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Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

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  1. Capersville (Bally 1966) 2.8.7

    Capersville is a fun Bally table from 1966 that features Zipper Flippers, Multiple Modes of Play and a Three Ball Multiball, all pretty heavy duty for 1966!
    Feel free to change the variable "FreePlay" to "False" for credit play.
    Also feel free to change the variable "STAT" to "True" to view bumper caps with "10 Points" on them rather than the stock blank caps.
    Thanks to HaunfFreaks for his awesome lighting and graphics magic.  Also to BorgDog and Loserman76 for coding help,  Arngrim for looking over my DOF and Xenonph and Thalamus for helping find coding bugs.
    Please Note: To get the graphics and lighting to work properly you must run this table with VP 10.4 rev 3209 or higher



  2. Star Wars (FlasherSoundMOD) Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin 1980) v2.2.1

    I first would like to thank 32assassin for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank everyone who contributed to this table including, Artwork by Francisco7666, and DOF by Arngrim!!
    They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes!
    Original Table...
    I also would like to thank Flupper for his great Flasher resource table!!
    I would also like to thank Thalamus for telling me how to use resource tables!!
    I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script!
    I also would like to thank DJRobX, STAT, Gtxjoe, and nFozzy, for helping me shorten my StopSounds and PlaySounds script commands.
    (They each wrote out an example, and between them all, I was able to figure it out!! BIG THANKS!!!)
    I would also like to thank DJRobX for showing me example of flasher script command for flasher placement in FS mode.
    I would also like to thank STAT for his NFL Script to change teams which this bumper script is based on. THANKS STAT!!
    I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!!
    Version 2.2.1
    Added NFozzy's FastFlips by changing usesolenoids=19. Big thanks NFozzy!!!
    Version 2.2
    Added HauntFreaks FS POV settings for cabinets.
    Added FS backdrop pic to cover exposed area after using HF POV settings.
    Shut off variable when coin is inserted and player 1 is pressed before the 2 second timer shuts off. So now player1 start pics won't shut off early if player1 is pressed before 2 second timer shuts off on coin insert.
    Shut off 2 more variables on drain hit.(Can't believe I missed this.)
    Fixed Pics for FS view (For those who modified POV settings, the pics were cut in half in FS view. So now they are seen at top of table when activated, thanks to DJRobX for the example script command for placement of flashers.
    Fixed DT view Darth flashing eyes so nose isn't lit up also.
    Added warning about flashing lights may cause seizures while playing game.
    Added 2 more pics activated by sound effects.
    Added keypress of the letter "N" that shuts off Pics that are activated by sounds.
    Added Keypress of the letter "M" that turns Pics on that are activated by sounds.
    Added choice of 1 of 4 upper two bumpers pics selected by Left Magna-Save button (L-CTRL).
    Added choice of 1 of 8 lower four bumpers pics selected by Right Magna-Save button (R-CTRL).
    I learned how to add this script code to change bumper pics from STAT's example in my NFL mods.
    The first 3 bumper pics when changed are same for both upper and lower bumpers. (Red,Blue and Green stormtrooper.)
    The last 4 bumper pics for the lower 4 bumpers are 2 different Stormtrooper helmets with and without black border.
    These last 4 stormtrooper helmet bumper cap pics, look better on FS setup as compared to DT view, and didn't look right when added to upper 2 bumpers.
    (Mainly added for FS view users.)
    Version 2.1
    Forgot to turn off variable on drain hit, so after 3rd ball drain, the "plungerreleasefree" wasn't playing. It works correctly now.
    Added 16 pics that are triggered on and off by events. Each sound effect corresponds with pic of character.
    I am seeing how people react to this mod, and if they like it, I will upload it to other sites.
    Version 2.0
    Added 27 flashers from Fluppers resource table. Big Thanks Flupper!!
    3 of them are visible above the plastics. The rest are underneath the plastics.
    I figured why not add fantasy flashers, as the table is already fantasy sound mod.
    (I may do this for all my sound mods!! I am addicted to flashers!! lol)
    Fixed left targets below bumper. Two of them were named wrong.
    (Would have never noticed this if not for adding these flashers!)
    Added "plungerreleasefree" sound effect from BorgDogs Buck Rogers VPX table, so if no ball is in plunger, it plays "plungerreleasefree" sound effect, and no others.
    Added "Impressive" Vader sound effect to plungerlane rollover, that is triggered only when you enter plungerlane after Darth target is down.
    Removed background music sound effect "0ESB13.mp3", as it didn't fit table.
    Added triangles to front of bottom inlane wire guides, as you could get ball to balance on it. Now you can't.
    Missed a few rubbers that were set to hit height of 35. Changed them to 27.
    Adjusted Y-Offset for DT view, and X-Offset for Cabinet view, to cover opening at bottom of apron.
    1 of 3 colors illuminates plunger lane with plunger release.
    Added Vader eyes flashing for DT view. This flasher is tied to all Vader targets and bumpers and the 2 Vader spinners.
    Version 1.8
    Added 30 more sound effects, including 4 new background music sound effects.
    Changed all sound effects to be played through backglass instead of table per Vogliadicanes info.
    Version 1.7
    Removed DOF call from script for Bumpers 5 and 6 so they are like 32assassin had them originally.
    Removed upper outside rollover lane dividers as the original table did not have them.
    Added timer to start up music so there is an attract mode sequence started at table start.
    Added Sub for sound effect on Ball Release to plunger.
    Added "coin" sound effect to insert coin key 5.
    Added StopSounds Sub to cut down size of script.
    Added 10 more voice sound effects triggered by coin insert, Player1 Start, and 2 upper Kickers.
    Added 1 more background music sound effect that plays during ball in play, triggered by plunger pull.
    Version 1.6
    Fixed right flipper advancing upper Starship Lanes lights.

