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This is one of my all time favorite tables in real life so hopefully I've done it justice.

You will notice that I made some of my own plastics so they will not match the real table as well as the backpanel. I also used the LE version of the playfield as my redraw since this is the LE version (silver boarders vs colored).

There are two version of the table being uploaded. One with ramp lights and one without. Be for warned that the table with the ramp lights is resource heavy when things get going in the game. Due to this I made a version without that so everyone can enjoy the table.

Thanks again to Dupe3d for testing the table out for me. Hopefully between the two of us we caught all the bugs but if you find one please let me know.

As with other SAM tables you will need to get the rom from Stern. You will need the LE version Rom and make sure to name it as it appears in the game (trn_174h).

This table was built and tested with 9.2 (version 792). I am not sure if it will work with older or newer releases.

Have fun!

***Update Version 1.02***

- Thanks to Fuzzel for the 3D Recognizer and performance boosted scripting for the flasher version.

- Thanks to Teppotee for the ramp flasher idea and physics update.

- With this version more people should be able to use the table with the flashers as the new flash refresh routine boosted table performance.

- The non-flasher table also got the 3D Recognizer. It is now stationary as well.

- Both tables received jimmyfingers flippertap code and BMPR lite

The new physics really makes this table much faster and harder. If you prefer the original physics setting just delete (or comment out) all the lines after:

- Flasher table - 1238

- non-flasher table - 1150.

Doing this reverts the physics back to the original style.

***Update Version 1.03***

- Fixed physics to be slower. Thanks to Teppotee for helping with this as well as JimmyFingers advise

- Updated Ramps to be ROM controlled. Thanks to Luvthatapex and JP Salas for helping and guidance with the scripting to get this to work correctly

- Updated the ramps coloring to look more like lights

- added the metal scoop ring (mantis protector)

- Some extra flasher routines added to add to the realism (scoop and behind recognizer)

- Fixed not going to the left flipper when going through loop and not pressing the left flipper

- couple of other minor graphical and play oriented fixes

***Update Version 1.04***

- added faded light routine to apron lights

- corrected some drawing errors that were blacking out some alpha ramps

- correct the TRON drop target order and decals

- Corrected the "S" stand up target decal

- adjusted some minor other graphical things

***Update Version Physmod5***

- decided to upload my personal version of this table that is fully converted to physmod5

- Updated lighting and flashers to the new style

- added missing post by right ramp entrance

- primative spinners and gates added

- minor other changes/tweaks

- *** this only works in phsymod 5. There is a minor bug with the ramp to where it adds a bit extra speed sometimes upon exit. This is something that is being looked at for the next version. It will also experience balls being lost sometimes. I've never had it but my beta tester did twice.

- thanks to loafmister for his help testing this table and "hopefully" getting the digital plunger script to work for everyone.

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