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    Gilligan's Island Colorization of Bally’s Gilligan's Island WOB wanted this! Its my thanks for the vids and rips for colorization Post any bugs in the vpuniverse thread This game uses a lot of repeated 2 frame animations with middle frames a hybrid of the 2 frames. I will likely have to redraw or replace to eliminate shadowing Release Change Log: .02 Public Beta 1 6 more hours, 13 total hours Jungle Wedges -adjusted colors to match playfield Gilligan -changed eye color to brown, reference image on google had green eyes but his were actually brown Grand Champion & Highest Scores -Extra bling -Recolored to be more consistent Jungle Run -Changed color mask, and removed extra line from mask affecting score After Ball Bonus -Converted to a replacement scene -was triggering correctly half the time -this will ensure there is no white "shadow" trailing the words Rope -redone Pineapples -redid scenes 7 through 10 Gift of the Gods -redone -each frame 1 to 1 masked -frames are used in other sequences, this will partially color them -used better colors this time around -13 frames, 26 triggers! Coconuts -redone using the Kona Palette -sequenced ONE -redone Million -redone Secret Formula -redone -1 to 1 framing/triggering Kickback -redone -1 to 1 framing Lava Seltzer -redone -1 color mask for all 4 frames -better color scheme Seltzer to Kona -masked and triggered Match Game -Skipper Sequence done -Gilligan Sequence done -Apparently everyone randomly gets a turn Watubi -cut and colored -this is super low detail -may redraw but not likely Skipper Hands -both frames done 1 to 1 matching -previously named Skipper Yell -Used for Kona Seltzer mode and part of the ball drain animation Skipper and Gilligan cut colored and triggered Score Screen -added scene and key frame for credit dot Thurston Far Left -moved old frame to copy -colored new extra frame Professor and Gilligan -cut colored and triggered -copied the professor from his intro frame -copied Gilligan from the frame with him and the skipper Millions -Millions words sectioned off and 1 to 1 framed -Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are done Lagoon Bonus -colormasked and triggered -colors may change .01 WOB Private Beta 7 Hours Intro -A Movie Star! -Professor -Professor and MaryAnn -Gilligan's frames -Skipper -Thurston Howell the 3rd -Thurston and Lovey -Bally Star animation -Bally Logo animation -Replay At -Say No to Drugs sequence (will likely get replaced with a custom colored by this ginger screen) Score color mask -cut colormasked and triggered Shrunken Head Sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Banananananana sequence -cut colormasked and triggered Credit Count & Half Credit Count -cut colormasked and triggered Game Over -cut colormasked and triggered Grand Champion -cut colormasked and triggered High Scores -cut colored and triggered -title, scores 1 and 2, and scored 3 and 4 Jungle Run -"wedges" cut colormasked and triggered -text/countdown cut colormasked and triggered Spot Lagoon -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater Spot Lagoon Ready -cut colormasked and triggered -used non black background so it looks underwater -not sure about color choices yet Shells -cut colormasked and triggered -triggered using the word leaving the shell greyscale Turtle (Eggs) -cut colormasked and triggered After Ball Bonus -cut colormasked and triggered -Sequence cut into parts to allow last frame to hold while score scrolls in Pineapples -cut colormasked and triggered -Almost added pink gstring for Brooklyn 99, clearly the pineapple is the slut. Editor crashed and I didnt have auto save on so I have to do these again: Only lost 2 hours of work! Gift of the Gods -cut colormasked and triggered -the half frames are such a pain in the dickhole. -This whole sequence will need sliced and diced up -parts of it are used for other shots -part of this animation is re-used scrolling the other direction -Those frames will need to be redone matched 1 to 1 Skipper Yell -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into frame to frame matching fo rthe half frames Coconuts -cut colormasked and triggered -cant even tell I used the pineapple palette Secret Formula -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into pieces to fix possible timing issue with final frames -last frame gets triggered 3 times to cover the possible end frames Lava Seltzer -cut single mask frame and colored it -triggered the 4 frames to the same mask 1 Millions -cut colormasked and triggered -cut into sections -1 drop -1 standing -Millions is its own sequence (1 to 1 framing) Rope -cut colormasked and triggered -cut sequence because first frame repeats as last frame ~Malenko
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    Version 2.1


