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CSI_VP99_Physmod5_rev1.0_DT.zip v1.0_VP99_Physmod5

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Desktop Patch for CSI (Stern 2008)_VP99_Physmod5_rev1.0.vpt by Javier15 (coolball for the Desktop-Patch)

Thank you Javier15 for the TOP table and the permission to mod.

Changes i´ve done

- added new Backdrop

- change the values to create a desktop version

- adjusts the flashers

Download and use the VPU Patching System - VPPatch - 32bit & 64bit 1.02 to create the Mod


Download the original Table: "CSI (Stern 2008)_VP99_Physmod5_rev1.0.vpt" / http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3108-csi-stern-2008/

Use the Mod: "CSI_VP99_Physmod5_rev1.0_DT.dif"

Have fun

To Apply a patch:

a. If you do not already have the table that the patch was created for; you will need to download that file.

Read the "ReadMe.txt" file that comes with the patch download. The file should contain a link to the original file that the patch is based on.

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