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    After a slight delay, I am pleased to announce that my CFTBL project is now available for download! As is customary, I must first give a shout out to the legendary Wob - without his help, there is no way I would be even a quarter of the way through this... I mentioned previously this has been pretty challenging game to colour, there are some really dirty animations in the source and making them presentable has not always been easy. I will admit that there are still some minor flickers or colour ghosting in a handful of scenes, but Wob and I have already put in an awful lot of work and I feel it is time to put it out in the wild, rather than sit on it for a even more time just to tidy up one or two annoyances. I have had to take a few shortcuts in some places simply due to editor or time limitations, and I may pick up some of these in the future - I will post any updates here. Having said all that, I think there is still plenty to enjoy here Have fun! http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5575-creature-from-the-black-lagoon-vpin/
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    Version 1.0


    Phantom Of The Opera Original mod for VPX by 32Assassin I finished up the modeling and texturing New Machine Learned / AI Backboard Bumper Covers Light in Organ Added Missing Plastics Added Catwalk Ramp Added Wire Ramps L/R Added Magic Mirror flapper, and Plastics Adjusted Lighting for the Phantom letters in the back Do deal with sound Tuning, make sure Display DMD is set to 1 (On) in the script, then press "Tilde" -> ` The symbol to the left of the "1" key and modify sound banks, there are 3, 1 for the "Phantom of the opera sound and some FX" and the other two are for the organ and the other musical pieces that play.
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    Bump out of NOWHERE!!!!! Added some more stuff to the last release from DJRobX's. Just some minor tweaks and i redid a couple scenes. I needed a break from the getaway.
  4. 8 points
    All, I started playing with this just for fun, I was not very familiar with the table but the colorization was going pretty smoothly so I kept working on it for about a week. I have posted the beta version in the downloads section, please remember that this is still an early release I am aware of the the bugs to this point, there are a few modes I have not started yet I would estimate the project to be 60% complete. I will be taking some time off during the summer months, kids are out of school and the outdoors calls! I will be back and checking in periodically, Cheers!
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    official rev r4789 SAMBuild_r4789.zip
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    I'm afraid I have not been able to progress on this as much as I would have liked over the last couple of weeks, so still a little bit away from being ready for release yet. I have still got a few outstanding modes to pick up, and I am struggling to complete some scenes as well i'd like to, some of the source animations are really "dirty" and this can complicate my approach, I run out of mask colours fast! I will definitely post something here as soon as it's ready...
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    official rev r4786 updated/added some competition/tournament rom hacks for Rollergames, Mousin' Around, TOM, and CFTBL SAMBuild_r4786.zip
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    I am on 90% of the colorization then keyframing but havent much free time anymore. I hope i can finish it in the next 30 days.
  9. 5 points
    The WIP Beta has been uploaded to the downloads section. Cheers!
  10. 5 points
    The time for the colorization work is really less the last weeks because of the focus on my fiancee and daughter after my real life job. Also the upcoming weeks/months this won´t change, but I will try to keep you up to date in case of some progress if time permits... Thanks for all the positive feedback to date!
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    I am pleased to announce my next project which is now nearing completion - Creature From The Black Lagoon! A few preview gifs are shown below; still a few things left to pick up, and once the remaining missing scenes and bugs are dealt with, I hope to put out a release here, all being well in the next week or two. I will say this was an early DMD game and it shows in the animations/dumps - this has been much more challenging than TNG believe it or not, and CFTBL has no stars in the background to contend with! I'm sorry these are not the most enthralling previews, but given how these scenes get cutup in the editor, creating nice previews using the export isn't always so easy or practical However, the incredible Wob has once again provided one of his amazing preview videos which will give you a better idea of what to expect; it's been said so many times by so many people, but I can't reiterate just how instrumental Wob is to this process - it's not just the preview videos, what you guys don't see is the literal hours of pinball playing he does behind the scenes to create dumps and test intermediate versions and find whole game modes you didn't even know existed - thanks buddy!
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    I will be taking some time off during the summer months, kids are out of school and the outdoors calls! I will be back and checking in periodically, there probably will not be any updates to my current projects (X-Men, GnR, South Park, NBA Fastbreak) until I return. Thank you in advance for your support and patience, Cheers!
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    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.2 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame OR freezy's dmddevice.dll which provides full color DMD support for virtual DMD as well as hardware DMD (i.e., LED panels): https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! Commits to official source: https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/commit_browser SAMBuild_r4802.zip
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    official rev r4802 SAMBuild_r4802.zip
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    official rev r4799 SAMBuild_r4799.zip
  16. 4 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎
  17. 3 points

