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VPinmame SAM for Desktop, Cab, Pindmd1, Pindmd2, Pin2dmd 2.37

1 Screenshot

Unofficial Stern SAM enabled compile based on VPinMAME
For Pindmd version 1, use VPinMAME_SAM_PINDMD1_2.37
For Pindmd version 3, use VPinMAME_SAM_PINDMD3_2.37 [requires pinDMD.dll - http://www.pindmd.com]
For all the others, use VPinMAME_SAM_NON_PINDMD__PINDMD2__PIN2DMD_2.37


EXPERIMENTAL - VPinMAME64_SAM_NON_PINDMD__PINDMD2__PIN2DMD_2.37 [requires Setup64.exe - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1]
Runs with experimental 64bit version of Visual Pinball - http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=30418&page=191#entry328328


Added: SAM.vbs
The SAM.vbs is required for running tables using this VPinMAME version.
Added: bass.dll for 32 bit/bass64.dll for 64 bit
Instructions for use:
Place the SAM.vbs file where you have your others vbs script files, in your Visual Pinball/Tables or your Visual Pinball/Script directory.
Place the bass.dll file in the same folder as VPinMAME.dll
Windows 7, 8 and 10 users may need to UNBLOCK this file once it has been placed in the correct directory. To UNBLOCK a .dll file, right click on the file and click UNBLOCK. APPLY. OK.


Make sure you define the default settings like the screenshot, cabinet and crc rom errors enabled, and if you have a pindmd, enable pindmd.
If you still have the splashscreen at the start of a table, or if the dmd doesn't want to stay on another screen than the primary, then cabinet mode is disabled, for that rom.
You can enable it by checking the option of the rom by pressing F1 at the run of the table or during test off the rom in setup.exe.
You can enable cabinet mode, crc rom errors or disable pindmd for all tables in one shot by:


go to regedit


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame


export folder into a reg file


in the file replace all


"ignore_rom_crc"=dword:00000000 by "ignore_rom_crc"=dword:00000001
all "cabinet_mode"=dword:00000000 by "cabinet_mode"=dword:00000001
"showpindmd"=dword:00000001 by "showpindmd"=dword:00000000
for those who don't have a pindmd, normally it is not necessary, but just in case.


then save the file and run the reg file again.


Sound Mode:
0 = standard built-in PinMAME emulation


1 = built-in alternate sound file support
(store the alternate sound files in a PinSound-like directory structure (incl. text files for ducking and gain),
within a new PinMAME directory subfolder 'altsound' and there within the machines shortname subfolder.
Ex. for ij_l7: 'C:\PinMAME\altsound\ij_l7'
OR for an example alternate sound file for tz_94h: 'C:\PinMAME\altsound\tz_94h\jingle\000064-load_gumball_pt_1\load_gum__LEGACY.ogg')


2 = external pinsound


3 = external pinsound + psrec sound recording
(must have PinSound Studio 0.7 or newer running at the same time:
make sure that the Windows permissions match between PinSound Studio and Visual PinMAME/Pinball,
In other words, if one is using admin permissions when running, then both need to be started with that)


Now there is a PinMAME executable for rom testing and auditing

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