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Future Pinball - Physics Mod v 2.5

*Warning* Some Future Pinball tables may not work with this version of Future Pinball.

** Note **

This file requires that you already have Future Pinball installed. Drop this file into your Future Pinball installation directory.


- Settings for ball mass, gravity, surfaces and flippers have all been improved to more accurately match the behavior of real pinball (or as close as FP and the Newton Engine can get).

- Some dll files have been updated with latest versions.

- The 800 object limitation for table construction has been increased to 3000.

- Arcade Lighting settings that were present in the pre-2010 version of FP are now back.

- Startup screen, FP watermark and loading information have been removed to speed up loading time.

There are 2 versions - 2.5.165 and 2.5.178:

Version 2.5.165 (Authors) - Textures are loaded into the editor for table creation.

Version 2.5.178 (Players) - No textures are loaded into the editor, faster loading time (newest version of dll used).

Both versions are identical apart form the dll used to access the textures for the editor. 165 is the old version, 178 is the newest and more stable version but it doesn't load the textures into the editor.

Backup your existing files first or create a new directory. Unpack, copy and paste all the files into your FP directory (replace the old files when prompted)

Kudos and thanks to the team involved with this update.

Any problems, please discuss them here in VPUniverse.

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