    Popeye Saves the Earth (Bally 1994) total rebuild New Hi Rez Scan
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    after 4 yrs and taking care of alot of personal issues .. I am rebuilding my old cab and will be updating most of my b2s... mostly the flashers as i see them again on a cab they look like shit 🤣 last one i did was Popeye and i do like that look thanks to stat pointing that out to me 😉 so as i add tables one at a time i will update the b2s if i used the old techniques... what a diff seeing on the cab from just using a monitor.. so enjoy things to come.. 👍
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    Very minor update, if you got the last version there isn't a compelling reason to re-download. I do not plan on updating these files anymore. Both the real and virtual pin files have been released. Still appreciate donations but they are still optional. .05 Final Edition! 2 more hours, 28 hours total Match Game -Fixed masks for the player numbers to all be white (skipper and Gilligan were red) -Verified no wandering pixels -fixed Thurston Howell's palette to change the bright green to back to black -I change the last color to green to make sure theres no color where it shouldn't be -and I forgot to change it back to black Jungle Run -Fixed color mask so timer color doesnt bleed into score Rope -redone with replacement scenes to add more shading and pop -Its 6 frames with a rewind animation, so I did what I could Watubi -redone -I wasnt happy with the original, neither was WOB -still done using colormasks, but I got more creative with the palette and dithering colors
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    Pretty sure this is the final version unless WOB discovers something. .04 Free Play Edition 7 more hours , 26 hours total After Ball Bonus -re-triggered After ball bonus -was a color mask, was changed to a replacement -still looked like a color mask in WOBs "freeplay video" Special -wasnt blinged out enough for WOB, so I did it prettier Secret Formula -corrected palette on last frame 😕 Say No to Drugs -changed to "colorized by Malenko" -went OLD school and reused my SFII credit screen 😃 -delete the "say "say no" and "say no to drugs" triggers to restore the anti-drug message Lava Seltzer -brightened up the scene a little Seltzer to Kona -changed countdown to green from purple Shells -added some color and depth Multiball -added some color High Scores -changed initials from purple to green. Fits the table better. -added trigger for player 1 score being 9 digits Lagoon Bonus output -added dynamic white boxes around the bonus indicator -corrected color mask on bonus ball area Grand Champion -added new mask and trigger for 9 digit high scores Highest Score -added Score Screen -freeplay variation added Player Bonus Ball -added Finish Kona Mode -added -1 to 1 framing for the 50m points -fade out sequence to score added -had to do this TWICE -once for credit mode and once for free play mode Jungle Edges -Kickback lit wasnt completely red, fixed Bonus (BIG) -added After ball bonus -added multiplier mask and triggers
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    Guess I'll try to colorize Doctor Who. Still have a lot to learn but I'm slowing working on it.
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    View File HOUDINI still in WIP freeplay and autoplunger in preparation animation of the trunk, ejection of 2 balls and carousel animation. rules to do by yourself , according to your tastes.......😂 Submitter fastdraw Submitted 11/27/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Yes VP Version v10  
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    That’s kind of you! It’s only a suggestion to improve the appearance...
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    Version 1.0


