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  3. Maybe the wrong resistor array is installed. Needs to be 4 isolated resistors NOT bussed. Please measure between pin 1-2, 3-4,5-6 and 7-8
  4. Daaaam'n ... Where did I messed up this time 😞 Fortunately you are here to help me, many thanks 😉
  5. Yesterday
    Thanks Wildman ! For the Table, i think there isn't a working ROM available, thats Right ?
  6. Then you have a hardware problem you need to fix. If you want make a picture of the controller
  7. RE, So, I've tested the input like in video : Without any cable it's OK (All pins OPEN) But if I put a jumper, I cannot get all pins closed, only 5 & 11... I don't know why. (Is there a problem on this point ?) And if I put another DMD plasma on it, yes it works correctly 😉 Thanks
  8. That indicates that your power supply is too weak and gets to the limit. Probably the capacitors need to be renewed
  9. Last week
  10. Try turning the pin2dmd brightness down and see if the reduces the sub woofer humming noise
  11. View File Pinball By Stern (Stern 1977) Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY ..... Submitter Wildman Submitted 05/23/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY .....
  13. Great work! But have a issue on my real pin with Pin2DMD. On left ramp combo value the red carpaint do not follow the car correctly. Its like the paint is on a different layer as I can see the grey car without its red color. I have not seen this on my vpin, please help. IMG_1444.mov
  14. Did you run the input test as described on https://pin2dmd.com/ point 3 Did you test the pinball output with a plasma dmd ?
  15. How can I test it ? It's my only pin left with Pin2DMD on it. For the pinball itself, yes.
  16. Are you sure the hardware pinball and pin2dmd is working properly ?
  17. Hi everybody ! I've just installed my new pin2dmd on my freshly restored Wipe Out, But i've a little problem. The display stay on the Splash screen, When I turn power on, I see ColorPrism 3.12, and then Gottlieb V1, or V2, V3 and it stay on this forever... The key on the SD card seems to be recognized. Of course this pinball has no colorisation so I put palette in blue. (There's only key file on SD card) I've tried Gottlieb V1, V2 and V3 and waiting for 15' each. It wont start. Have you any idea about this issue ? Thanks a lot 🙂
  18. Ohhhh ! So encouraging to see that !! Please keep this vey good looking work going, I can't wait for that!!! Please keep us posted on you developments!! Emmanuel
  19. As always very great work! Where do you find the time. SO Many hours i know that you have spent coloring. Anyways thanks for Sharing
  20. It crashed when saving the detection masks, so it has nothing to do with the number or the size of animations.
  21. That's too bad, must be something with my computer or the way I'm saving it. I do have quite a few large animations in the file. I've noticed it takes longer than it used to for loading and saving. I'll post again with the logs if it happens again. Thanks for fixing that file for me and looking into it.
  22. Unfortunately the logging did not show anything helpful.
  23. Here are the three I found from yesterday in that folder, hope these are the files you're looking for. The largest one should be from the initial save, and the other two from when I tried to open the corrupt file later that day. pin2dmd-editor314014729451039765.log pin2dmd-editor857458275078108007.log pin2dmd-editor8975805060282866666.log
  24. Hi guys , i have a few problems with my table problem 1 i have downloaded Airwolf and i have a Total packe and i can play THE game with game sound but THE 6mp3 songs dont play THE program says cant find iT and iT is in THE right folder music problem 2 i have Transformers pro and avenger pro and THE roms but THE program says initvpmfflipssam i dont know what to put there , i have dmd that Plays hope Some one can help me to play this awsome tables
  25. Hello do you have project Shadow? look for real pin color rom

    If you want i can make a donation.


    Greets Flip

  26. Do you have the logfile from the crash ? It should be in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp. Here is the fixed version of your project WCS94 KO 22.xml
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