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Airborne (Capcom 1996) - abv106

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Airborne / IPD No. 3783 / March, 1996 / 4 Players

Manufacturer: Capcom Coin-Op, Incorporated (1995-1996) [Trade Name: Capcom]

Common Abbreviations: AB

MPU: Capcom A0015405

Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) question.gif

Production: 1,350 units (confirmed)

Notable Features: 2 Flippers, Tons of Ramps/Wireforms, 1 Automatic Kickback, "Injector" to push ball down ramps

Toys: An "Injector" at the top of the ramp system to help you choose the ball's path. An airport tower that you can buzz with the ball.

Design by: Claude Fernandez

Art by: Hugh Van Zanten

Marketing Slogans: "Pilot, You're Cleared for Takeoff!!"

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