    Version 1.5
    Fixed drop targets so they reset properly. They were mistakenly set to the wrong solenoid callback number.

    Version 1.4
    Lowered hit height physics from 35 to 27 on all rubbers.(Big thanks to Thalamus for this info!!)
    Fixed ball from getting stuck in lower right inlane after changing from 35 to 27, by moving the right sling over to left the least amount I could.
    Fixed ball getting stuck on top of upper right rollover divider that I added in v1.3, by raising it to same level as divider next to it, and then making small transparent wall to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    Removed script that I added to make insert coin key 5. Added new script that BorgDog showed me that will allow for both 3 and 5 keys to work for inserting credits. (Big thanks BorgDog!!)
    Removed Darth Vader breathing sound effect from 2 upper kickers, and replaced with Yoda saying "Help you I can." (Hear enough of the Darth breathing on side drains!!)
    Added random voice sound effects between attract mode background music sound effects.

    Version 1.3
    Added lane dividers to sides of upper rollovers.(They seemed to be missing and allowed for rollover to not be hit when ball traveled through outer lanes.)
    I just copied and pasted the same dividers that were already made for inner upper rollovers.

    Version 1.2
    I added script command so the 5 key works as insert coin. (No need to modify VPMkeys.vbs or Hankin.vbs)
    If you want the insert coin key to be 3, just comment out Line 13 in table script or delete it.
    I changed name of upper rollovers on right side to sw14 and sw15. The outside lane was mistakenly named sw14, instead of sw15, and inside lane was named TopRollover, instead of sw14.
    I added FlipperUP and FlipperDown sounds from GIJOE table.
    I added soundFX script to bottom 2 bumpers. I just copied the end of script that was on the other 4 bumpers.
    I added 12 background music sound effects, 17 drain voice sound effects, 9 coin voice sound effects, and 26 other sound effects triggered by events.(All from Empire Strikes Back movie.)
    The top center target plays 1 of 3 ship flyby sound effects, X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, and a Tie Fighter.
    I added script command that shuts off the rom sound at table start, and turns it back on with table exit.
    (If you want the original rom sounds on, download the original table. THIS IS A SOUND MOD!!)

    Place contents of music folder in your music folder located where you installed Visual Pinball Program.
    All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only..
    Hope you enjoy!!