    Pharaoh - Dead Rise Wheel Image Thank you and enjoy! Watacaractr
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    Thanks for the hints. The main problem is the color limitation especcially in those scenes. If I want it to keep the 3d look, I only have 4 main colors for all elements. That´s why I am not sure if those changes will be possible, I even don´t know if I am able to catch all possible frames, since this dynamic content seems to be kind of random what causes r andom constellations of the elements. Due to software restrictions it would be more easy to work with a palette switch, but with a much worse result. But I will try my best...
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    Wonderful remake of your first release. So much better choice of colors on this. Colors really pop on this! As for PayPal I know that if you have a bank account linked you can get around the fee. I have a separate account just for online transactions
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    always beautiful work from you, but this one is even beautifuller No, really, I started it in my cab and thought "Perfect"
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    you have to watch this video he has ..to funny.. he dont mention anything about the tables except were you can get a hard drive full of them for like $100 dont talk much about the upkeep just how easy everything is to do and play LMFAO i feel bad for the people that buy these things and have no clue what they are getting into....🤣
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    You're right... I got rid of combo 4,5 and 6... didn't know I can use the same combo on two ports... so now I have 4,5,6 slots free again Thanks!
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    Wildman this looks great, thanks for yet another great job!
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    Wow, fantastic work. Thank you for all your time.
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    Thanks Wildman, "nice" as Always, but for me, the Light Snippits are very … bright … ( also at Popeye )
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    Well someone's been busy Thank You for the updates
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    @Rappelbox unfortunately nothing arrived yet and usually a shipment from Germany to Austria doesn't take longer than a week. Did you ship the parcel? Could you please give an update? Thanks
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    Nice! Here's a B2S. Dim Controller Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Controller.B2SName = ("deadpool10") Controller.Run Star Wars (Stern 2017).directb2s
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    Version 1.0.0


    From scratch alternate B2S animated backglass for Monster Bash Williams 1998 visual pinball table. I came across this artwork online. Brian Allen is a really cool artist specializing in monsters and zombies. I couldn't resist making this backglass file, I hope everyone will enjoy it too!
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    the easiest way would be to make the mask be a little lower and trigger all the variables which is over 50 combinations. I triggered and colored over 220 frames to see how plausible a brute force would be, and even though WOB almost always goes to the right when he plays, I really only colored about 5% of the frames that were displayed. I had the idea to make the frame mask not get triggered by the road lines so that there were only 20,000 or so frames to do, but I just cant justify the time. Pin2DMD needs a better colorization method for video modes that relies on object/sprite colorization and not frame colorization. 5 CPU cars (1 for each distance from the player) 6 Player car frames (straight, 2 changing lanes sprites, 3 spin out sprites) 3 signs 1 mountain I just dont know how pin2DMD could compile the frames in real time. I have a customization to do for this game for someone who is re-theming the pin; so I get to do what I like and make some redraws! Prolly take a long break from coloring, I dont feel as obligated to work on games with all the new people that are doing amazing work. @Thalamus Im pretty sure @NetzZWerg was coloring games before me I was just doing redraws and gottliebs before anyone else
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    Perfect! As always 😉
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    Version 1.0.1


    minimalist script
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    I took your advice and reworked things triggered by mask 1. I've basically redone almost the entire attract sequence and a ton of other stuff, probably another 30 hours of work poured into this. Im hoping I can finish my surprise part of the update but its taking a considerable amount of time.
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    I am in as well and will send a donation when ready, please let me know.
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    Version Release


    Soul Reaver by Delta23 - A graphics and sound mod of Taito’s Titan by JP Salas. G’day! I have been a Visual Pinball aficionado for a long time and I would like to thank the efforts of all the people involved in this hobby, from artists and programmers through to site moderators and users. I have been toying with the idea of “modding” a table for a while now and finally here is my little contribution to this great community. Before moving onto the table details I would like to especially thank the following people: Siggi for his friendly attitude, support and help. Siggi’s insight allowed me to get stuck into this mod, without it I don’t think I would have attempted it (Thanks mate and thank you for all your metal tables, they rock.) JP Salas for creating the original Titan table and allowing mods without permission. Using a solid and beautiful table from your catalogue was a given. (Muchas gracias hombre! lo que has hecho con este hobby es fenomenal!). Thalamus for your super fast responses and pointing me in the right direction. Wildman for creating the original Titan back glass. - I used it to create a basic back glass for the table (I hope this is ok). The table is based on the "Legacy of Kain" video game series by Crystal Dynamics, where the main character, a handsome vampire named Raziel, under the ever watching eyes of a giant squid, has to unravel his past and future, all the while dodging and dealing with his dysfunctional family! In an attempt to capture the game’s moody feel. I have added a lot of subtle sound samples to the table. If you find that the music volume is muffling the sound samples, I recommend adjusting the music volume from the Table Options. The download should contain a wheel image and a basic back glass to get you going. The back glass is a simple rework of the original Titan back glass by Wildman (I just changed the picture and moved some lights). Now without further ado… turn your lights off put the volume up and immerse yourself in the dark world of Raziel and the Soul Reaver.
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    thanks a lot - I always wondered why Joker stays in the dark - the spotlight is spot on 😉 - superb, I love it, thx for sharing! (not to mention the easy to follow instructions, so even a noob as me succeeds!
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    Version 1.1


