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Kings of Steel (Bally)(1984)(chinzman93)(1.10)(FS)(9.16) 1.10

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Kings of Steel Bally 1984

Original Table Design: Greg Kmiec

Original Art: Doug Watson

This is my first from scratch build complete with redraws of plastics and playfield. This was built with various versions of 9.16 and 9.2. The GI ramps use additive BI, but the table should run on 9.15 as well.

The GI is a combination of alpha ramps for under the plastic lighting and the plastics were done using the dB2S designer.

I would like to thank all the great contributors to the community and in particular:

Playfield and Plastics Redraw:

TAB for his great playfield scan.

Rob046 for some excellent photo resources.

Pinuck and Rob046 for help with some fonts.

Table Build:

Luvthatapex for a great starter table and dip switch code.

UW for use of some of diverter code and some objects from his BP table.

Aaron James and Luvthatapex for playing some early versions and offering some great feedback.

Itchigo for suggesting the use of the dB2S designer for doing plastics lighting. Not it's intended purpose, but it does work.

Koadic for his plunger and controller code.

Herweh for the dB2S designer used for plastics lighting.

I apologize if I missed anyone.

Please report any issues to the support thread. I have DT version coming in a week or so depending any bug reports here.

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Merry Christmas!

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