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Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

133 files

  1. Fathom (Bally 1981) Vintage Mod

    my first table.
    this is a heavy mod based on 32assassin's great Fathom, which is based on Unclewilly's version, so all credits and thanks go to these two.

    What I did:
    - completely remade playfield in 4k resolution (by stitching images from the web and partially redrawing, even bought a font for that job!)
    - completely remade plastics in 4k resolution (same way)
    - made new bumper caps from scratch
    - reworked or changed many objects, images and materials
    - completely remade all lights and illumination
    - apron reworked
    - "live" mirror metal wall at the top (only the ball is not reflected, don't know, how to do that)
    - and many other things, I don't remember anymore

    Physics (only minor changes):
    - made the table slightly slower
    - ! repositioned the rubber posts at the wicked vertical outlane, so that there's at least a little chance so save the ball from draining by nudging ! Btw, this is also the case for the real table as seen in videos on the web, so no cheating.

    The aim of this version was to get it as close to the original vintage table (yellow tint, vintage light bulbs a.s.o)
    As I already mentiond in the WIP thread, I will also make a second version, which will look like a polished Fathom with LED lights, plastics and playfield repros a.s.o.
    The desktop view needs a liitle more work, but is already quite ok now. Maybe I'll release an update in the future.
    Big thanks go to roar, who provided me with images of plastics and to all the cool people, who made and contributed to VP and the great always helping community!



  2. El Dorado City of Gold

    This was the last pin produced by Mylstar and production was continued by Premier. It is also the last game designed by Ed Krynski for Gottlieb/Mylstar. The models for the explorers on the backglass were two Gottlieb employees, Jeri Knighton and Jeff Lee (Gottlieb video game artist).
    Gottlieb 1984 - Aztec Jungle Theme
    This is a MOD of theGhost787 and 32assassins table. I'm not sure what it is about this table but it intrigued me when I first saw it. It is a slower table but it is challenging.
    Script is by 32assassin, and table start by theGhost787. I did a partial redraw of the play field just to line everything up a bit better. Enhanced the colors a bit. Also moved around the table elements and lights to match the play field and to make it play and look more like the videos online. If we could get a good play field and plastics scan this table would really come to life. I used what resources were available online (and there are not many). I have never played the real table but have watched some youtube videos. So physics are adjusted to match them the best I could.
    Enjoy, I know I have enjoyed modding it.
    If anyone has any high resolution resources for this table please let me know.



  3. torpedo alley data east ok

    table of dozer  destruck tab
    dmd working  sript ok
    merci a dozer de ne jamais repondre et aux autres qui racontent  n ' importe quoi



  4. X-Files Hanibal 4k LED Edition

    Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work.
    I have changed the physics, they are now very nice.
    I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights.
    Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection.
    Looks like  an LED modified table



  5. DOF Test Table VPX

    DOF Test table update of randr’s version.  I added chimes, corrected a couple calls, switched some objects to vpx style, adjusted the physics to vpx, and mostly added a keyboard overlay with scripting that allows you to fire most of the toys with keystrokes. updated dof config in dofconfig tool to reflect the added chimes.  B2S and wheel image by randr included.



  6. Star Trek LE Hanibals 4k Asteroid Mod 1.7

    This table is base on the nice Star Trek LE table of freneticamnesic, a very nice work.
    I have add 2 new asteroid, my first try to create 3D objects for an table.
    On the original pinball game they are 2 to cover the spots and I missed them.
    Additionally I update some lights, physics, and add the ball reflection for the game, because it looks like fantasic on this table.
    Now it looks like very nice on my 4k virtual pinball and I hope you enjoy it 



  7. RollerGames (Williams 1990)

    Table based on Williams RollerGames of 1990.
    Thank you:
    Dark: 3d models and various arrangements.
    Zany: Resouces
    ClarkKent: arrangements in physics.
    Batch: Resouces and arrangements in the DT version
    And to all those involved in the development of VP, so that this Hobby is more beautiful every day



  8. Mortal Kombat II Pinball Edition

    In tribute to the mythical game MKII created by Ed Boon in 1993.
    To run the table you need vp10.2 rev2830 onwards.
    Enter the Music folder where you have VP installed.
    Multiples ramps for combos
    8 16 or 24 ramps for extraballs
    Defeat all characters for multiballs
    Complete MK Targets for Multiball
    It's my first original table, so please do not be hard on me jajjajaj
    JPSalas, DevTeam and all those who work hard every day so that VP keeps growing more and more.



