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Gottlieb Monte Carlo - 1987 - VPX 1.4.0

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2 Screenshots

About This File

This is a VPX recreation a 1987 Gottlieb Monte Carlo table. Big thanks to Destruk, Lander, TAB, and XtremeMame for their work on a early version. You will have to do some creative internet searching for the rom "mntecrlo.zip".

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


Version 1.2  - Fixed 2 way gates by flippers. Fixed right kicker hold to not release straight down drain during multiball. I can't recreate issue with the drain, but tweaked it tighter anyway. Also I made the stop timer go right away, so the ball does not loop much when the wheel stops. Please test and let me know.

Version 1.3 - New redrawn playfield thanks to roccodimarco.

Version 1.4 - Playfield cleanup continued by roccodimarco and myself. Thanks roccodimarco for your play testing and the work on the playfield. Totally reworked the roulette script using a turntable instead of a flipper to spin the ball. Wheel can stop anywhere now and ball continues until it stops. Changed desktop POV a little so that the ball in the roulette wheel can be seen better. Added Sinbads victory alphanumeric diplay for desktop view, thanks to grandvent. Imported BorgDog's physics from his Hollywood Heat table. The roulette table still does not always register right, but I give up. If someone can fix it, please take the table and run with it.