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Star Trek: The Next Generation - VPIN 1.02

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About This File


Copy the files to the appropriate subfolder in your altcolor folder .
Please ensure you are using a working version of Freezy's DLL or the latest stable 
PIN2DMD firmware. An alternative palette file is also included, see below for further

The project should work on English L7 and L5 roms; multiplayer, freeplay, dot and 
half credit support is included, but avoid using dots for the best experience.
Please raise any bugs or issues in the main VPUniverse thread below, including as 
much detail as possible:


Please leave the "Say no to drugs" banner active to see the project credits. And for
all you Trekkies out there, there are a few new easter eggs just for you.


During development of this project, a question was raised with respect to the colour
of the Borg ship; by default, the project will colour this ship green in keeping with
the TV show colours. But for real enthusiasts, you may choose to use the included
alternative palette file; this will ensure that the Borg ship on the display is blue
and a bit more in keeping with the real pinball machine toy. 

To use the alternative palette, simply replace the pin2dmd.pal file in the root folder 
with the file found in the "blueborg" subfolder. There is no other difference in the 
palettes - if you are happy with a green Borg ship then there is nothing to do :)


The following scenes use a flat palette due to limitations of the editor or the 
impracticality of completing them at this time:

Video Mode
Worm Hole Mode Status
Spinner Value Increase


Dots by: slippifishi
Testing by: Wob

What's New in Version 1.02   See changelog


Added "multiplier" ball launch award
Added more video mode frames for less flicker (real pin)
Minor palette tweaks in a few scenes

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