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A 4 player SS Stern SHOULD have made. (This is an original).

Knock down inline targets to lock a ball. When 2 balls are locked, hit the left 3 bank to initiate multiball.

3 balls in play- scores 3X

2 balls in play- scores 2X

This will saved locked balls between players. You can also have 2 ball multiball, by unlocking a ball.

Relocking a ball during multiball gives Jackpot (75,000).

Bumpers and plunger-JP Salas, Koadic.

Shimoda:Apron help, and FS Backglass.

Faralos:Slingshots, targets and playfield image.

Grizz:Light images.

With many thanks to Rascal, Deegor, and others.

Lighting made with the B2s editor.

Thanks to Rukia, for putting up with me. :P

I built this with my B2s template, so I will have a FS version of this, but I need to learn animations first.

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