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I am happy to release my latest table - WWF Royal Rumble! Pretty self explanatory. A must have for wrestling fans. I think it's a pretty good flowing table, I don't know how it rates against other Data East tables though, I've never played a real one.

For this table I had several beta testers who owned the table and provided lots of great feedback. It helped immensely, it wasn't a benefit I had on previous releases and from what I understand, it plays pretty true to life.

Physmod version uploaded as well

A couple bugs: for some reason, WRESTLE AGAIN light doesn't light when you can shoot again. This appears to be by (confusing) design.

Also, you cannot lane-select when you launch the ball. I noticed this issue on GnR as well, I think it's an emulation issue for DE from this era. If anyone has a solution, I'd love to fix it.

Thanks to everyone who tested the table, thanks to gtxjoe for the multiball GI help and getting my kickers to not screw up b2b!

Easter egg: press "J" to toggle on the ROYAL RANDR playfield and apron, and "K" to toggle back to ROYAL RUMBLE mode. Don't ask why, it just makes me laugh.

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