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Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

80 files

  1. Tron (Conversion from FP) (VPX Beta)

    This is a relatively quick build, an update to one of my favorite tables for use in VPX.
    Scripting done by 85vett, modified to work in VPX by myself
    Table done by francisco666, rom, Glxb, with additions by myself and converted to work in VPX
    Essentially, this is a FP to VPX conversion, using the script from the exist VP9 table.
    I won't be maintaining this once VPX is out of beta.



  2. DOF Test Table

    Simple table to test your DOF setup



  3. Humpty Dumpty Gotlieb 1947

    Beta of Humpty Dumpty Gottlieb 1947



  4. Hercules Atari 1979

    working beta "for now" of Atari's 1979 Hercules Pinball



  5. Stones_10_RTM_1.5_FINAL.rar

    This is the initial release of Stern's 2011 "The Rolling Stones" for VP10 (LE/Premium Version).
    Please make sure you are using VPX Final before you play this table.
    Many thanks to all the authors and content contributors who made this table possible. Especially
    whoever made the primitives used in this table. (Let me know who you are and I will update this description
    with credits). Without them, the mick mech in its current state would not have been possible.
    Although VP10 supports a built in desktop mode, I have not bothered to tweak the desktop settings so this release is
    primarily intended for cabinets. I may get some time at a later date to tweak this but I'd rather do it if and when
    a good primitive model for the lips is made. At the moment the lips are using an old fashioned ramp image.
    The left and right stop posts are assigned to left/right magnasave and the center post is currently assigned to the extra ball button.
    These are activated manually but timed by the rom for deactivation.
    It is strongly recommended to configure the LE version of the rom to activate the timed ball saver as by default it is turned off. Although the game plays quite conservatively with the current outlane post settings, the game can be a drain monster.
    Also, as the game starts the first ball wait a few seconds before plunging until the playfield insert lamps start as there is a small delay before the skillshot lights etc. become available. This seems to be an emulation issue and beyond my control. It is barely noticeable though.
    Please post any bugs or comments in the appropriate support topic and I'll take a look from time to time to see if they can be fixed.
    Have Fun - Dozer.