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About This File

OXO (Williams 1973)

OXO is a Williams tic-tac-toe game that has fun game play and excellent shots coupled with awesome Christian Marche artwork.  The basic premise is to achieve a tic-tac-toe with either X
s or O's and then land the ball in either saucer for a 5000 point bonus and an extra ball.  Lighting all of the tic-tac-toe squares will enable a replay special with either the left or right middle roll overs.  

HauntFreaks has pulled out all of the stops on this one!  His artwork is incredible and the details that he added like primitive cut outs for the targets and leaf switches really enhance the table.  He has also made a new B2S backglass for the table that will also be available to download and that backglass also has third monitor DMD artwork.

This table has a few new features to it that include full integration of DOF for those who have chime units as well as a new (at least for my tables) post-it note with the ablility to enter initials.

There are three user variables that can be altered to change the playing epxperience.  They are all located near the top of the script and include:

FreePlay - set to True for free play or False if you want to coint up
ShowBallShadow - set to True to turn on to enable ball shadows or to False to to deactivate them
PinkFLipperColor- set to True to use pink rubbers on the flippers or set to False to use white rubbers.

Here's the tean that brought you this table
Script: Scottacus
Artwork: Hauntfreaks
Beta Testing: Xenonph and Thalamus
Chime Testing: Bord

Special thanks to Fren for his excellent VP9 OXO table that got this whole project started!

HauntFreaks has released a new directb2s backglass and wheel logo that goes along with the new artwork for this table