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    Skate Board



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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a cleaned up version of a backglass made by Rawd. I sourced and photoshopped a new cleaner image and adjusted lighting to match. Enjoy!
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    Monaco (Segasa 1977)

    Version 1.0.0


    Monaco (Segasa 1977) for making DB2S
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    Metallica (V1.7)



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    Stern sopranos game is almost colorized, except horse race scene ( not enough masking colors to make it as well ) Here is preview I release only Vpin version for pin2dmd! Download vpin version here - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9Uk6/9QVJcZ6gw Donate here https://paypal.me/vbobrusev
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    Radical (Bally 1990)

    Version 1.0.0


    Radical (Bally 1990) Hi Rez
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    Version 1.0.0


    Night of the Living Dead '68 (Original 2018) Mod Version 1.0 by HiRez00 and Xenonph This is my first official mod / table release, and I wanted to do something unique and special with it. This was a labor of love pinball table created as a dedication to the late, great filmmaker George A. Romero, who single-handedly created and stamped the "zombie" genre with his original classic "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968. This film set the benchmark and tone for all "zombie" movies and TV shows that followed. Had he not made this great film that terrified millions of people, the zombie trend that is now upon us would have never existed, ever. How many filmmakers created a genre that has been imitated, copied and downright ripped off like the one he started on a shoe-string budget? None. When I first saw this incredible B&W classic in the late 70s - early 80s, it absolutely changed my life. I was in awe of how he was able to create tension and fear without ANY blood and guts at all. It turns out, when they made the film, they had a very small budget and couldn't afford anything like that ... but DID add these elements in later films like "Dawn of the Dead" in 1978. For his amazing creativity, wonderful personality, and moral message within each of his films, he was truly one of a kind, and will be missed. He may be gone ... but his incredible movies will be watched and remembered forever. George A. Romero (1940 – 2017) - father, film maker, friend, may you rest in peace. ------------- This is a graphics and sound mod of Out of Sight (Gottlieb 1974). Thanks to Loserman76 for allowing us to mod his original table. I chose his table because it played perfectly to what I wanted for this new table design and could be adjusted and modified fairly easily. His exact words when asked permission were: "Go for it!". Original Out of Sight (Gottlieb 1974) can be found here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=13254 Every graphic / image from the original table has been re-drawn (from scratch), heavily modified, or swapped out completely for new ones for a brand new layout. Multiple elements were also moved and adjusted to work with the new layout design. This table would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and collaboration from Xenonph. Well known for his great sound and "flashers" mods to several tables, this time around he REALLY "stepped up to the plate" and took a BIG swing at adding all the additional features of sound, lighting, and additional extensive scripting this table needed. I am very grateful to have collaborated with such a talent as him. With every project, he goes over and above what is expected and never ceases to amaze me to how much he contributes to making tables and here on the forums. I can't thank him enough for weeks of time he put into making this table with me. This new table is NOT a solo release. This is a collaborative release from both me (HiRez00) AND Xenonph. There are 2 versions of this Night of the Living Dead (1968) table you can download: NOTLD-68 Mod v.1.x and NOTLD-68 Grunge-Mod v.1.x. NOTLD-68 Mod v.1.x is the standard 'clean and new' looking version. NOTLD-68 Grunge-Mod v.1.x is a totally 'distressed' and 'grunge' looking version as if this table was originally designed by Gottlieb and built and then stored in an old barn or warehouse for 40+ years ... to be recently discovered and played. Both tables play exactly the same and use the same custom 'Music' files. The grunge mod started as an experiment to see if we could do it realistically, and it turned out amazing. I am partial to the 'Grunge-Mod' version and prefer that version now. Because this was originally a EM (Electro-Mechanical) table, there are no ROMs to download or install. Place the files in the 'music' folder in your music folder located where you installed Visual Pinball - VPX. (DO NOT PLAY THE MUSIC AS THIS MAY ADD A TAG TO MP3 AND RENDER MP3 USELESS!!) If you would like to change the game options / settings (3 ball and 5 ball and bonus options), when game is not in progress, holding down left flipper for about 3-5 seconds will bring up the options menu. Left Flipper selects item and Right flipper changes option. If you plan on using this table in a cabinet, we have created 2 versions of the backglass, one in approx 4x3 aspect ratio and one in 16x9 aspect ratio for widescreen monitors. You can download the original backglass files here: DOF commands (as in the original table) are included within the script, but you will need to add the functionality to your DirectOutputConfig.ini file as this is an EM table that has not been added to DOF. For those of you (like me) that are using a PinDMD3, we have included a folder of DMD images and MP4 videos you can use in conjuncture with whatever front end software you are using so your DMD will not remain blank or static during game play. All pics, trademarks, logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial entertainment use only. Most of the media used to create this table is freely available on the internet and should be consider as non-profit fan art.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bad Cats (williams 1989) BGVideo 3 screens
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    Version 1.0


