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Harley Davidson (Sega) (1999)(Edizzle)(V1.1)(FS)(PM5) 1.1

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About This File

Previously released on other site. Updated for Physmod5. Javier1515 updated with ball rolling and collision sounds. Physics slightly updated. And made a change to the right outlane as previously it was impossible to drain there due to misaligned walls. Slight GI updates as well.

***NOTE*** :I did notice that there were some issues if played using the accelmod. Such as ball getting stuck on left ramp.

Long list of Thank Yous:

wtiger - playfield image

destruk/bezeen - VP8 table used for reference

freneticamnesic - a whole bunch of crap, including bike models, bike animation, GI, lighting effects, and in general helping me learn new VP things

Dark - traffic light model and primitive gates, screws, and other hardware

Zany - ramp model, bumper caps

xgizzle - also was working on the same table separately. backwall image

Javier1515 - added ball rolling and ball collision soudns

All VP people for making this such a fun hobby

This is my first attempt at building from scratch, which was quite intimidating but again, the forums is always willing to help. I definitely need to say Frenetic took this table to another level with all the things he added.

A unique thing about this game is the center ball save that can be controlled by the player. I Guess it would be nice to have a magna save button for this one. Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I am aware that this is listed as a Sega Table, but is using the Stern ROM. Oh well. The roms are exactly the same, game-wise.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Previously released.
  • This update includes ball rolling and collision sounds courtesy of Javier1515
  • Changed right outlane as previously it was impossible to drain ball
  • slightly updated physics
  • GI changes
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