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2 Screenshots

This is a VPX conversion of mfuegemann's 1989 Gottlieb Premier Big House table. Big thanks to mfuegemann for his work.

Additional thanks to:
Zany for the Elevator Screw, the Flasher Domes, the Bumper Cap, Drop Target, Ramp and Flipper models

Arngrim for the DOF review

Fuzzel for providing the images for the playfield lights

Batch for the Desktop Backdrop image

Inkchnito for the DIP switch code

Destruk for the VP8 table and the Lamp and Solenoid numbers

JPSalas for the fading Flasher code

This table is really fun to play. Feel free to fix it up or modify it. ;)

It needs the rom named "bighouse.zip". Hopefully you have a friend who has it, because the Gottlieb roms were pulled from all of the VP sites. Quietly ask your friend. :)

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