  3. The Walking Dead Pro (Beta)

    As promised!
    Here is the Beta Version of my Walking Dead Table. It´s finished about 95%. Only some Visual things have to be done.
    You can play the table in the Stock Stern Version or you can Install the Bezel Mods. Simply press "F6" during play and choose the Mods you like to install. Restart the table and they are installed.
    I hope you have Fun with this until the Releaseversion is ready (Which will hopefully not take so long.....You all know me and my breaks ...Kidding)



  4. Fathom (Bally 1981) LED Mod

    This is basically a mod of my Fathom vintage Mod, anyways all credits go to unclewilly and 32assassin, who made the ancestors of this one.
    Inspiration came first by pics from the web of some Fathom LED Pimped table with all those repro plasics, playfields and backglasses, which have a total different touch than the original. Plus I had some more ideas and I thought it's a nice experiment.
    - most changes you see anyways
    - changed the color scheme completely (blue, white and orange mostly)
    - made the bumper cup texture from scratch in PS
    - reworked and fine tuned all (mostly GI) lights and objects
    - recolored the previous playfield and plastics
    - apron modified
    - nicely baked in shadows to the playfield and plasics so nobody can use them in the future
    - environment map image that I got from Haunt
    - added ball and flipper shadows (Ninuzzu ?) inspired by Haunt
    - stole acorn nuts primitive from Ganjafarmer's F-14 (we think it's from dark?)
    - reworked plunger (rod, blue tip and blue spring)
    - blue wood on the right side
    - more polished ball image
    - and surely a lot of stuff I don't remember now.
    - it needed a new (repro like) one, because the look is completely different now
    - new image stitched together from nowadays repro translight images from the web
    - based on the backglass from teamtecnic (?). The only blink blink left is for the fathom logo (yes, authentic would be static illumination, but this is anyways a new interpretation, so)
    Wheel image:
    - made from scratch
    Clean recources for future use (playfield and plasic decals) are in the image manager (unused).

    It was an experiment.

    Oh, please use with latest VPX4 beta!



  5. Hook (Data East 1992)

    Based on the Data East Hook table.
    Dark, Akilles, Zani, Cesar Emanuel, Dev Team, JPSalas, sorry for not remembering all those who contribute to the  game and the community.
    Enjoy the game !!



  6. Conan (Rowamet 1983) VPX Sound+Reg MOD v1.0a

    I first would like to thank JPSalas and Batch for giving me permission to make these VPX mods. I would also like to thank them for making great tables!!
    They both put in alot of time and work on the original tables, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original authors of the table!
    Batch's VP9 Conan DT version...
    JPSalas' VPX Rolling Stones..
    I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script.

    I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!!
    I used Batch's graphics from his VP9 version, as his version was the best version of Conan available in my opinion.
    I added Batch's Backdrop to DT version, and had to modify it to fit the DMD reels. I just enlarged the box he had in upper left and moved the reels to fit. Any other way would have messed up his backdrop pic.(It all can still be seen clearly.)
    I added Crom Font for Backdrop text lights.
    I found a bunch of sound effects on Google search.
    All of these sound effects are from the first Conan the Barbarian movie that was made in the 80's.
    There are 10 background music sounds. 5 for plunger pull, 5 for Drain.
    There 19 other voice and sword sound effects trigered by bumpers, rollovers, targets, saucer, coin insert.

    Place contents of music folder into music folder where Visual Pinball is installed.

    The Credits and Match are off by default.
    Hit F6 on keyboard when table is running to open Settings Menu, and you can adjust from there.
    (I was going to include a nvram with the Credits and Match on, but it would be just as simple for you to change using F6.)
    This table uses the 7 Digit Rolling Stones ROM. (rollstob)
    Hope you like it!!
    Stay tuned for VPX version of Conan the Destroyer sound mod!!



  7. Solar Ride (Gottlieb, 1979)

    I took 32assassin's build of Totem, and altered it to become Solar Ride. Playfield came from a French site regarding a restoration. Plastics, backglass image and machine certificate came from the machine I actually happen to have.
    Do note that there is only one slingshot on the original table, and this asymmetrical layout has been duplicated in this recreation.



