[Vp10] Cirqus Voltaire 1997 Hanibals 4K Mod

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File Name: Cirqus Voltaire 1997 Hanibals 4k Mod

File Submitter: Hanibal2001

File Submitted: 14 Apr 2016

File Category: Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

Permission to Mod: Yes
VP Version: v10


In this Mod I have only modify some small thinks, because the table is really great.
The playfield was updated for my 4k monitor and some graphics a replaced with another versions.
- red disc graphics recreated
- bumper update with small red light at hit
- shoot again light changed
- playfield increase in resolution and glare
- yellow targets are more realistic
- red target get another texture
- yellow flasher graphics updated
- small physic update
- movable auto plunger
- sound updates
- Ringmaster swinging sound
- Neon fluctuating lights
- New physic test script for more ball reality
- Neon global intensity adjustable by keys
- Ball now moving script for ringmaster magnet
- New ball rolling sound modification
- New real Apron


I hope you like it.


Click here to download this file

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I am getting this message

Object doesn't support this property or method

Running vp10.0


But On my test computer running Vp-10.1 v2547 it works


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Think this happen with the new vp10.1 beta as ut needs vp10.0 don't know how to fix this if thats the case... anyone?

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I'm a total newbie with scripts, but when I changed LBumper1.Collidable to LBumper1xx.Collidable I got the table to work.  However, none of my solenoids or plunger system will work with this game.  Suggestions?

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I get the following errors with this table:


1. when I start the game it says I need wpc.vps ver 3.46 or higher

2. I get the flipper & bumper collidable error


What is the big white rectangle at the back of the playfield? Is it for a DMD? Is it removable for people with realdmd's?

How can you change the playfield angle to full screen instead of narrow at the top. Narrowed is odd on a full screen table where the playfield tv is already tilted.

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Try the latest Beta V 10.1 please.


Please link exactly what to use?


Where do I find VPX V 10.1

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