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I could spend another half a year on this game, but it's very playable now.  It will only need some tweaks for the display, more trophys, scores  and any bugs that appear when played by more machines I'll sort out.

Most credits are in the attract mode but extra thanks to:

VPU for hosting, Flupper - for his blender ramp templates

Download initial 1.0 with table and check for any other updates


1. P-ROC, Python 2.7, VPCom controller install




2. Move evildead game folder to C:\P-ROC\Games. Test the game works first by running the Game.pyc


3. Register the new controller for solenoids and settings.

Copy the "register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py" to C:\P-ROC\Tools and register by running

python register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py --register

Look for "VPROC Registered OK"

4. VP setup:

------------------------------VP Controller mapping------------------------------------------------------------------


  path: /../games/evildead
  kls: Game.Game
  yaml: /..games/evildead/config/machine_config/GameConfig.yaml

#### DISPLAY CONFIG #######
Adjust the values in the config.yaml to position the display.. It probably best after the installation that you double click the game.pyc to see where the display is position and adjust.
Don't change the resolution, but you can scale it.
screen_position_x: 25
screen_position_y: 60

Use the service mode in game to adjust settings. Enable directB2S, enable/disable table sounds, table physics and flipper physics.

Table resides in the Visual Pinball folder, you can copy this out and into your tables folders with the .pov . Keep the .pov as the same name as the table if you want to make changes to view.


Cactus Canyon python 2.7 update fix



PinballX - Database

<game name="Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)">
    <description>Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)</description>
    <rom />
    <manufacturer>RomPin, HorsePin</manufacturer>


PinballX - System Config - Copy the ProcPinXBefore.exe to C:\P-ROC or wherever

WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball
TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
Parameters=-play "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]"


What's New in Version 1.0.8   See changelog



        SkeletonGame: Fix drawing rects on display        

        Skillshot: Changed skillshot to deershot

        Workshed: Improve locking displays

                Add name of mode to the timer + Moved clock display to center of display
            Add a background to mode incomplete
            Disable infos when starting a book mode

        Linda: Fix progress bar not showing in fight.
                    Adjust sound durations to match scenes
                   In the fight the scene was not repeating, same with audio
                 If timer ran out mode wasn't set to incomplete
                Show player to use flippers in the fight

                 Better shot info display

        BadHand: Adjust delays to match scenes
        BadHand: Moved hit info displays lower

        Escape: Make scenes fit audio.
        Adjust shot info on display

        Shelly: Make scenes fit audio.
        makes sure std bgm doesn't play twice
        Adjust shot infos and make sure ending sound plays

        Cheryl: Display flashing info shots quicker
        Chery: Make scenes fit audio

        Escape: Add missing shot information when mode starts
        Escape: Make sure bgm doesn't start twice when completed

        Cellar MUltiball: If hitting a super jackpot and drain very quick before ball exits the VUK, tried making sure cellar shuts

        Drained: Make sure laughing sounds play all the time when drained

        Catch any random exceptions on ash rollovers when scotty started


    Removed dependency on _default profile, not needed anymore, adjusted all modes to reflect the change.



            Add userprofile and trophy data to advanced players class.

              Adjustment on the way profiles/trophys get saved

             Bridge ramp audit profile data now saved which in turn should make the trophy for ramps available

            Removed HouseRamps from audits, not needed

            Adjust profile audit data for cellar ramps, should make cabin fever completable

           Mode saucer profile audits saved

           Fix profile tree kicker audits and trophy

            Add profile data for cellar locks started

           Updated profiles_default to hold Zero scores for player.

          Adjusted bookmodes and timers to save the time of the mode for stats

          If profile is corrupted, empty, missing.. etc then always creates a new one for player. Same for trophy data

           Players now save their own top scores automatically by name/initials

            Made sure stats save, balls played, avgTime, longest ball time

         Some player stats like the above are visible when status report is running


             Make sure scene doesn't disappear when opening the cellar for first lock  - closes  # 23

             Don't start mocking bird music if already in a multiball


             Make trough more responsive on entry

           Remove mode info layers when starting a multiball

            Stop jackpot callouts before playing another, didn't like them queued like they are
           Hiscores now reloaded for the attract mode. (They were saving but not refreshed when game  ended)
           Don't show "DON'T MOVE" if in a multiball


Fix longest ball time crash (sorry missed this as only just beat my time)

Only shows errors in logging.


Removed last use of older user_profiles.


Fix shelly crash - Definitely last use of old profiles

Force remove time layers before starting again

VP_ Table:  Fix DirectB2S loading issues.