  8. A Real American Hero OPERATION P.I.N.B.A.L.L. Xenonph MOD

    The story so far...
    The Joe's need your help!!
    Cobra Commander and his associates are up to no good,(not a surprise!). Him and his cohorts have secretly infiltrated GI JOE Headquarters and have made off with a computer chip containing TOP SECRET Dossier Files of GI JOE TEAM members. Just how much information was on the stolen computer chip is unknown.
    On top of that, the evil Dr. MindBender has created a Low-frequency Laser, that when aimed at the cerebral cortex of the subject, can induce a hypnotic-like state, and transfer information and commands to subjects, controlling there behaviours, if subjects are exposed to the Laser long enough. To help encourage unsuspecting subjects to stay long enough for proper interface exposure, the Laser was added to a Pinball machine.
    These machines were first used to find new Cobra recruits. Good hand and eye coordination skills, would activate the laser.
    Now it is used to spread classified information and propaganda throughout the Cobra Empire.
    This is where you come into the story....
    Your Pinball skills are well known in your area!! The GI JOE TEAM has asked for your help!!
    First you must infiltrate the Cobra controlled town of Springfield, and find one of these machines!
    You must then find out exactly how much stolen GI JOE information these machines are carrying!
    How much info will you uncover?
    Only your superior pinball playing skills can help you to accomplish this mission!!
    Version 1.3a has 17 Background Music Sound Effects+Added a few Voice Sound Effects.
    Version 1.3b has 6 Background Music Sound Effects+ Added alot more Voice Sound Effects.
    VERSION 1.1
    Added alot more sound effects.
    Lowered light intensity on COBRA lights.
    Raised intensity of Shoot Again Light.
    Adjusted hit height of rubbers.
    Added timers so game over and bonus counting isn't silent anymore.
    Added correct scorecard.
    Added random sound effects to star trigger and right inlane.
    Added 2 different game over sound effects,(Had a 3rd and 4th but quality wasn't good enough.) These are activated 5 seconds after ball drain, unless a ball is kicked into plunger.(Meaning you will hear the game over music while big bonus is being counted, but it shuts off as soon as ball enters plunger area. So you will only hear the full game over music, when game is over.
    I added another timer that starts after the game over music is fully played. This activates 1 of 12 "Next Episode of GIJOE" sound effects.
    I added another timer that activates 1 of 3 random attract mode sound effects, after "Next Episode of GIJOE" sound effect has completely finished. These 3 random sound effects are the same 3 that are activated at table start.
    1 is a cobra propaganda sound effect, the other 2 are starting music of GIJOE cartoon.
    Version 1.2
    Now Projector has 388 Pics!!
    Removed alot pics from projector and added alot more!! Instead of 143 Dossier Pics, now there are 387 Dossier File Pics!!
    Version 1.3a Added script to exit sub to turn back on rom sounds.(So when you play Sexy girl or Playboy the rom sopunds will work) Added timer so now when background music ends, before drain or upper kicker hit, it starts next random background sound effect. Added timer to ball release kicker, so drums play in loop, and also added another sound effect that will play 20 seconds after ball is released. Added timers so attract mode plays constant random loop as well as start up sound effects of table. Turned the red lights under left bumpersling back to proper color.(Sometimes I think I am color blind! I can't believe I missed this!!) Added a few voice sound effects. Added cash register sound effect to cobra Bank Targets. Version 1.3b Added script to exit sub to turn back on rom sounds.(So when you play Sexy girl or Playboy the rom sopunds will work) Added timer so now when background music ends, before drain or upper kicker hit, it starts next random background sound effect. Added timer to ball release kicker, so drums play in loop, and also added another sound effect that will play 20 seconds after ball is released. Added timers so attract mode plays constant random loop as well as start up sound effects of table. Turned the red lights under left bumpersling back to proper color.(Sometimes I think I am color blind! I can't believe I missed this!!) I removed all but 6 background music sound effects(I renamed the 6 so you can have both versions 1.3a and 1.3b without these 6 overwriting the other 6 on version 1.3a), and added more voice sound effects to drain and kicker, and other places. Added cash register sound effect to cobra Bank Targets. V1.3.1b Fixed script for grotto kicker unhit. Forgot to add "A" at end of mp3 sound effect.  
    The table I used for this mod is Lizards amazing VPX Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980)!!(Which is a Conversion Kit mod of Playboy.)
    I want to thank Lizard for making an excellent table, and for allowing mods without permission.
    I also want to thank anyone else involved!! Great Work Everyone!!
    Info on Lizards original table download page...
    This table has come to life with the contributions of many.
    Thanks go to Destruk and Mickey for the original table
                         ICPjuggla and gtxjoe for bits and pieces i used from there bally playboy table
                         Arngrim for the DOF and controller code
                        Steely,pinball Ken,Koadic,Jimmyfingers and Rascal for all the ball rolling and associated code
                        Cyberpez for the changeable instruction cards (Which can be changed near the top of the script) 
                        Seraph74 who provided the projector code mods to swap the images
                        Hauntfreaks did a shadow mask for the shadows and i also used his environment image as well
                        JP for his ball and scratches images
    See original tables download page for more important infohttp://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12130 Remember to thank the original authors of this table, as they are the ones who made this work of art. I just added sound effects and changed graphics.
    I also want to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these table mods would not be possible to make if it weren't for his help!!
    I also want to thank Thalamus for telling me about the rubber hit height needing to be lowered to 27, because it was set at 30, and this will cause weird ball behaviour. I only lowered the ones that were set on 30. So the physics should be better.

