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Original Creations

5 files

  1. TheGyrussWS

    TheGyruss wide screen for VP9.
    TheGyrussWS wide screen for VP9, best played @1920x1080.
    Physics and flippers adjusted for VP9.
    Many tweaks and some additions to the graphics, cutouts for drop targets and other adjustments.
    1 to 4 players can play, press 5 to add credits and 1 to add players.
    Game set to 3 balls, change line 26, balls = 3 to balls = (any value from 1 to 5).
    A 1984 era SS pinball, made one year after the popular arcade game Gyruss, featuring sounds and graphics from the arcade.
    Zip file contains the file gyruss.mp3 move this to you pinball/music folder for the gyruss arcade game background music.
    A fairly fast and challenging game, fast reflexes required, features 4 top lanes with lane change, ballsave, 2 inlanes, 2 outlanes, 2 kickbacks, 16 drop targets, 2 spinners, 3 pop bumpers, 2 ball multiball, hold bonus, hold multiplier, extra ball, specials and jackpot.
    WARP awards 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 1000 pts x multiplier and lites bumpers, 100 pts or 1000 pts when lit.
    THEGYRUSS advances 10000 per planet bonus to Earth and awards 2000 pts x planets.
    BONUS lites Hold Bonus, Hold Multiplier, Extra Ball, Special and then awards Special and awards 1000 pts x BONUS resets.
    XY lites top kickback, top kickback scores 2000 pts x XY resets.
    MB lites multiball, M or B lites lower kickback, jackpot (50000 pts) lit during multiball and all scores x2.
    All targets score 100 pts, All rollovers score 200pts
    X increases left spinner value by 100 pts up to 700 pts per spin.
    Y increases right spinner value by 100 pts up to 700 pts per spin.
    Left out lane scores 3000 pts and extra ball when lit.
    Right outlane scores 700 pts and extra ball when lit.



  2. Future Foosball(2006)(Rascal)(1.0.1)(DT)

    Table Top Soccer without the rods
    It’s a crazy foosball game without the rods. Automatic row switching and the players move forwards and backwards rather than spin. It has a built in artificial intelligence for playing against the computer, or you can play against another player.
    Press R when the game starts for rules and controls.



  3. Distant World

    A 4 player SS Stern SHOULD have made. (This is an original).
    Knock down inline targets to lock a ball. When 2 balls are locked, hit the left 3 bank to initiate multiball.
    3 balls in play- scores 3X
    2 balls in play- scores 2X
    This will saved locked balls between players. You can also have 2 ball multiball, by unlocking a ball.
    Relocking a ball during multiball gives Jackpot (75,000).
    Bumpers and plunger-JP Salas, Koadic.
    Shimoda:Apron help, and FS Backglass.
    Faralos:Slingshots, targets and playfield image.
    Grizz:Light images.
    With many thanks to Rascal, Deegor, and others.
    Lighting made with the B2s editor.
    Thanks to Rukia, for putting up with me.
    I built this with my B2s template, so I will have a FS version of this, but I need to learn animations first.



  4. Pinball Universe (Rosve) (2014) (WS)

    Desktop WS version of my "Pinball Universe" original table.
    Best played in VP9.9
    -"PINBALL" to release locked balls.
    - "UNIV" or "ERSE" to lite Super Score Arrow.
    - "BBB" for instant multiball.
    -"VPU" to activate Ball Save.
    - All target banks for extra ball (1st time) or BBB Madness (2nd time).
    - D A Z Z to increase bonus multiplier.



  5. Calming Talking Word Clock (WS)(2017)

    This is just a brain storm of mine. It is not a pinball table, it is a clock. I was inspired by a Word clock that I saw on the internet. I took it even further and added other features to this clock.
     Every five minutes the word time changes, so when you first start the clock, you may not see anything happen until it reaches the nearest 5 minute increment (00, 05, 10, 15, etc...).
    Here are the features of this clock.
    Displays a background of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. Animated water scene. Gradual Day to Night and Night to Day images which change on the hour. Ambient sounds, listen to water, birds, and crickets during night hours. Big Ben chimes rings out every 15 minutes and strike the hour on the hour. Word Clock, every 5 minutes the clock will light the words to say the current time. Talking Clock, using windows built in sapi text to speech, Every 5 minutes you will hear the time being spoken. Clock hands on the tower actually work and change every minute. NOTE: Through script you can change the sapi voice used with the clock. Windows normally comes with a couple of built in sapi voices and these change with versions. For instance, on Windows 10, the default voice is the Cortana voice. Open the script editor in VP and look towards the to of the script for a comment on how to change the voice. If you increment the voice beyond what you have loaded, it will throw a "null" error, This simply means you went to far and ran out of sapi voices loaded on your computer. You can google search "windows sapi voices" to find some download to install more voices.
    Unfortunately, VP needs to have the focus for this clock to run. If you open and click on another program, the clock will be in like a paused state until you click on it again to give it the focus. This is a calming and relaxing program that you should run in the background when you just need to relax. I think its kind of cool, it's kind of like a screensaver that you can run when you aren't playing pinball or working on the PC.



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