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Need help in setting up PIN2DMD on Spooky AMH

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Bought the new white version board and kit from here on the forums Uncle Sash , paid the $10 to lucky1 and activated the software

but I cant get it to work on a real pinball machine as it came setup for virtual pinball

People please help, I am a new person here, I really need to be run through this in basic instructions,

Questions are how to set it up to work in real pinball machine, what to do, step by step

tried to follow from the forum, software etc got a java error, I am using Win8.1 64 bit

perhaps is the output from the Spooky pinball pinheck system not strong enough, as it goes straight from 

propeller chip to the DMD socket., or have I not set it up right

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I'm not 100% sure but have the guess that a data line from the connector to the stm is missing. If you have a multimeter, check pin 3 (2nd top right pin if you look on the board) of real pinball input on the board. It has to go to the 9th pin from the right on the top most row of the stm discovery board (PA7)

You should get a signal with around 220ohms resistance.

Maybe the signal is missing from the capacitor to that PA7 pin. Solder a short wire like here


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Did you read the information on ?

You need a micro SD card inserted for real pinball machines. Try holding the blue option button on the STM32 during power-on and switch modes using the onscreen menu with the two buttons on the shield?

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The original display is a xpin 4096 LV Green, I was told these are passive displays and to use a  PIN2DMD

 probably wont work,as the DMD lines come directly from the Propeller micro on the Spooky board,

Also my ST board only has 2 buttons one blue and one black, user and reset no other buttons

The board was bought from here, so far I haven't got it to work, feeling rather down mood

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First of all, Spooky Pinball has never been tried before so there can´t be a guarantee that it works at all, but lets give it a try.

Since you requested a key already I assume your pin2dmd itself should be working.

Did you successfully setup pin2dmd.exe that it is possible to make config changes through micro usb port (not mini usb which is only used for firmware update) ? 

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I managed to load the key from sdcard to activate the display when I registered

from there I have not been able to get the software to communicate with the display, I get java errors

its a pity absolutely no instructions come with the board at all, I feel disappointed because I ordered it to operate on a real pinball

but it was setup for virtual pinball, which I guess uses USB and not the 14 pin DMD socket,

I have tried to save different modes to sdcard and load them,the pin2dmd can display the name like Gottlieb or Stern or Spike, Whitestar

but no signal, the pin2dmd always displays just the words pin2dmd nothing else

please can someone offer some help


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First of all, pin2dmd is not a ready to use product and will never be. It is a community project.
So there is no "I ordered it for" you have with commercial solutions like ColorDMD where you order
the kit preconfigured for a certain machine, with special instructions and connectors.

Since you are able to switch modes I assume you are able to change and save device modes
using pin2dmd.exe tool from github. If not, try to get that tool running with the instructions on

There are currently 2 possibilities why you don´t get anything displayed 

1. you did the wiring wrong 

2. The device is not able to identify the data structure in any of the available device modes.

Maybe you could attach some pictures of your current setup. with closeups of the connectors
What is the status of the LEDs when the machine is running ? Is there a red LED flickering ?

If you don´t know what I´m talking about make a video of your test scenario with machine turned on 
and a closeup of the LEDs on the stm32 board.

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Finally it is working with V2.36 and a modified firmware for the parallax propeller in the pin heck system.

Here we did a palette switch test using keyframes. 


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