    I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for helping me with adding timers to script. With Gtxjoes example script he showed me, I was able to somewhat fix the game over sounds, and when counting huge bonus after ball drain.
    I specifically used this table because it is a Picture Pin. (Different Pics are activated by hitting targets.)

    Most of the artwork is from the packages these toys came in. Which I found on Google Images.(Big thanks to whoever posted images on GOOGLE Images!!) This should be considered art, as I am a big fan of GI JOE. All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only.
    I added 388 pics to the projector. These pics are activated in order. They are activated by hitting the upper COBRA Rollovers,(Not the COBRA on left side above kicker.), and spelling COBRA. Then you also have to hit one of the GIJOE targets to start the picture show. Any subsequent hit on GIJOE targets, or the A in COBRA,(Center Target.), triggers next pic.
    387 pics are dossiers of GIJOE team members and vehicles. Can you make it to pic 388?
    It will start with first action figures released by year starting with 1982. You will know you have hit the next year after the vehicle pics have finished and it goes back to dossiers.
    You can set this table for 4 players game and the pics don't start over for new player, so you can progress through the pics with each of the 4 players turns.
    Can you make it to pic 388?
    I included a nvram file that will give you the easiest settings to try to accomplish viewing all 355 pics. You can change these settings by pressing F6 on your keyboard, which will bring up dipswitch menu. (The included nvram file has the easiest settings!! Also playing 4 player game helps!!!)
    I found some GI JOE sound effects on google that I think were perfect for this table. Someone editted out all the background music in the cartoons, to make like a soundtrack. They editted out all voices, and pieced together many song clips to make complete song. (Huge thanks whoever you are!!) There are 18 different GI JOE background music sound tracks played randomly. I also added a few more sound effects from the cartoon. 
    Added day+night dB2S Backglass in same post.
    Hope you enjoy!!



  9. Lord Of The Rings (Stern - 2003)Neo LED Mod 1.0

    Hello everyone

    A big thank you JPsalas for its version of LOTR and allow me to share my MOD.
    Thanks to bassgeige for his participation on the original table
    Original 3D models from GLBX.JP's adapted to VPX and adjusted their textures.
    The path of the dead figures are simple images since I did not have any 3D models of them.
    special thanks to Leevuth wheels picture creator

    - New texture for all ramps and rails, sword ramp, My precious ;), wall
    - New playfield
    - Change all Gi light for colour led effect
    - Add Mod Sword toys Bilbo
    - Change dead figs for led model
    - Change soron eye
    - noise reduction all plastics
    You need the latest VPX 10.3 beta (or newer) to play this table.
    Thank you all for your support and to have taken the time to read me



  10. Rocky & Bullwinkle and friends

    Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends was produced by Data East in 1993.

    Data East released 151 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1980.

    Other machines made by Data East during the time period Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends was produced include Mad, Jurassic Park, Fighter's History, Arnon Milchan, Night Slashers, Michael Jordan, Hook Pinball, Boogie Wings, Lethal Weapon 3, and Diet Go Go.

    A pinball game based upon the cartoon characters of the same name.



  11. Pirates of the Caribbean Hanibals 4k Edition

    Tx to freneticamnesic for the permission to mod the nice table.
    Additionaly tx to using 85vetts script and adapted to work in VPX.
    Thanks to rom and Glxb and slamtilt for their FP Version!
    I have change this things:
    - new real playfield and decals
    - new physics
    - new lights
    - new sounds
    - some funny things 



  12. Avatar Pro Real Mod 1.0 (Neo)

    Thank you for the all creator,
    Scripting done by 85vett, modified to work in VPX by Freneticamnesic
    Table done by francisco666 and lacarril, with additions by Freneticamnesic and converted to work in VPX.
    And  Arngrim Which helped me a lot with the script (it updated the script and added the toys)
    Thank you again, and thanks you very much for all members to the PincabPassion forum for their help and support
    "Link for rom at the end of the text"
    On the table I change
    -the script (updates and added toys)
    -the ball
    -Added gate
    -All drop target
    -the lights
    -The playfield
    -Full insert light
    -All plastic for even more realism
    -The physic
    -The rubber
    -AMP armor texture
    -All texture metal
    -And plastic ramp as well as flipp
    Thank you for reading and good games for all



