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    Attack from mars colorization

    Hi Guys! Here is only VPin version for pin2dmd. You can use it on your vitrual pinball machines. Few scenes in total annihilation is not finished, but other scenes is ok. Download here - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4Bez/M8H15QVUj Donate here - https://paypal.me/vbobrusev
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    @CarnyPriest I totally understand. For a long time, I was doing manual DLLs for pindmd users and one without. Modularizing would have made my life easier, too. I helped @arngrim take it over, at least until I "disappeared" with real life. Imagine reverse engineering the original SAM DLL, trying to fix bugs, and then releasing 2 DLLs over and over as tests... The guys here from the BBB chat would know what I was going through. Kudos to you, arn, and @DJRobX and the rest of the community.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Includes S.A.M. FastFlips from @DJRobX official rev r4508 Added Data East Batman 1.03 French - Thanks to @mIKL SAMBuild_r4508.zip
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    Cheetah(Stern 1980)

    Version 1.0


    Cheetah(Stern 1980)
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    Terminator 2

    I need to upload the patched files. New jerb is chewing up my free time
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    Stern sopranos game is almost colorized, except horse race scene ( not enough masking colors to make it as well ) Here is preview I release only Vpin version for pin2dmd! Download vpin version here - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9Uk6/9QVJcZ6gw Donate here https://paypal.me/vbobrusev
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    Version 2.0


    Drakor (Taito 1979) New rebuild ...better Hi Rez pic from Carlos Guizzo
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Latest SAMBuild for the version 3.1 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls with the beta thread for the official VPinMAME build here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 OR at lucky1's GitHub repository for Pin2DMD here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! official rev r4534 Important note: Grab the updated SAM.VBS here: SAMBuild_r4534.zip
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    official rev r4527 SAMBuild_r4527.zip
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    Layout in InDesign and assembly and export in Illustrator. Helvetica fonts obtained at ephifonts.com. Flyers courtesy http://flyers.cdyn.com No wheel image in this pack. I use the one in STAT's pack here: http://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/pinball-magic-capcom-1995-mp/ Special thanks to Steve Ellenhoff for the main reference image. He's the guy who has had a major hand in pinball emulation since the very beginning. Thank him sometime for PinMAME, TPA, and Nucore. He's been directly involved in all these projects. Thanks also to Gary (GRY) and Pinball Ken for an additional reference image that had the card's part number. Thanks once again to Inkochnito for publishing the generic Capcom coin card (part of the Airborne set). This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    No fast flips is not auto-magic. It probably could be for most tables, but I'd rather not break something trying. UseVPMModsol is for modulated flashers - generally turning this on won't hurt anything, but needs table support to do something useful. Tables like ACDC/LE have supported this from the get-go. Fast flips is something different. To use fast flips, first update your SAM.VBS with this one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T8eI076hLSpSsc-__TQNIg-K7mlpdbE9/view?usp=sharing then at the end of table init sub, add this line: InitVpmFFlipsSAM That should be it. So for example, in ACDC/LE, scroll down to around line 230, and make it look like this: 'Other Suff InitOptions:InitBell:InitCannon:InitDiverters InitVpmFFlipsSAM End Sub As a reminder - AC/DC 1.68h is what's supported at this time, not 1.70. If someone ever color patches 1.70 I'll look into doing it. If you are a table author updating a table, you may want to have it read: On Error Resume Next InitVpmFFlipsSAM On Error Goto 0 This will keep your table compatible with older sam.vbs. If you are an end-user just add the one line. If you get an error you'll know that sam.vbs wasn't updated correctly.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Buck Rogers (Gottlieb 1980)1.0 For both VP9 and VPX table version. This is my first B2S backglass from zero. I started from an high resolution image making a big restoration work. Created all frames and imported in B2S Designer. Studied script file for lights and solenoids (with alittle luck and B2S TEST_ROM_ID tester) and... that's all. Enjoy.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Tron 2.1 was uploaded to MB tonight so should be available this week. Thanks to Rob and all those involved in making the SAM update happen and FF for Tron.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Cheetah (Stern) Wheel Combo 2 versions with Stern logo included. PNG format with transparencies and soft shadows.
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    DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Hi guys! I've released a new version of dmdext which includes full VNI support, giving monitor and PinDMD3 users a way to use the most recent coloring featured in PIN2DMD. Many thanks to @lucky1 and @DJRobX for helping me debug this. There were a few other additions, so make sure to read through the changelog. As usual, you can find the download on the GitHub page. Cheers and enjoy! -freezy.
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    http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2380-list-of-vpm-rom-remixes-and-mods/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Version 1.1


