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Soul Reaver 1.1 1.1

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G’day everyone,

Here is a very small update to fix some niggling issues I have noticed since the initial release:


* Fixed the values for the multiplier lights - the original release started with the multiplier bonus at 1x instead of 2x.

* Shortened some of the longer sound samples to avoid sample on sample issues.

* Optimised a couple of sound samples for in-game clarity.

* Replaced intro sound sample with music for a more “polished” transition into the game.


Cheers and thank you for the support.



If you already downloaded the release version of this table;  Just copy the .vpx file into the "Tables" folder in VP - Don't forget to rename the .directb2s file to match.

If you are downloading this table for the first time. Copy the .vpx and .directb2s files into the "Tables" folder in VP, then transfer all the files in the "Music" folder (in the download) to the "Music" folder in VP.

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