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  2. I have the same question as @mageek, I'm thinking about getting another pin2dmd and putting the new one into my FT.
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  4. Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
  5. Hi, Thank you for this wonderful table! Amazing work! Here is a clip of your table in a custom "desktop" version only environment for personal use. https://youtu.be/3XqmhmyIqgo Greetz.
  6. I would install the SAMBuild 3.2 beta, like Thalamus suggested above. Find file here added as attachment in first post.
  7. V.08 is up! Its tough to say, I have a LOT done of what I can do (ie, Im not going to be able to do video mode or the burn rubber map). The only major scenes left are the helicopter, and all the donut heaven scenes. I didnt get the speed trap finished but its getting there. Im spending too much time adding shading and what not to the scenes and I should just be masking them and be done with it.
  8. Okay, I installed SAMBuild 3.1, Freezy 1.7.1 and put the new files in my VPinMAME directory. I patched avs_170.bin to avs_170c.bin and zipped it up. Changed the table's script to look for the color rom, and everything is still orange. Did I miss a step someplace?
  9. I need to test this. I guess I will switch between current and older version of vpinmame as its so easy to switch (I just overwrite and rerun setup, I sure hope that is all that is needed ) I love pinsound (I have many in real pinballs, but love improving vpx more ) thanks to all that work hard to improve the world (pinball)
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  11. that would be great. how close are you to completion ( if there is such a thing )
  12. Is this still being worked on? Hungry for an update 🙂😋🤪
  13. Thanks, looking good. I'll be trying it out on a friends Getaway soon.
  14. About the colour stuff. Yes, you are correct.But, you also need dmddevice. You need Freezy's and you should pick 1.7.1 (1.7.2 has bugs where colour don't work ) or MJR' version of the same. About updating pinmame. When you upgrade, just extract everything into pinmame overwriting what is there. Once done. Open folder, run setup.exe and press the install button, and your done. This last release has some optimization to WPC sound. Its been ages since that has been touched but so far it looks like a good change. But, there are a lot of tables out there. We currently can't be 100% sure that it is working great for them all. The ones I've tried though, has been great. So, I recommend taking the plunge.
  15. Getting ready to install SAM and ran into a few things that didn't quite make sense. I have a cabinet with a PinDMD3 in it, it's working fine under VPX 10.6 beta and Vpinmame 3.1 I downloaded SAMBuild 3.1, and in the archive there is the VPinMAME.dll which I understand I need to put in my VPinMAME directory. There is also a PinMAME.exe, which I'm unsure what to do with, in my VPinMAME directory, I have a PinMAME32.exe file. Should I rename this new one to match the old, or just copy it in there? Am I better off sticking with SAMbuild 3.1 for now, since 3.2 is in beta? And finally, to use color roms, say for The Avengers, I would need to download the color rom patch and then use bspatch on it? And that will create the new rom file, ie. avs_170c, and then change the script to use that rom file? I am able to run tables such as The Avengers and AC/DC now, but just not in color. I'm assuming that that is the main difference between using VPinMAME 3.1 and SAMBuild 3.1? Thanks, Eric
  16. hello and good afternoon to the pinball community ….just to inform to everbody theres a big pinball convention the memorial weekend in Denver with more then 200 pinball machines..new arcades...and enginners of the pinball companies we know... so if somebody look for a great weekend scape maybe Denver can be the place and time... they have different prices for the event...you can buy tickets for 1 to 3 days and VIP tickets...,if you looking where to stay the event will be in a marriot hotel and theres discounts for the people who came to the event... you folks can look for more info at www.pinballshowdown.com thanks to all the great supporters in this website.
  17. outhere...thanks,i did just find out the latest sam 4777 and everthing work perfect (for now) lol thanks for the great support.
  18. in the 3 pic I see the copyright said 2000-20019 mine screen said 2000-2015 but I don't understand...I install latesr freezy 1.7.2 dll I install the 3.2 sambuild I don't get it why avngers don't came up ….where I can find the latest sambuild? thank you for you help
  19. Been working on this since yesterday afternoon, like others, I have CCC working after the 3 part install. Then to get other tables to work, put pip install requests in, when I do that, I keep getting the font manager error. Sorry to post this here, this is the only time ill ask if anyone has a 100% working fix. CCC works, and is a very good table, but the other 2 that I have and had working on an old Windows 7 install, this is 10, wont get past the font manager error. EDIT: The all in 1 installer also does the exact same thing after doing all the steps in Horseys guide.
  20. Have a look inside the zip. If there’s a readme inside then that’s the new one. https://mega.nz/#!KQQwzKwD!TxoQHu5ubeKLhSK9lXuPlxY2Qo1U_3VH2IJaC9mn3iY
  21. Sorry Rappelbox, I found the old one only. I used the link from your first post and found nothing else. What do I wrong? regards coolball
  22. Nowadays 44100 or 48000 shouldn't make a difference anymore as we use high quality resampling anyway in both cases. Same goes for the soundcard. So i would suggest 48000 (which is also the default). 96kHz is IMHO overkill and also not tested very well.
  23. Nope, just checked. You need to advance more to see the most recent changes.
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