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Greetings, my name is SilverballJim and I have come from a faraway place (Yeah Right!) in order to try and fill in the missing slots of my Pinmame. I will make the VIP Lifetime Investment soon but for now, a bit about myself. I am a caffeine powered nitwit who dreams of games.

However, the two factions of this hobby is akin to that of a never ending flame war. No names will be given because I don't want to stir the hornet's nest. What I can say for a fact is that I shall save up for VIP here and then I can make sure I have both sides to work with.

I promise to abide by the rules and to be fair and to also treat everybody as if they were me. I hope that things shall be well.

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Welcome to VPU.

Don't worry... Here you are allowed to mention other sites without problems. Make sure you also check out and

I don't have any issues with VPForums or any of the other sites. VPF's owner is the one that has the problem with mentioning any other sites.  Feel free to open your mind.

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