  13. AC-DC PM5 Javier DT Batch_MOD

    This a DT version of "AC/DC (Stern 2012) 1.1c" from Javier15
    Big thanks to him for his permission to MOD
    I did this version for DT users like me who couldn't play this fantastic table
    About This File
    Based in AC/DC Stern 2011
    JAVIER15: FS version
    FRANSISCO666: Models 3d and resources redraw
    MUKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod
    WILDMAN: B2S Backglass
    Koadic: New Plunger code
    Zany: Flasher Domes
    Dark : Primitive screws bolts and bell model 3d
    The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5.



  14. Walking Dead LE Real mod By Neo (lucille,cross road, negan rom...)

    Hi first of all

    "Thank you to all creators  (ICPjuggla, Fren, Dozer, flupper, Dark, Ninuzzu, Hanibal)
    Fren and ICPJuggla made the original version of this table and Dozer did the LE mod with lots of updates,
    Flupper did the ramps, ninuzzu did the prison walker head and I did the Well Walker, bicycle girl and Fish Tank models.
    Thank you very much for your work 
    Here is my 1st mod for Walking dead LE
    - new playfield Hight resolution
    - new crossbow
    - new balls
    - add accessory available on real table
    Lucille, panel ...
    - rom edit with voice actor and negan full season 7
    - new physics
    A big thank you to hannibal for the ramps and the roof of the prison

    Possibility to change the panel (terminus vs woodbury, and 3 different panel
    For cross road, and two balls) just change the picture in the option or change the no in picture manager.

     I would update the table if I add accessories
    The download link contains everything (modified rom, table, b2s)

    Good game for all



  15. The Walking Dead LE Hanibals 4k Blood Mod

    Blood Mod of the very nice table from Dozer, and tx for the permission to mod.
    I have changed this things:
    - new Hires playfield
    - new apron
    - new physics
    - new sounds
    - new animation
    - new lights
    - new grfx
    - more blood 
    Have fun and enjoy



  16. Batman (Data East 1991)

    Author: Javier
    3D/Art: Dark
    Ramps,batmobile,batcave etc
    Ben Logan:
    Additional sound effects and beta testing.
    Graphics clean ups.
    PF redraw: Internet (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinballsargentinos)
    Resources thanks to: 85vett, Jawdax, cyberprez and flupper1, Daniel Ivan

    Special Thanks:
    I want to thank Eric (Dark) for the predisposition he has had over these years for me in helping in most of my tables, as I already mentioned somewhere ... he is 50% of my work, Now for good reasons and makes me very happy is going to look VP from a side of the road, so I want to thank you friend for accompanying me in these good years.
    I wish you the best of luck in your new projects. 



  17. Fathom (Bally 1981) Vintage Mod

    my first table.
    this is a heavy mod based on 32assassin's great Fathom, which is based on Unclewilly's version, so all credits and thanks go to these two.

    What I did:
    - completely remade playfield in 4k resolution (by stitching images from the web and partially redrawing, even bought a font for that job!)
    - completely remade plastics in 4k resolution (same way)
    - made new bumper caps from scratch
    - reworked or changed many objects, images and materials
    - completely remade all lights and illumination
    - apron reworked
    - "live" mirror metal wall at the top (only the ball is not reflected, don't know, how to do that)
    - and many other things, I don't remember anymore

    Physics (only minor changes):
    - made the table slightly slower
    - ! repositioned the rubber posts at the wicked vertical outlane, so that there's at least a little chance so save the ball from draining by nudging ! Btw, this is also the case for the real table as seen in videos on the web, so no cheating.

    The aim of this version was to get it as close to the original vintage table (yellow tint, vintage light bulbs a.s.o)
    As I already mentiond in the WIP thread, I will also make a second version, which will look like a polished Fathom with LED lights, plastics and playfield repros a.s.o.
    The desktop view needs a liitle more work, but is already quite ok now. Maybe I'll release an update in the future.
    Big thanks go to roar, who provided me with images of plastics and to all the cool people, who made and contributed to VP and the great always helping community!