  9. Star Trek LE (Stern 2013)

    Stern's Star Trek LE, thanks to SAM emulation updates by DJRobX, we can now emulate some of the LE tables! Latest SAM VPM required from this topic:
    Table by freneticamnesic, based loosely on 85vetts PM5 table, with code additions by gtxjoe and DJRobX. Redraw of plastics and playfield done by freneticamnesic. DOF addition by arngrim.
    Grab the VBS from Arngrim here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35311&p=359443
    I recommend the LE backglass from Wildman here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3128-star-trek-le-stern-2013/
    The Premium backglass also works but I don’t think it’s as cool looking: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2473-star-trek-premium-stern-2013/
    This has Arngrim’s DOF additions so everyone check out the complex undercab lighting!
    101116a - DOF, gates, practice...
    - added arngrim's DOF script - now needs a new controller.vbs to run this!
    - fixed the gates thanks to Vinthar's input
    - physics tweaks to the flippers and some other things...
    100716b - Feature update...
    - reverted Vengeance movement back to gtxjoes PRO script
    - scripted sw53, not sure if it fixes anything?
    - increased autoplunger strength
    100516b - Bug fix ....
    - Removed drain walls from 100516a release
    100516a - Bug fix and feature addition:
    - Fixed left kicker not kicking out occasionally
    - Added option to the top of the script to disable the lasers (PewPew), set this to 0 if you experience performance issues when the lasers come on
    100216d - Initial release



  10. Star Wars Trilogy Hanibals 4k

    Based on Star Wars Trilogy VP9 from jpsalas
    Improved physics and a lot of new realistic sound, graphic's and light effects.
    Add a new flash sound script and some new light features.
    Create a new swinging script with high frame rate for shaking the Tie
    Add a laser shouting animation for the big cannon
    In desktop mode you can activate a local DMD by using the 6 key.
    Enjoy the play and have fun with that.



  11. King Kong (Data East 1990)

    Kong! The 8th Wonder of the World!
    Here is Release 1.0 of King Kong. There is still a lot more bling that can be added to this table, but since it has already been in the making on and off for about 3 years now, it's best to release it as is and let people enjoy it.
    Special thanks to:
    Dazz creating the King Kong WIP on VP9 and asking me to help with scripting the table. The two left ramps proved to be almost impossible to implement with VP9 and Physmod. With VPX, it was finally possible
    DStruct for sharing the FP resources
    Wildman for the Kong backglass
    Arngrim for DOF support
    Toxie and Fuzzel for VPX
    Thanks to the other authors that worked or were involved on this table WIP



  12. TOTAN Hanibals 4k Mod

    Based on Totan 1.1.1 shiny mod from flupper1 (Thanks a lot for permission).
    I try to update this nice Table to 4k Resolution, with improvement of many graphic's and physics.



  13. Indiana Jones (Stern2008) Hanibal's 4k Edition

    Thanks to freneticamnesic for there nice VP9 table and the permission for convert to VP10.
    And additionally special thank to GLX, gtxjo, Highlnder00 and anybody else where working on the previous versions before.
    In this table I have create some new scripts for an ballistic impulse to the "MAP" section and some sound scripts for moving parts.
    I have modified many Textures and Objects according to the real version of the table, and have created some special light effects, I hope you like it.
    Generally enjoy this nice table and have fun with 8 Ball Multiball



  14. Spanish Eyes (Williams 1972) FS/DT VP10.1

    Spanish Eyes a Williams EM table from 1972. Spent a couple or five dollars playing this table in the City Museum in St. Louis a few weeks back. I loved the layout with the bumper between the flippers. So here is a ground up VPX build.

    Can thank these below enough!! Without them this table would not be possible at all.

    Popotte - Artwork from the FP version.
    Eala Dubh Sidhe - Original script from 2001 vp table.
    Borgdog - Modification of the original script to work with VPX, Db2s backglass, and testing.
    Hauntfreaks - Graphics mods, sounds, materials, and table testing.

    Thank you all again.

    Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. If you notice any issues let me know.

    Here are the rules of play.
    -5 ball play
    -Light all lanes A-E for extra ball.
    -Light all targets 1-6 to light special loop, hit loop for extra ball and out lanes for 5000 pts.
    -Hole hit is 1000 pts for every target lit or 500 pts with none.
    -Top rollover lights all bumpers for 100 pts per hit.



  15. The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (Data East) (1994)(ninuzzu)

    Well this is my first table. I builded it from scratch during the beta phase of VPX this summer. I upgraded it and now it's time for an official release.
    There are some options and mods that you can enable/disable in the script ( TNT mod and Union Jack Mod included)

    Credits/Thanks (in no particular order):
    Franzleo for the ramps and the airplane models
    Freneticamnesic for the help with the mirror animation
    Dark and Zany for some primitive templates I used and edited
    Javier1515,JPSalas,GTXJoe and Shoopity for some code and sounds effects I borrowed from their tables
    Arngrim for the DOF support
    VPDev Team for the new freaking amazing VPX

    Hope you like it and enjoy!