    Here is my Alle Neune (NSM 1969) VPX Version I made a VP9 Version in the Past ... Thanks to hmueck for the first VPX Demo with the Pin Models Thanks to bord for the Final Works with Lights, Wires and more ... File includes VPX Version, Flyer, Wheel and a Photo from the real Machine. Start a Game with Insert Coin (5) Before Start, press LeftFlipper to Change Balls up to 19 ( 9 for real Machine ) Press and hold down, then release RightFlipper or Plunger to shoot out a Ball. Try to hit all the Pins for a nice Surprise Have Fun !
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    As soon as I have time I’ll work on it again. But currently there’s some other serious shit going on right now I don’t want to talk about publicly. Sorry guys. Hopefully I’ll be back to fully operational in a very few weeks!!! Edit: Of course orders are being processed, but I can’t concentrate on other stuff currently.
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    Version 2.0


    Twister( Sega 1996)
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    Version 3.0


    OBA OBA (Taito 1978)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sure Shot (Taito 1981) Hi Rez Thanks to Akiles for the pic..
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    Version 2.0


    Shark (Taito 1982) bg pic from Carlos Guizzo
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    Version 1.0.0


    Titan (Taito 1982) bg pic from Carlos Guizzo
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    Version 2.0


    Rally (Taito 1980)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Diablo (2017) Hi Rez borrowed the grill from stats BG " thanks" Looking for comments, took alot of hours to make and get it working right....just curios what you guys think ?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Super Mario Bros (Gottlieb 1992) Hi Rez Thanks to ClarkKent for the HI Rez scan
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    Hello everyone! I want to share some pics of my current pin cab build in this forum. I had a lot of inspiration from different threads so i also want to share my work at the cab. For the play field i use a Samsung UE46f6170 and for the backglas a Toshiba 32" Tv. The wood work was really easy for me, i did some changes so the Tv fits perfect also for the back box but overall its basis is the wide body plan. Its not finished yet, the hole cable work is left but this should not be a big problem... . I allready want to thank cyclemat and his awesome arduino project (http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/927-lwclone-on-arduino-mega-2560/) Also Sven from the http://www.vpin-shop.de who helped me a lot and anwered all my ridiculous questions . Of course also all who shared there cabinet builds and gave me so much inspiration and motivation for my own cab. So lets start with some pics... First i started with a quick sketch to see if everything fits... In my spare time i also like to work with photoshop, so i created a artwork with my favorite pinball characters... The black frame should "hide" the side rails... As i sad, wood work was fun for me (i´m a joiner), against the most builds i decided to cut the edges in 90 degrees. I don't think its necessary to cut in a 45 degree angle. Unfortunately i had to make the coin door again, like you can see in the picture, because i replaced the usb connector to the right side under the gun (this fits better to the artwork). The Artwork is a high quality print, normally used for traffic signs... (no bleaching and also water resist)
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    Version 1.0


