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Pluger design for GRS mini pinball cabinet 1.0.0

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The purpose of this project is to fit the GRS Mini pinball cabinet with a working plunger.

Most plunger are to big to be used on the on the mini cabinet so this project adapts a small plunger use on arcade machine to the mini cabinet. This plunger is being used with sharp laser distant sensor which output a voltage to the distant travel. This output is fed into KL25Z Pinscape board.

The project PDF file has been broken up ,into 3 parts at 500K byte files size. The results is 3 files named Walter plunger Design 2 1.7z .001, Walter plunger design 2 1.7z.002 and Walter plunger design 2 1.7z.003

You’ll need to convert the 3 files back into the original file. To do this, download the 3 parts and save in the same folder.

Browse to that folder with 7-Zip.exe and Right-click on the first file(Walter plunger Design 2 1.7z .001) with the extension .001 and select Combine Files.

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