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  1. Sharpshooter (Game Plan) (1979) (Bodydump) (1.0) (FS)

    New version of the 1979 Roger Sharpe table, Sharpshooter by Game Plan.
    Thanks to Eala for his original vp8 table and his object table which I borrowed from
    Thanks to JimmyFingers for physics tweaks and BMPR modding and improved sound/sound routines.
    Thanks to Rob046, Uncle Willy and Destruk for help, question answering and opinions.
    HyperPin XML
    <game name="Sharpshooter (Game Plan) (1979) (Bodydump) (1.0) (FS)">
    <description>Sharpshooter (Game Plan 1979)</description>
    <manufacturer>Game Plan</manufacturer>



  2. Godzilla (SEGA) (1998) (Rosve) (FS)

    This table makes heavy use of transparant ramps and runs best on high powered PCs.
    The performance can be improved by moving the Alpha Slider in the video settings to the left.
    Thanks to Destruk for help with finding out lamp and coil numbers



  3. Starship Troopers (SEGA) (1997) (Rosve) (3.0) (FS)

    Updated version for VP 9.1.4
    improved GI and flashers.



  4. Fish Tales (Williams) (1992) (Rosve) (FS)

    My version of the classic Williams machine Fish Tales.



  5. Deadly Weapon (Gottlieb)(1990)(Bodydump)(1.0)(FS)(9.14)

    Gottlieb/Premier "Street Level" game from 1990.
    Thanks to:
    TheWool for physics tweaking
    JimmyFingers for Flipper ans Sound Routines
    Destruk for general help
    UncleWilly, JP, Eala for some table objects and inspiration



  6. Fast Draw (Gottlieb) (1975) (Westworld) (FS) (dB2S)

    This is a mod of JPSalas original table, now using B2SServer to display a backglass using Reels, looking like an EM table.
    A big thanks to JPSalas for the table and his approval to publish the mod.
    Table informations:
    The original table was enhanced to support the Nanotech Plunger, using Layback for enhanced 3D impression and all score values on the playfield was modified, to follow the scores of the original pinball machine (such as 1000 points instead of 10000 points).
    Backglass informations:
    The Backglass is following the design of the original EM backglass, using 5 digit reals.
    In addition to the original backglass, it includes lamps showing 100 000, 200 000...500 000 scores as overflow, per player.
    The backglass also has a not original animation (the pistol shot) and some additional illuminations, such as the girl on the right side. See installation instructions about how to enable/disable this enhancements, allowing to have the original look.
    Background informations about table/backglass design:
    The original pinball machine was an EM machine, not using ROM. The table author (JPSalas) has created the table using a ROM from a SS machine (Amazon Hunt) to control all the play rules and logic, as this was one very similar. To have a more real virtual pinball, I've used reels and to do that many table script modifications was required. The script detects high score display and hides them (as reels never displayed high scores), it detects blinking of player score (used in SS machines to show current player), suppress the blinking but illuminate current player lamps and so on. The table uses two controllers simultaneity, the standard VPinMame Controller for the game and rules and in parallel the B2SServer to display the backglass.
    Special Thanks to Pharaoh, Flying Dutchman and Grizz for the Backglass Image
    - Copy both table and backglass into your tables folder.
    - Make sure the ROM "amazonh" (from Amazon Hunt) is installed.
    - The backglass requires
    - .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer. If it is not installed, it can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com:
    Download link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=0a391abd-25c1-4fc0-919f-b21f31ab88b7&displaylang=en
    - 'B2S.Server' version 1.0 or higher, installed and configured
    Download link: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7426
    - The B2S screen settings file "ScreenRes.txt".
    Download link for a configuration tool 'B2S ScreenRes Editor': http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6268
    in the table script, look for:
    ' ****** SETTINGS ****
    PistolShot=false ' true: pistol shot sound for both Eject holes, false to disable
    RunAnimation=true 'true: animation on backglass on, lamp on right side on, false off
    If you prefer more sounds, enable the PistolShot. If you don't like the animation and want the original backglass look, disable RunAnimation.
    If you prefer background music, you can add mp3 files to your Music folder, the author the table, JPSalas, has a nice set on his web site:



  7. Solar Ride (Gottlieb) (1979) (Westworld) (dB2S) (FS)

    This is a mod of Lord Hiryu original table, now using B2SServer to display a backglass using Reels, looking like an EM table.
    A big thanks to Lord Hiryu for the table and his approval to publish the mod. A big thanks to Grizz for the backglass image
    Table informations:
    The original table was enhanced to support the Nanotech Plunger, using Layback for enhanced 3D impression.
    Background informations about table/backglass design:
    The Backglass is following the design of the original SS backglass, using 6 digit LEDs.
    The pinball machine was available as EM and SS version, the virtual table emulates the SS version, but is not using a ROM.



  8. Space Shuttle (Williams) (1984) (Rosve) (1.2)

    A completly new build from scratch of one of my favourite pinball machines, Williams Space Shuttle.



  9. Atlantis (Bally) (1989) (Rosve)



  10. Baseball (Gottlieb) (1970) (Herweh) (FS) (dB2S)

    This is a fullscreen and directB2S mod of Sabbat's 'Baseball'.
    Pinuck and Sabbat provided some backglass images and image snippits.
    Thewool and Luvthatapex helped a lot at the high score post-it and the conversion to FS.
    Thanks a lot for the kind permission to release this mod to Sabbat.
    For installation please check the 'readme.txt' file in the ZIP.



  11. Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour (Alvin G)(1992)(oooplayer1ooo)(1.0)(9.15)

    Recreation Of Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour By Alvin G & Co.
    high Resolution Textures
    Alpha Ramp Flasher Effects.
    Fading Rom Controlled General Illumination.