    Version 0.9.0


    Intital Build, all meshes are in, code seems functional, but would need to be checked by someone with knowledge of the table.
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    This got updated today.
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    I haven't supported Free Play mode yet so that's why this scene isnt colored. switch to credits and you'll see a change. Free play support will come in a future release. cheers!
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    I am indeed hoping to return to Flintstones in the very near future so that it is ready in time for the VPX release, whenever that may be At the very worst, I will make my WIP files available when the VPX is ready, but I am sure I will have time to pick up some of the remaining scenes before then - watch this space! EDIT: As the thread is already active, I will post Wob's preview too - this has been made available elsewhere previously so you may have already seen it, but I refrained from posting here at the time to avoid necroing/drawing attention to the thread
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    Version 1


  22. 3 points

    Version 1.0


    Silver Slugger (Premier 1990)
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    yeah. learn to use the website and search.
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    I decided to color Guns N Roses next. I have been working on the attract mode and it is actually pretty much complete at this point, I have a few gameplay scenes finished none of the modes have been started. I will be finishing this next after X-Men is complete, Cheers!
  25. 2 points
    Thanks as always Wildman. You are the master of b2s... always will be!
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    View File Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎 Submitter Wildman Submitted 06/09/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    On version 0.96, when the ball drains straight down the middle(not the outlanes) pass the flippers, the game does not register the ball drain, the table goes into ball search mode but does not find it, requiring a re-start of the table to continue.
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    Version pharo_l2b.zip


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    Some of the new Pup_packs for Pinup Popper use a muted ROM so music for the game is generated via the PuP Pack. They include a modified version of the ROM that has had the music removed/muted. As of right now you have to replace the original ROM with the muted one, using the same name. I'm afraid that if some of these muted ROMs get out into the public and mixed into ROM packs; that eventually ROM sets may be corrupted. Would it be possible to have new entries added into PinMAME to accommodate for MUTED ROMs? Perhaps just a new name entry like we've done for colored ROMs? Or would it be possible to add a MUTE option in PinMAME itself so it can mute the music from the ROM? This way people can just select the option for that specific ROM to mute the music.
  30. 2 points
    It will be a public release but patrons will be the first to sample the beta plus a select few for physics feedback and tuning. .
  31. 2 points
    Take your time. I much more prefer you not getting tired and fed up with the awesome work you've done so far on this and the other projects of yours. We've waited about 40 years, so we should manage 😉
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  33. 2 points
    official rev r4777 Lots of collaborative work on improving sound: Added MC3417 chip for Bally Vocalizer games Improved HC55516 CVSD sound emulation (Gorgar up to Twilight Zone, etc) Improved YM2151 sound/timing emulation (mainly WPC pre-DCS machines, maybe improves even other manufacturers) Give TAF a try! Thanks to @mjr, @DJRobX. volkenborn, and @toxie Initial efforts to start converting the PinMAME source base over to the 3-Clause BSD License SAMBuild Add slot for colored DMD patched game code - MTL LE 1.64 SAMBuild_r4777.zip
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    Version 1.0.2