    Pink Panther (Gottlieb 1981) Hi rez version....
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    Stargate(Premier 1995)

    Version 1.1


    Stargate(Premier 1995) Man this one was alot of work but it came out real nice . Enjoy...
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    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.2 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame OR freezy's dmddevice.dll which provides full color DMD support for virtual DMD as well as hardware DMD (i.e., LED panels): https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! Commits to official source: https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/commit_browser SAMBuild_r4663.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Another backglass to update old B2S.exe. This is for VP9 table by starman's pinball set. Not too much work this time, thanks to a good picture with small border adjusts to do The original bakglass area has 8/9 proportion (more or less) and wood frame has nice decore on sides so decided to make a framed version as for Big Hit someone liked it someone didn't
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    Indiana Jones

    New project and the first gif.
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    Big Hit (Gottlieb 1977)

    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy this VPX conversion of "Big Hit". Lots of playfield changes. Script was fairly untouched save a few B2s calls. VP9 version by Itchigo. Varitargets credit to Loserman42; Backdrop image from editoy's B2s Backglass.
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    Version 2.0


    The Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb 1979)
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    Star Wars

    Colorization is complete! I am releasing another beta version I can't remember if this is 2 or 3....lol Remember to rename the files "pin2dmd" and place in the correct alt_color folder. The project is playable and about 80% complete, there are some known key framing challenges those scenes are listed below: Cantina Jabba X-Wing Millions Super Death Star AT-AT's I also believe the Sarlaac scene will need to have more frames cut in order to be perfect (after 130, I needed a break...lol). I will finish up the last chapter on the editor tutorial in the next couple of weeks then I'll be taking a break from coloring. DJRobX is going to look at the keyframing challenges I am having and hopefully solve, in the mean time ENJOY!!! Star Wars.vni Star Wars.pal
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    Version 1.0.0


    Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern 2003) HI REZ flashers added to fantasy mode....
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    Version 2.0


    Have fun with this version of Monster Bash
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    Version 1.2.0


    My first backglass from scratch! A directb2s does not exist for this game so I decided to make one. I know there are issues with the interactive part and that has stopped people from making one before but I figure something is better than nothing. Found an image to start with and spent some time cleaning it up. Tied some lights in to the correct lamps the rest can be considered what I just thought would look nice. No grill. Comments encourage!
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    Version 1.1


    Previously released on other site. Updated for Physmod5. Javier1515 updated with ball rolling and collision sounds. Physics slightly updated. And made a change to the right outlane as previously it was impossible to drain there due to misaligned walls. Slight GI updates as well. ***NOTE*** :I did notice that there were some issues if played using the accelmod. Such as ball getting stuck on left ramp. Long list of Thank Yous: wtiger - playfield image destruk/bezeen - VP8 table used for reference freneticamnesic - a whole bunch of crap, including bike models, bike animation, GI, lighting effects, and in general helping me learn new VP things Dark - traffic light model and primitive gates, screws, and other hardware Zany - ramp model, bumper caps xgizzle - also was working on the same table separately. backwall image Javier1515 - added ball rolling and ball collision soudns All VP people for making this such a fun hobby This is my first attempt at building from scratch, which was quite intimidating but again, the forums is always willing to help. I definitely need to say Frenetic took this table to another level with all the things he added. A unique thing about this game is the center ball save that can be controlled by the player. I Guess it would be nice to have a magna save button for this one. Hope you enjoy! By the way, I am aware that this is listed as a Sega Table, but is using the Stern ROM. Oh well. The roms are exactly the same, game-wise.
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    Version 1.0


    The Machine Bride Of Pinbot ( Williams 1991) Thanks to cscroble for the great pics of his backglass in 2 and 3 screen versions.....