    ACDC Helen (Stern 2012) Thanks to Javier15 for BG pic
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    File Name: 24 (Stern)(2009)(freneticamnesic)(FS)(VP990) File Submitter: freneticamnesic File Submitted: 06 Jul 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Link to Media Pack: Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: twenty4_150 VP Version: v9.9.0 - DX9 Also known as Toy Paradise. it's like Stern threw as many toys at this game as possible when designing this. It's been a long process but here we go. Without ever playing the real machine I can't be sure of its accuracy but I've tried to get it close based only on videos. Thanks to: Rascal, luvthatapex, Javier15, unclewilly, oooPLAYER1ooo, rom, zedonius, dark, ASOT, gtxjoe, ICPjuggla, 85vett, arngrim They all helped a little and a lot. Here's a short gameplay video, showing off all the crazy toys: Click here to download this file
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    I have mapped a lot of tables for DOF, including originals, and these are the most tricky, so I have created a method that makes the change of the table script of the originals less painful, The idea was not to copy everywhere this command (That allows to send an info from the table to B2S.Server and then to DOF) Controller.B2SSetData 1**, nr everywhere, to have a easier command to call. Secondly, i didn't want to copy the same line twice for a pulse of a switch of solenoid And lastly, I wanted to be able to disable the DOF E events with just one change of one variable, and to not put conditions to check on every DOF call if the variable is set to true to false. Here is the method: '*DOF method for non rom controller tables by Arngrim**************** '*******Use DOF 1**, 1 to activate a ledwiz output******************* '*******Use DOF 1**, 0 to deactivate a ledwiz output***************** '*******Use DOF 1**, 2 to pulse a ledwiz output********************** Sub DOF(dofevent, dofstate) If dofstate = 2 Then Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, 1:Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, 0 Else Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, dofstate End If End Sub '******************************************************************** That can be placed just before Table_init(), here are two examples on how to use it flipper example If keycode = LeftFlipperKey and InProgress=true and TableTilted=false Then LeftFlipper.RotateToEnd PlaySound "FlipperUp" DOF 101, 1 End If If keycode = LeftFlipperKey and InProgress=true and TableTilted=false Then LeftFlipper.RotateToStart PlaySound "FlipperDown" DOF 101, 0 End If Bumper example Sub Bumper1_Hit If TableTilted=false then PlaySound "bumper1" DOF 107, 2 bump1 = 1 Bumper1.TimerEnabled = 1 If Bumper1.state=1 then AddScore(100) Else AddScore(10) End If ToggleBumper end if End Sub What happens here is, 107 means E107, and this info is intercepted by B2S.server, but to have the effect escalated into your ledwiz, you need to map the E event on the mapping of the table in the configtool. So when you generate a directoutputconfig.ini, the line will contain these events and DOF will be able to trigger the event that B2S.Server intercepted. Far_Out_1974,E114 Blink fu500 fd600,ON,0,0,E103,E104,E107/E125 300 I32,E109/E126 300 I32,E101/E105/E127,E102/E105/E106,E108,0,E115,E115 300/E131 400 10,0,0,E107 Yellow/E119 Red f200/E123 Orange f200/E125 Blue f50/E127 Yellow/E129 Yellow w400 f200,E103 Red/E116 Cyan f200/E120 Orange f200/E129 Orange w200 f200,E105 White fd800/E108 Red/E117 Yellow f200/E129 Cyan f200/E130 Red f200,E104 Red/E118 Cyan f200/E121 Orange f200/E129 Orange w200 f200,E109 Yellow/E122 Red f200/E124 Orange f200/E126 Blue f50/E129 Yellow w400 f200,0 Now if you want your table to be fully compatible without B2S, you can add a constant variable on top of the table script: Const B2SOn = True 'True/False if want backglass And The DOF method becomes this: '*DOF method for non rom controller tables by Arngrim**************** '*******Use DOF 1**, 1 to activate a ledwiz output******************* '*******Use DOF 1**, 0 to deactivate a ledwiz output***************** '*******Use DOF 1**, 2 to pulse a ledwiz output********************** Sub DOF(dofevent, dofstate) If B2SOn=True Then If dofstate = 2 Then Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, 1:Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, 0 Else Controller.B2SSetData dofevent, dofstate End If End If End Sub '******************************************************************** If you change the variable from true to false, all the DOF calls will be ignored This constant variable can also be used to define the call of the B2S.Server or not, so here's a very practical way to use that constant if B2SOn then Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Controller.B2SName = "Far_Out_1974" Controller.Run() If Err Then MsgBox "Can't Load B2S.Server." end if Just as a reminder, the part i put in bold is the way to call B2S.Server for an original table, that can be placed on the table_init() method of the script. And the B2SName must match the rom name of the table of the configtool, in order for DOF to take the respective line in your directoutputconfig.ini If you have other questions
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    Version 1.0


    Iron Maiden (Stern 1981)
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