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  1. Embryon

    Francisco666's re-creation of the widebody Bally machine.



  2. Medieval Madness

    Recreation based on Medieval Madness table of Williams 1997
    by Francisco666
    (Mod by SLAMT1LT)



  3. Moon Patrol

    Moon Patrol (the pinball game)
    original creation by Tii (the other guy)



  4. The Goonies Pinball Adventure

    The Goonies Pinball Adventure
    Overall Goal of the game is to complete The Goonies Motto "Never Say Die"
    Skill Shot:
    When a new ball starts the 5 lights under the plunger ramp will flash in sequence.
    Launch the ball and when it passes under the Skill Shot sign, the current light will be awarded as follows:
    This starts Sloth 2x scoring for 30 seconds, can also be started by spelling sloth at his targets. (Adds "N")
    This start a hurry up mode where you have to get one of the balls in the Fratellis hideout into the kicker at the back right of the hideout, can also be started by hitting the Fratellis hideout a few times. (Adds "E")
    this lights the Data gadget award scoop, hit the scoop to get a randow reward. Can also be lit by spelling Data at his targets.
    Super Pops:
    Starts the pop bumpers flashing for a higher value. Will end if a pop bumper is not hit for 10 seconds or you loose a ball.
    Open Trap:
    This opens the captive ball trap to the right of Datas scoop. Lock 3 ball in here to start multiball. Can also be opened by hitting the trap several times. Locking the first ball adds "E", Starting multiball adds "R"
    Chunk Loop: This is the left orbit, each orbit lights an arrow when they are all lit Truffle Shuffle starts.
    Truffle Shuffle: Each target is worth 50,000 points and a Chunk loop scores a Jackpot. Ends after 30 seconds or you loose a ball. Starting truffle shuffle adds "S"
    Mikey Loop: This is the right orbit, each loop adds a Marble Bonus, with more loops scoring more points. Points are added on at the end of the ball. Resets for each ball.
    Key Spinner: each spin adds akey bonus, bonus collected at end of ball
    Doubloon Spinner: each spin adds a doubloon bonus, collet at end of ball
    BAD Targets: Spell BAD in the Fratellis hideout to increase the Jackpot for other modes.
    RICH Lanes: Spell RICH to increase the bonus multiplier. Resets for each ball.
    DATAs GADGET Awards:
    Adds "V"
    Spy Eyes: this set the bonus multiplier to max (10x)
    Slick Shoes: this sets the jackpot score to max (10,000,000)
    This is not a candle: shoot the ramp to score the current jackpot
    Wings of Flight: Instant jackpot award
    Sticky Dart: extra ball awarded
    Pincers of peril: open trap
    Bully Blinders: Starts Truffle shuffle
    Bully Buster: adds 10,000 to marble bonus
    Ramp Shot scores 5,000 for the first 10 shots, lights extra ball at 10 shots, worth 10,000 after that. Also adds a bonus award for the end of ball bonus.
    Well Target (to the left of the bumpers, hit 3 times to add big points. Also adds time during timed modes.
    Drop targets under bone organ, drop them all to open the wall under the bone organ. Get ball in there to start mode: (All modes light a letter towards NEVER SAY DIE)
    Find the key, hit the left spinner to find the key (spinner must spin 20 times)
    Boulders, hit loops to avoid the boulders.
    Bone organ, hit the bone organ scoop 3 times to win.
    Water slide, hit the ramp to slide.
    Fight the Fratellis, hit the BAD targets to collect jackpots.



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