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Visual Pinball - 10.x.x

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Visual Pinball 10.x.x

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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Brendan Bailey 2005)

    Original recreation Sonic  "The Hedgehog 2" of Future Pinball created by Brendan Bailey in 2005
    Multiball - Shoot the bottom and top 3 banks of drop targets to light the middle and side eject holes for ball lock. After locking two balls, the upper left side hole will be lit for multiball. During multiball, shoot the upper left side hole for a 250,000 point jackpot! When two balls have drained, normal play resumes, only now you must complete the drop targets twice in order to light lock.
    Hurry Up - Completing the 5 stand up targets along the upper and lower playfields starts the "Hurry Up" feature. You have 10 seconds to shoot any hole (or the drop target in front of the lower eject hole) before complete the targets again. If a ball is locked the left side eject hole, you cannot score a hurry up award there. 
    Savers - The game begins with the kickback and the save gate active. They only save the ball once and then shut off. However, they can be reacttivated by shooting either of the lower stand up targets when the purple sheild light is flashing (they are lit when the ball passes through one of the inlanes). The Center post is activated by shooting the top center loop shot when lit. You light this shot by having the ball pass through the left side lane. Once activated, the Gate and kickback will remain so until used. The center post, however, only lasts for 15 seconds.
    Invincibility - Making the right side loop shot 3 times starts invincibility. This causes all 3 savers to be active consistantly for 20 seconds. 
    Bonus X - completing the top 3 lanes advances the bonus multiplier from 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. The multiplier is reset for each ball.
    Extra Ball - Extra Balls are awarded when you reach the score of 750,000 and 1,500,000
    Please, if you can help me with a small contribution to update my work PC and continue to make more tables I will be eternally grateful.



  2. Whoa Nellie (WhizBang 2011) nude mod

    Nude version of HauntFreaks's VPX table and B2S backglass
    Includes preview images for frontend.
    My work does NOT want to offend anyone
    The files include images of naked girls, even if they are simple drawings.
    Therefore if you do not agree, please just don't download them.



  3. Austin Powers (Stern 2001)

    Based in Austin Powers Stern
    Script: Javier and 32Assassin
    Plastics and Playfield: DStruct
    Models: Francisco666 and Rom
    Physics: ClarkKent
    Use several resources and techniques of some authors more than I know.
    I want to thank DevTeam for all the time and dedication they have for the VP scene and all of those who contribute their bit because without them VP today would not be what it is. THANKS!!!
    I apologize if I forget to mention someone

    The table has to play in VPX_3_beta_rev3069 or bigger.



  4. Lord of the Rings Hanibals 4k Edition

    Thanks for Coindropper for the permission to mod of the nice table from him.
    I have add a moving palantir and looking eye on tower.
    The moving and pictures of the Balrog has been changed.
    Many physics, lights and design updates.
    Enjoy this Mod 



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