  18. El Dorado City of Gold

    This was the last pin produced by Mylstar and production was continued by Premier. It is also the last game designed by Ed Krynski for Gottlieb/Mylstar. The models for the explorers on the backglass were two Gottlieb employees, Jeri Knighton and Jeff Lee (Gottlieb video game artist).
    Gottlieb 1984 - Aztec Jungle Theme
    This is a MOD of theGhost787 and 32assassins table. I'm not sure what it is about this table but it intrigued me when I first saw it. It is a slower table but it is challenging.
    Script is by 32assassin, and table start by theGhost787. I did a partial redraw of the play field just to line everything up a bit better. Enhanced the colors a bit. Also moved around the table elements and lights to match the play field and to make it play and look more like the videos online. If we could get a good play field and plastics scan this table would really come to life. I used what resources were available online (and there are not many). I have never played the real table but have watched some youtube videos. So physics are adjusted to match them the best I could.
    Enjoy, I know I have enjoyed modding it.
    If anyone has any high resolution resources for this table please let me know.



  19. torpedo alley data east ok

    table of dozer  destruck tab
    dmd working  sript ok
    merci a dozer de ne jamais repondre et aux autres qui racontent  n ' importe quoi



  20. X-Files Hanibal 4k LED Edition

    Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work.
    I have changed the physics, they are now very nice.
    I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights.
    Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection.
    Looks like  an LED modified table



  21. DOF Test Table VPX

     DOF Test table update of randr’s version.  I added chimes, corrected a couple calls, switched some objects to vpx style, adjusted the physics to vpx, and mostly added a keyboard overlay with scripting that allows you to fire most of the toys with keystrokes. updated dof config in dofconfig tool to reflect the added chimes.  B2S and wheel image by randr included.



  22. Star Trek LE Hanibals 4k Asteroid Mod 1.7

    This table is base on the nice Star Trek LE table of freneticamnesic, a very nice work.
    I have add 2 new asteroid, my first try to create 3D objects for an table.
    On the original pinball game they are 2 to cover the spots and I missed them.
    Additionally I update some lights, physics, and add the ball reflection for the game, because it looks like fantasic on this table.
    Now it looks like very nice on my 4k virtual pinball and I hope you enjoy it 



  23. RollerGames (Williams 1990)

    Table based on Williams RollerGames of 1990.
    Thank you:
    Dark: 3d models and various arrangements.
    Zany: Resouces
    ClarkKent: arrangements in physics.
    Batch: Resouces and arrangements in the DT version
    And to all those involved in the development of VP, so that this Hobby is more beautiful every day



  24. Mortal Kombat II Pinball Edition

    In tribute to the mythical game MKII created by Ed Boon in 1993.
    To run the table you need vp10.2 rev2830 onwards.
    Enter the Music folder where you have VP installed.
    Multiples ramps for combos
    8 16 or 24 ramps for extraballs
    Defeat all characters for multiballs
    Complete MK Targets for Multiball
    It's my first original table, so please do not be hard on me jajjajaj
    JPSalas, DevTeam and all those who work hard every day so that VP keeps growing more and more.



  25. Star Trek LE (Stern 2013)

    Stern's Star Trek LE, thanks to SAM emulation updates by DJRobX, we can now emulate some of the LE tables! Latest SAM VPM required from this topic:
    Table by freneticamnesic, based loosely on 85vetts PM5 table, with code additions by gtxjoe and DJRobX. Redraw of plastics and playfield done by freneticamnesic. DOF addition by arngrim.
    Grab the VBS from Arngrim here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35311&p=359443
    I recommend the LE backglass from Wildman here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3128-star-trek-le-stern-2013/
    The Premium backglass also works but I don’t think it’s as cool looking: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2473-star-trek-premium-stern-2013/
    This has Arngrim’s DOF additions so everyone check out the complex undercab lighting!
    101116a - DOF, gates, practice...
    - added arngrim's DOF script - now needs a new controller.vbs to run this!
    - fixed the gates thanks to Vinthar's input
    - physics tweaks to the flippers and some other things...
    100716b - Feature update...
    - reverted Vengeance movement back to gtxjoes PRO script
    - scripted sw53, not sure if it fixes anything?
    - increased autoplunger strength
    100516b - Bug fix ....
    - Removed drain walls from 100516a release
    100516a - Bug fix and feature addition:
    - Fixed left kicker not kicking out occasionally
    - Added option to the top of the script to disable the lasers (PewPew), set this to 0 if you experience performance issues when the lasers come on
    100216d - Initial release