual Mode with Authentic (simulated turn on and constant illumination) and Fantasy (basic light animation). For Fantasy Mode - I deliberately did NOT tie any of the b2s lights / animations to the table ROMs, solenoids, or lamps, because this table is a heavy resource load for VPX and I have found that some other b2s's made for this table actually create "ball-stutter" and slow down gameplay dramatically when communicating with the b2s. Hence why I created simple looping / lighting animation instead. I also created MP4 video animation versions (PBX Videos) that don't use the actual b2s file at all to create animated lighting that is not possible with the b2s server. I actually created the MP4 video versions FIRST for my cab - and then made the B2S versions and additional materials strictly for other to have / use if so desired. I will explain more on how to use these MP4 versions further down in this post. Backglasses includes grill for 2-screen users with the option to 'Hide Grill' for 3-screen / cab users. Use the Grill: Hidden feature of B2S Backglass Server to hide the grill for 3 screen users. Also included is a few new wheel images (for the new backglass style), and a RealColorDMD avi and MP4 file video for your front end. There is also a new 1280x390 topper video for the Metallica Pro Edition version that is an add on the existing Metallica Toppers I did a few months ago. If you need the other topper videos, they are here: https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/metallica-premium-monsters-stern-2013-topperdmd-kit/ If you decide to use the b2s versions, be sure to "rename" the backglass to the same file name as your VPX table. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In order to use any of the MP4 backglass videos instead of the B2s versions, the process is quite simple. Option 1: Remove the b2s backglass from your VPX/Tables folder so you only leave the VPX table in the VPX/Tables folder. Option 2: Make a copy of the Metallica VPX table and name it something different than the original table with NO corresponding / accompanying backglass. Make sure the name is really different than the original - so VPX will NOT load a backglass at all when loading the table. In PinballX, using the Game Manager, go to the existing (if you simply removed the b2s backglass from the Tables folder) or new / renamed table and use the 'Import' option for that table and import the backglass MP4 of your choice. You can also do this by naming the backglass MP4 video of your choice exact the same as your table and put the MP4 in the "PinballX/Media/VPX/Backglass Videos" folder. Please note: Your 'path' to your media / backglass videos might be different than the one I listed here. In PinballX 'Game Manager' make sure you have 'Hide Backglass' UNCHECKED. That way when you load the table through PinballX - when PinballX goes to load the table, it will keep the backglass video running the whole time as if it was the actual backglass. Everything else should play exactly as it should with the table, but now you have a cool VIDEO backglass running instead that in no way will slow down the table / gameplay. I've used this process / technique for several other DMD tables where the backglass is generally static and it works very well. All files have been fully tested. FILES INCLUDED: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Metallica (Stern 2013) Alt BG Wheel.png Metallica Pro (Stern 2013) Wheel 1.png Metallica Pro (Stern 2013) Wheel 2.png Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) Wheel 1.png Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) Wheel 2.png Metallica Premium + Pro (Stern 2013) RealColorDMD - 128x32.avi Metallica Premium + Pro (Stern 2013) RealColorDMD - 128x32.mp4 Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) Dual Mode.directb2s Metallica Pro (Stern 2013) Dual Mode.directb2s Metallica Pro Edition (Stern 2013) Topper.mp4 Metalllica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) PBX Video.mp4 Metalllica Pro (Stern 2013) PBX Video.mp4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This project took considerable time ... so "thanks" or comments in the support topic would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE NOTE: I create these videos for fun and for the dedicated VPX pinball users on this and other forum. I DID NOT create this for you to download as SELL, MAKE MONEY OR PROFIT ON ... You have been warned! DO NOT include any of these files with other downloads or projects without asking permission first. All Logos, Characters, Copyrights and Trademarks property of their respective owners. PROVIDED STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE AND NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE OR DISTRIBUTION. PLEASE DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE. Submitter HiRez00 Submitted 07/23/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hardbody (Bally 1987) new hi rez Thanks to Matt,mlager8 and Tom for the pic Enjoy 😎
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    Version 1.0.0


    I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX by CryptDoctor21 and Xenonph Based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of 1973 This custom pinball table is a modification of Genie by Gottlieb originally released by 32assassin, HauntFreaks and Fuzzel Many thanks to them for their outstanding VPX release of Genie! Also big thanks to Darquayle for his great backglass which we used and modified for this project!! This table is a joint release by Xenonph and myself! We have had a really good time modifying this table with the I Dream of Jeannie theme!! We hope you all enjoy it! I did the artwork for the table, plastics and backglass and customized B2S backglass file. Backglass is included with the table. Xenonph did literally everything else including a spectacular sound modification and tons of technical additions and adjustments! Some of his improvements include: Fast Flippers added updated script with new controller method JPSalas GI Effect added to script for twinkling table lights! various script changes including music options magna save music off option POV settings for full screen and desktop plunger adjustments kick out hole adjustments lighting adjustments graphic fixes rubber height adjustments purple LED displays various physics adjustments sooo much more!!! Xenonph's AMAZING sound mod includes: dozens and dozens of actual sounds from the TV cartoon. 3 different versions of the theme music which play randomly between games. many comical and wacky sounds that are hilarious Jeannie's voice many of the targets and switches have several sound options which make each game a unique experience! This project is very much an equal partnership between Xenonph and myself!! I got the ball rolling with a fun weekend project... and Xenonph has dedicated many hours of his time...and used many of his skills to bring this table to the next level!! We are both very pleased with the final result and we hope all will have a great time playing and experiencing... I Dream of Jeannie Pinball
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    Version 1.0.0


    Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) 1.0
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    Version 1.01.1


    Goldorak Table created by Rom in Future Pinball now ported to VPX 10.4 The table uses UltraDMD, place the Goldorak.UltraDMD folder where the VPX tables are located Thanks: JP for help in Small DMD and the wise advice he gave me Haunfreaks for Backglass Art Stat B2B Dev team for the great work they do with the emulator and the great community. Sorry if I forgot to mention somebody :facepalm:
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