    Charlie's Angels (Gottlieb 1978) Wheel Pack Made for JPSalas new VPX release. Original image taken from back of Gottlieb Flyer. 3 versions of famous silhouette logo: Full, Faded Bottom Legs, and Faded Bottom Legs w/Fire Inset. Transparency PNG Format: 1110 x 649 pixels per image. Version 1.1 has the fixes of stray pixels and transparencies.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    His issue is weird. His volume is changing and or coins added when tilt bob activates. Its possibly related to what you're seeing but I can't reproduce it. I don't have a tilt bob and the tilt stuff seems more complex than it ought to be. I would probably try adding a manual 'T' handler in Sam.vbs that does a controller.switch() on the tilt switch directly and see what you get.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    just rename the rom to match what vpinmame wants. I think devs figured out that kpbv106 never actually existed.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Also somewhat worthy of note in this build: 4516: Add Fast Flips support to select Shrek, Spider Man vault edition, and Big Buck Hunter Pro verions ("shr_141", bbh_170", "smanve_101") 4517: Fix bug in Family Guy mini-playfield lights.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I added SMVE, Shrek, and Big Buck Hunter. You'll see them on the next build.
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    Royal Rumble WIP

    Wanted to give everyone an update as it's been awhile...the colorization of Royal Rumble is probably 90-95% complete. At this point I have been in a holding pattern waiting for my pin2dmd device to arrive so I can do the keyframing and testing. I am not sure as to when the device will arrive, so I will update when there is more news. I just wanted to let everyone know that this project is not dead and will be completed! Thanks!
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    Version 1.0.0


    A simple restoration of wildman's backglass. Worked on background cleaning scratches and damaged parts, and most of all the wrong position with "double shape" of the princess. For all ages...
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    Lunelle (Taito 1982)

    This backglass is wonderful. The lightning is very well balanced and the Akiles's image is amazing. Congratulations. May I suggest a little correction? Although the yellow arrows follow the correct sequence (lighting from right to left) when the table is not in use, during the game the sequence gets messy. The configuration of the lamps for the arrows light up in the correct sequence during the game is the next: Lamp no. 6 (luneljj) - ROM ID 129; Lamp no. 5 - ROM ID 122; Lamp no. 4 - ROM ID 121; Lamp no. 3 - ROM ID 132; Lamp no. 2 - ROM ID 131; Lamp no. 1 - ROM ID 130. Bilta (Sax).
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hallo everybody Here's to you a "nude" version of Playboy (Bally 1978) I took inspiration from nude versions of Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992) and most of all from a post of the forum very unsatisfied from this "too dressed" and "not too Playboy" pinball NOTICE My work does NOT want to offend anyone The files include images of naked girls, even if they are simple drawings. Therefore if you do not agree, please just don't download them. Download and use files only if you are an adult. And don't flame me! WHAT YOU WILL DOWNLOAD A Zip file with a full set inside: VP9 table, B2S backglass and frontend preview images The table is a mod of Lord Hiryu's Playboy (Bally 1978) ver 1.0 released on 07-07-2011 The backglass is a mod of Herweh B2S backglass released on 27-02-2013 Lord Hiryu, says in his posts that all the table he made are free to mod, Herweh doesen't specify his permission, i tried to send a message but had no answer So i decide to upload anyway... i hope no one will get angry... MY WORK I simply extracted background, playfield and plastics images and "undressed" girls before reimport hope you'll enjoy
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    KISS Wheel Combo

