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PIN2DMD Firmware V2.0 Colorprism V2.x

About This File

Download the latest Pin2DMD firmware here
To uploaded to the device use the ST-Link utility from here


It currently supports:

  • Visual Pinball / PinMame
  • Future Pinball with DMD interceptor DLL
  • Unit3d Pinball
  • Ultra DMD
  • XDMD
  • PinballX (full color)
  • WPC real pinball input
  • Stern real pinball input
  • Whitestar real pinball input
  • DataEast real pinball input
  • WPC95 real pinball input
  • Gottlieb real pinball input (beta)
  • SmartDMD inframe color switching
  • Frame colorization with PIN2DMD Editor by Steve
  • WCID automated driver installation

What's New in Version V2.x   See changelog


  • - hardware accelerated keyframe detection
  • - support for upcoming pin2dmd editor features
  • - support for modified XDMD.DLL to display logos and videos in color with pinballX
  • - improved memory handling
  • - improved support of SmartDMD detection
  • - improved sync of real pinball machines
  • - support of WPC, WPC95, DataEast, Gottlieb, Whitestar, Stern real pinball input
  • - dump routine for dmd output of real pinball machines with new pin2dmd.exe