  16. Cirqus Voltaire 1997 Hanibals 4k Mod

    In this Mod I have only modify some small thinks, because the table is really great.
    The playfield was updated for my 4k monitor and some graphics a replaced with another versions.
    - red disc graphics recreated
    - bumper update with small red light at hit
    - shoot again light changed
    - playfield increase in resolution and glare
    - yellow targets are more realistic
    - red target get another texture
    - yellow flasher graphics updated
    - small physic update
    - movable auto plunger
    - sound updates
    - Ringmaster swinging sound
    - Neon fluctuating lights
    - New physic test script for more ball reality
    - Neon global intensity adjustable by keys
    - Ball now moving script for ringmaster magnet
    - New ball rolling sound modification
    - New real Apron
    I hope you like it.



  17. Swords of Fury (Williams 1988)(FS-DT)(VP10)

    Swords of Fury (Williams 1988) DT and FS version for VPX.
    Here is my first official Visual Pinball X release.
    Complete redraw of the playfield and of the plastics and creation of the big starter ramp (all that’s needs really a very long time ).
    Enjoy the table and please give some feedbacks.
    Thanks to all Visual Pinball Developers.



  18. VP 10 Monster Bash Hanibal's Style

    Have fun with this version of Monster Bash



  19. VP 10 Terminator 2 Judgment Day Hanibal's Chrome Edition

    Thanks to the nice work before to all people making this table for VP10.
    This is one of my favorit, so I must optimize it and hope you enjoy my work.



  20. Kiss (Bally)(1979)(jbg4208)((FS/DT)(VPX)

    Hey all. I’ve been waiting for a Bally Kiss version for VPX for a while. So instead of asking for someone to make it, I tried my hand at table converting\building. My parents have this table and it is what I grew up playing as a kid. So it is near and dear to me. I’ve logged many of hours standing at this pin.
    This is my first attempt at anything, building wise with VP ever… So give me you opinions and thoughts. Let me know what you think or what needs to be changed. I’m open to criticism even. I tried to get the physics as close as possible to our table. Seems pretty good to me, but let me know what you think.
    Special thanks to 32assassin, Batch, JP, and arngrim



  21. Dirty Harry (Williams)(1995)(Knorr)(FS-DT)(VP10)

    The first table i had build for vp and its also my favorite table to play.
    All mechanical sound are recorded from the original pinball machine.
    Thanks again to fren, toxie and mfuegemann who helped me a lot while building this.



  22. Demolition Man (Williams)(1994)(Knorr-Kiwi)(FS-DT)(VP10)

    Here is my first offical release. This table took really long to create so i hope you will enjoy it.
    Thanks to mfuegemann, freneticamnesic, toxie and the vpdevs.
    Also thanks to clark kent and gigagula who tested the hell out of the table .
    The redraw of the playfield and the plastics are done by kiwi.
    Bumpercaps are from mjr.
    Flashercaps are from zany.
    Currently i use the soundfiles i have recorded from Dirty Harry, i hope i can update them in the future.
    If you play my table the first time don´t forget to delete the old nvram file to prevent errors.



  23. Gemini (Gottlieb) (1978) (BorgDog)(1.0)(VP10)

    Found an image of a very dirty stripped playfield and decided to run with it, grunge, dirty, dark, rusty, broken yellowed plastics etc. thanks to hauntfreaks for dirtying it up some more.
    db2s is also included. borrowed an options menu from loserman76 and gnance, open options before starting a game by pressing [, allows you to change number of balls and replay levels.
    thanks to arngrim for the dof coding



  24. Spider-Man(Stern)(2007)(ninuzzu)(v1.1)(VP10)

    Spiderman by Stern, 2007
    Table Recreation by ninuzzu for Visual Pinball 10
    Credits/Thanks (in no particular order):
    85Vett and Alessio for the VP9 script
    Dark and Zany for some primitive templates I used and edited
    Javier1515,JPSalas,GTXJoe and Shoopity for some code and sounds effects I borrowed from their tables
    VPDev Team for the new freaking amazing VPX
    This one was fun to build and it's very fun to play (at least for me).
    I found some nice resources for the pf and decided to rebuild/redraw it.
    Alessio scripted the GI code and it's close to the real one; but sometimes, lights will go down and never go up again, if you encounter this issue, use the center tilt key (hit the spacebar) to fix this.
    The Sandman and the Doc Ock kicker guides are made collidable, so the ball follows them when kicked out by the 2 kickers.
    The backwall decal texture is taken from 85Vett's table, I still miss this resource.
    The villains figurines are not 3D, but maybe they will in the future



  25. Pirates Of The Caribbean (Conversion from FP) (VPX Beta)

    Same as the others, just a conversion from the Future Pinball table, using 85vetts script and adapted to work in VPX.
    Thanks to rom and Glxb and slamtilt for their FP Version!
    I will not maintain this after the final release of VPX, this is merely for testing purposes!
    These tables were created to satisfy my own interest in discovering more of what I can do with VPX, learning materials, quick build techniques, primitive inclusion, etc.



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