    Version 1.0.0


    KISS wheel logo. Includes 2 versions as seen in sample.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Eight Ball Champ (Bally 1985) wheel logo
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    Indiana Jones

    Hello! Yes we are working on it:) We are doing the plane scenes right now. Will post it when finished.
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    Version 1.0.0


    City Slicker (Bally 1987) Compiled from multiple sources to make one decent title logo with graphic. PNG image with transparencies.
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I'm pleased to have taken that work and built upon it adding missing LE solenoid and LED string support. Thank you for that gift!
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I'm the one who decompiled the dll and made the original sam.c years back, too "Merry xmas!"
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    Pin2Dmd Editor

    So I figured out that if I click on the mask checkbox, then uncheck it, the hash codes appear and I can then use them for setting the keyframe. This only happens for some frames (very few), but it's very consistent on those frames. Anyway, just in case anybody else runs into this strange thing, you know what to do now.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Torch (Gottlieb 1980) Re-Drawn from scratch to match as best as possible to original because "font" doesn't exist. Hi-Resolution PNG with transparency.
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    Car Hop(Premier 1991)

    Version 1.1


    Car Hop(Premier 1991)
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    Version 3.0


    Charlies Angels(Gottlieb)(1978)
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    Version v1.0


    Eight Ball (Bally 1977) Backglass provided by: Flying Dutchman's Backglass Paradise
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    Indiana Jones

    New project and the first gif.
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    So started up on Godzilla, just started today. If things need fixed on T2, Lethal Weapon, or Baywatch, this will get put on hold. LW3 and Baywatch are both being privately tested before release. Looks better than having end users beta test "releases" IMO. 5th colorization, Im getting pretty good at these meow. Recording provided by Rappel. More is done than what is shown in the GIFs (15 scenes in total), I've been doing much better at dynamic palette changes which takes much less time than recoloring scenes when it isnt needed.
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    @Thalamus i Contact you later
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    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I see the problem in Family Guy. It has custom flipper handling, so the handler in SAM.VBS never gets called. So we need to add some logic to call the fast flip routine. Interestingly, this custom handling acts as "fast flips" for the mini playfield. Good, because we otherwise don't have support for a second set of distinct flippers. Replace the "keys" section of the script with the following: '****************************************************** '* KEYS *********************************************** '****************************************************** Sub Table1_KeyDown(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack:End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=1 Controller.Switch(82)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp2") MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 101, 1 MiniRight=1 Else vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR true End If Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp1") MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 102, 1 MiniLeft=1 Else vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL true End If Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyDown(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack End Sub Sub Table1_KeyUp(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire:If BIP=1 then Playsound "Stern_Plunge" else If BIP=0 then Playsound "Stern_Hit7":End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=0 Controller.Switch(82)=0 If MiniRight=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown2") MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 101, 0 MiniRight=0 Else vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR false End If Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=0 If MiniLeft=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown1") MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 102, 0 MiniLeft=0 Else vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL false End If Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyUp(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire End Sub
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    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Ranging from a week to 3. Sorry I can’t be more precise.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Big Bang Bar (Capcom 1996 ) Hi Rez Scan
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    Lethal Weapon 3

    I had a look at Malenkos LW3 project and fixed some keyframes. Successfully tested in my v-pin. Here is the link to Malenko´s project folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9cWp45XToh2d2ZGUWk5NGE4eDQ
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is a collection of 141 different color palette files for pinball tables. To use with pinmame >= 2.8 use a dmddevice.dll with support to read color palette information from /altcolor/"tablename" directory structure, Put the palette file in that directory and rename it to pin2dmd.pal. Activate colorize option in pinmame settings. To edit the palette files use the latest pin2dmd.exe tool from https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/archive/master.zip For real pinball machines copy the file as pin2dmd.pal to your SD card.
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    Version taxi_lu1


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    Version marsf