    Includes reproductions of factory instruction cards, two English language cards (presumably pre-production and final production cards) plus one German language card. A coin card is also included (US currency only). Graphic elements processed with GIMP. Type and layout produced with Adobe InDesign. Some more graphics work, assembly, vectorization, and colorization to simulate print out on Solar Yellow stock all produced in Adobe Illustrator. The basis for the German market KISS logo came from a glyph in The KISS font package: http://www.pickafont.com/fonts/The-KISS-Font.html. I updated the logo in Illustrator to better reflect the current logo style with rounded S's. Made a wheel image from the results and colored it like the US market logo. The US market logo came straight from Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kiss_Logo.svg). And the US wheel image is simply a PNG conversion of the source vector-based image. Star icons copyright flaticon and made available through Creative Commons license v3.0. Distributed here: http://www.freepik.com Fonts - Helvetica Neue thanks to ephifonts.com and dafontfree.net; Aldo the Apache by AJ Paglia and distributed by DaFont; the ampersand glyph is Filmotype Meredith designed by Rian Hughes and modified by me (thanks to freevectorart24h.blogspot.com). Flyers, raw image extracted directly from the factory PDFs using xpdfbin and converted to lossless PNG using ImageMagick. Special thanks to Scott Tiesma and PAPA.org for the KISS rulesheet. This document has an excellent card reproduction. The pre-production card is essentially a reproduction of this image. And the band member likenesses were taken from there. Special thanks to stefanaustria (STAT) for helping me out by typing out the text of the German card. Special thanks to Pinball Universe and IPDB for German card reference images; and pinballnews.com for reference images; and as always Inkochnito for distributing the coin cards. Production version image came from the Limited Edition flyer by Stern Pinball. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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    File Name: Silver Slugger (Premier 1990) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 28 Jan 2014 File Category: B2S Backglasses Silver Slugger (Premier 1990) Click here to download this file
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    File Name: Deadly Weapon (Gottlieb 1990) File Submitter: Wildman File Submitted: 25 Jan 2014 File Category: B2S Backglasses Deadly Weapon (Gottlieb 1990) Click here to download this file
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    Go into your vPinMAME folder and run the Setup.exe (You are not installing, but only setting defaults.) Click Setup Defaults button. Now when you checkmark "Show DMD/Display Window" it will be default for all tables. Alot easier than doing it one table at a time. Hope this helps you.
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    EXCELENTTTTT!!!! Great job!!
  39. 1 point
  40. 1 point
    Thx m8 looks awsome. It's not a job so enjoy the time with your family and only do something when you want and have time. We can still play the game and will enjoy it when the time comes.
  41. 1 point
    Looks awesome! Maybe my favorite table, it deserves this.
  42. 1 point
    Thank you so much for the hard work slippifishi…….looks fantastic!!
  43. 1 point
    This looks so good! Thank you for all the time and effort......just awesome!
  44. 1 point
    Other thread was , well a mess. I started this off of my original attempt from like 2 years ago and combined it with Mr.Tantrum and JustAnotherRat's work. To be honest they didnt have much but since I used some of their work, they deserve some credit. Their dumps were an immense help. Files hosted here!
  45. 1 point
    i am still working on it.
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    Spent the morning in my workshop and made me this simple pinball controller. Much better than playing with the keybord 🙂👍 AC441106-BE01-4C08-91A3-26C5332A1F9F.mp4
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    i am so excited to be first on planet with colorized hook
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    Version shr_141.zip


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    View File Mousin Around (Bally 1989) Mousin Around (Bally 1989) HI REZ Submitter Wildman Submitted 02/18/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Hello, with version 2 of the PIN2DMD firmware we introduced a activation key. Here is a little instruction what to do. First of all you have to install V2 firmware following this instruction https://pin2dmd.com/installation/ After a successful update you should see the PIN2DMD logo together with a number on the display. Please send this number together with your forum member name and a donation for our charity project ( e.g. 10Euro per device but we also accept more 🙂 and send it to me using the donation button in my signature. You will receive a activation file you either have to place in your pin2dmd.exe folder and start the tool without command line argument (gui mode) or copy it to your sd card. This file can also be used to register the pin2dmd editor Please ask further questions here. Thanks for your support Lucky1
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