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  1. Hook (Data East 1992) FS_PM5_3D Models Edition

    ******************* HOOK DATA EAST 1992 FS PM5 Ver. 1.0 *********************
    ****************** Javier15 20/05/15 *********************
    /***********************************\ |
    Thanks Noah Fentz for the Playfield HD
    The new plunger script by Koadic's
    New and optimized B2B / BMPR / Rolling sounds integration fron Koadic's and JimmyFingers
    Kiwi for the decals
    textures Sound FX Script to many Tables from JPSalas
    Destruk's recent iprovements and the original Pinball Ken and Steely for the first B2B.
    DedRok_V for the grate pic the plastic
    Cesar Emanuel by pictures for models and plastics
    Dark by Super 3D models
    Zany domes and some things more
    gtxJoe by the code of the LEDs
    DevTeam all the efforts made to improve vp in all aspects.
    mjr for the new plunger-mods
    Code authors reference copy to a few things: JPsalas, ICPjuggla, freneticamnesic, UncleWilly, gtxJoe etc..
    '***************** I apologize if I forget to mention someone ****************
    The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5.
    Download latest version VP: Physmod5
    To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin
    La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5.
    Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5
    Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin



  2. Alle Neune (FS)(STAT)

    Here is my "Alle Neune" - Bowling Machine, FS Edition,
    it is a very nice Wall Machine, i remember, played it in Austria around the Year 1980 in some Bars ...
    Easy to play, hard to Win: Insert Coin (5) and the Game start, one Ball drop.
    You have 9 Balls to reach one Goal: Shoot down all Pins.
    Press and hold down the Button (Right Flipper OR Plunger Key) to change the Power Lever,
    then shoot up the Ball.
    The Game is over after 9 Balls.
    I hope you like it - thanks for Playing, have Fun.
    Greetings from Austria



  3. Maverick (Sega)(1994)(Edizzle)(V2)(FS)(PM5)

    credit list: (please let me know if I forgot you)
    Dark - beautiful models of Lauren Belle and Paddle wheel, complete with texture swapping for flasher reflections, and play testing feedback
    javier1515 - skill shot scripting and resources, plastic primitives for slings and lanes, and play testing feedback
    gtxjoe - scripting of Lauren Belle Lock
    freneticamnesic - bubble level resources and script and play testing feedback
    Zany - Beautiful skill shot ramp model and play testing feedback - Has updated ramp model in the works. will update table when ready
    Paulohotline - play testing and feedback
    Arngrim- DOF
    I also used the script from the ferris wheel in the most recent Hurricane table to animate the ball in the paddle wheel. Please let me know who scripted this
    Also used the current Maverick table as reference
    Don't forget, this is a PM5 table!!!



  4. Showtime Chicago Coin 1974

    This is a mod of Compufox's vp8 Dolphin from Pinball Nirvana. I tried to get permission from him, but he's mia. I really have not modified the table anyway, other than rotating it and adding the backglass code. This uses Wildman's backglass from VPU (thanks). Because of the way the table is coded I cannot make it work for more than 2 players. Compufox used the schematic when writing the code, so he's the only one who understands what's going on here. It was a hell of a time, just getting the backglass functions to work. :Whiteflag: Also, I can't seem to disable the popup at the start of the game asking how many balls per game. Enjoy!!



  5. The Walking Dead PRO Physmod5 1.1

    The Walking Dead PRO
    PM5 WIP release to enjoy, until the VPX release sees the day of light
    This is a Physmod 5 table by freneticanmesic and gtxjoe. You need the TWD PRO rom. LE rom NOT supported. Download latest SAM vpinmame from Dec 2015 and update DOF config ini file
    It was created when the only resources available were the initial news coverage photos, so no fancy re-drawn playfield/plastics here. Just some good fun game play
    Tip: Learn to nudge. Enjoy. B-)
    Download version 1.56 from http://www.sternpinball.com/games/the-walking-dead/pro
    Put the twd156.bin file in a zipfile called twd_156.zip and place in the vpinmame\roms folder
    If you get game name not found, download an updated version of SAM vpinmame.dll as support for the TWD 156 rom was only added in december 2015



  6. Star Trek Pro Mod PM5 (Stern 2013)

    Damnit Jim! I’m a Doctor, not a Pinball Wizard!
    Here is mod of 85vett's Star Trek PRO release that I was play before the vp10 release. This is a physmod 5 version
    Modified playfield, plastics, amped up GI lighting and Flasher effects, and extra animations
    Thanks to 85vett for orig table release
    Thanks to freneticamnesic for some of the modified images
    Thanks to arngrim for the DOF support



  7. Airborne Avenger (Atari)(1977)(DarthMarino)(FS)(VP9)

    This is a cabinet version of my recently released Airborne Avenger desktop table. This is a Visual Pinball 9 conversion of the VP8 Airborne Avenger table by John Shepherd and Destruk. I took some of the plastics from the Full Screen table by dboyrecords as well as various pictures on the internet. The main reason I made the table was to clean up the playfield as much as possible that will look decent in high resolution.
    ***Note, I do not have a cabinet set up so I didn't make any kind of backglass. I would appreciate some help with it.***



  8. Mustang Pro Physmod5 - 85vett - gtxjoe mod

    Drag Race... 1970 Mach I  !
    Special thanks to 85vett for releasing the Mustang Pro WIP, DJRobX for adding SAM aux board support.  This mod release would not exist without their work
    Requires Physmod5 exe AND SAM pinmame.dll from Oct 2016 (revision 4028 or later)
    This release based on 85vett's release.  Grid inserts and Sign lamps fully working now with new vpinmame releae.  Minor lighting and sound updates also.  Enjoy



  9. Capersville (Bally 1966)

    This is a directB2S update of Starman's B2S exe table.  There is a new directB2S backglass that is available for this table and the table has incorporated DOF.
    Capersville is a great Bally table from 1966 that features zipper flippers, four different modes and a three ball multiball.   
    Change the variable "FreePlay" in the script to set the game for freeplay or credit play. 
     I have added an additional mode for the game called "EBMode" that can be selected in the script.  The "Deep 4 Caper" involves locking a ball into the trap just to the left of the shooter lane and then hitting the white mushroom target four times to finally release the captured ball back into the launch lane.  The way Starman's original exe table played, this ball acts as an extra ball should you loose the active ball on the table.  If the active ball is captured by the Deep 4 Caper trap or falls into either of the top two ball captures, the extra ball is lost because the ball in the shooter lane becomes the next ball released.  My "EBMode" makes sure that the player receives an extra ball for completing the Deep 4 Caper regardless of what happens to the active ball.  I have been unable to contact any owners of the table to find how the actual table plays the "Deep 4 Caper" so I leave it to you to choose how you want the table to play.  To activate this set EBMode to True in the script.
    Thanks to Loserman76 and Arngrim for their help editing the table.
    Thanks also to Xenoph for his hours of testing the table
    Lastly thanks to Starman for making the excellent exe in the first place



  10. Gridiron (Gottlieb 1977)

    Gridiron was a two player version of Gottlieb's "Pro Football."  Pinuck wrote the original b2s exe table and I updated the table to directb2s and DOF.  There is a FreePlay variable in the script that can be changed to "False" if you want to make the table require coin up.
    Thanks to Loserman76 for his help in making the table.
    Thanks to Xenonph for his hours of testing to make sure that I didn't bugger up the code.
    Thanks to Pinuck for making such a great table in the first place and giving me the green light to update it.