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About This File


Capersville is a fun Bally table from 1966 that features Zipper Flippers, Multiple Modes of Play and a Three Ball Multiball, all pretty heavy duty for 1966!

Feel free to change the variable "FreePlay" to "False" for credit play.

Also feel free to change the variable "STAT" to "True" to view bumper caps with "10 Points" on them rather than the stock blank caps.

Thanks to HaunfFreaks for his awesome lighting and graphics magic.  Also to BorgDog and Loserman76 for coding help,  Arngrim for looking over my DOF and Xenonph and Thalamus for helping find coding bugs.

Please Note: To get the graphics and lighting to work properly you must run this table with VP 10.4 rev 3209 or higher



What's New in Version 3.1.3   See changelog


Capersville 3.1.3 Update

-Fixed a bug that was introduced with the new updates that effected the saucer capture code.

Capersville 3.1.2 Update

-made the dc4 wall invisible as it should be...

Capersville 3.1.1 Update
-fixed bug that caused errors when the Code Zapper roll over button was hit
-added code for driving chime units
-fixed a bug that allowed multiple balls to enter the Deep 4 Caper area if the second ball were to enter before the first ball hit the stage one trigger
-fixed a bug that allowed balls to be ejected from the trough during the Deep 4 Caper if a very strong table nudge were to be made

Capersville 2.8.71 Changes

-Fixed a bug that continued to subtract credits even after "Can Play" had reached four players.