  12. Lethal Weapon 3 (DataEast)(1992)(oooPLAYER1ooo)(2.0)(FS)

    Complete texture overhaul and physics tweak of my previous version using latest techniques .
    Compared to the last version this is by far using less resources on the PC and can be enjoyed by many more people.
    Too many changes to list.
    Fully Redrawn HD Textures
    Alpha Flasher effects.
    Recommended to use the latest Nightly Build of VP



  13. Hook (Data East 1992) FS_HR_VP9.9

    Based on the table Hook by Data East from 1992
    Noah Fentz: Playfield HR
    JPSalas: Textures, sounds etc.
    JimmyFingers : Code and sound BMPR
    Koadic: New Plunger code
    oooPLAYER1ooo: New Primitive Target
    DedRok_V: Plastics photos
    Kiwi: decals (apron)
    Destruk's recent improvements and the original Pinball Ken and Steely for the first B2B.



  14. Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern, 2006, 85vett, FS) 1.2

    Here is my first from scratch build all done myself (little script help from luvthatapex and JPSalas with the spinning disk animation).
    This is one of my favorite tables so I wanted to do a detailed recreation of the table. Some of the plastics are not factory recreations but the table itself is. I also added a couple extra (like the cannon blast). Their are two version of the table. The normal version requires a pretty strong PC to run it due to the image resolution. The low res version should work on most PC's. Their are A LOT of alpha flashers though so if you still can't run the table you may need to start commenting out some of the non-critical ones (I.E. the non back panel light bulb ones).
    You will need the SAM files for VP. These are available on this site in the download section.
    You will also need the ROM. It is on the stern website (Click here for ROM information)
    Their is a direct B2S backglass available already (thanks Wildman). and the media pack is here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2459-pirates-of-the-caribbean-stern-2006-85vett-fs-101/
    If you wish to mod the table an release it please let me know. That is not an option so I selected "no" for the permission to mod.
    I've got over 200 hours in this table so I hope you all enjoy. Only semi bug I am aware of is the ball hangs up at the one way diverter on the right ramp sometimes. I've played with it a lot and haven't been able to get it better. The ball can be moved with a light nudge so it shouldn't be a show stopper.
    Change log 1.2 (10/15/2013):
    Fixed left and right sling registry
    Adjusted B2S setting to get rid of line 1203 error
    Adjusted the 3 green lights above ramp to not be cut off at the top
    Fixed ball hang up problem at bottom of right ramp
    Fixed ball hang up problem at top or right ramp
    Fixed ball hang up problem at bottom pop bumper (when ejected from liars dice)
    Corrected Parlay switch (was part of the problem with the 1203 error)
    Adjusted flipper physics to allow for easier center shots (faster, less power, oblique) also increased end angle by 5 degrees
    Reduced tilt power and sensitivity. Should allow for nudges without the quick tilt now
    Couple other adjustments that I just can’t recall at this time

    Change log 1.3 (10/27/2013)
    Added ball drop sounds
    Fixed "jack the monkey" scoop
    Flipper physics adjusted again
    Adjusted output angle of "liars Dice" kick-out
    Adjusted fix for pop bumper ball stuck situation

    Change log 1.4 (12/24/2013)
    Placed a wall at the plank to prevent ball from getting stuck behind bumper.
    Fixed flasher over "Jake the Monkey" sign
    Combined Zip file for one download for both hi and low res tables

    Thanks to everyone for the tips and suggestions. Keep them coming.



  15. Big Brave (Maresa)(1974)(jpsalas)(1.1.2)(FS)(VP9.15)

    This is a mod of jpsalas' FS EM table including the dB2S backglass and the necessary directb2s changes.
    It requires VP 9.15 or above to run.



  16. Shangri-La (Williams)(1967)(Bodydump)(1.2)(FS) DOF

    Williams Shangri-La EM from 1967
    Special Thanks to:
    Leon Spalding for his VP8 version from which I borrowed some scoring/gameplay code
    Itchigo for his 4 player EM template which I used extensively
    UncleWilly for his starter table and all his other tables which I have pulled apart and learned/borrowed from
    JP Salas and Pinuck whose tables I studied extensively to learn how to build and borrowed from
    Eala for his parts table which was very useful
    JimmyFingers for the sounds/sound routines and for his constant support
    TheWool for his awesome physics tweaks that make the game play like it should
    Bent98 for the LEDWiz code and for moral support
    Pinuck for high score postit code
    Dick Kanold for providing me with the real Shangri-La that's in a million pieces in my garage waiting to be rebuilt
    Best used with VP 9.16
    Will work in version 9.15 but primitive flippers may cause graphics corruptions
    This table requires the Shangri-La FS directB2s and will not work without it.



  17. Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb 1983)(Abstr)(HD_MOD_abstr_version1.0)(FS)(VP9).vpt

    Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb 1983) best physique best table & ball



  18. Big Bang Bar (Capcom) (1996) (Uw Jf G) (2.0) (FS)

    Recreation based on capcom's Big Bang Bar
    Best if played on the most recent VP daily build
    Built and coded by unclewilly and jimmy fingers
    art by Grizz



  19. Big Guns (Williams 1987) FS

    DStruct: Textures Redraw(FP VERCION FRANSISCO666)
    JPSalas: Textures, sounds etc.
    JimmyFingers : Code and sound BMPR
    Koadic: New Plunger code
    Destruk: old vercion and rum
    Herweh: New B2S Backglass Server and creation
    B2S Backglass For Big Guns
    Grizz: Release HR BackGlass
    oooPLAYER1ooo: New Primitive Target
    Note:For the B2S backglass need the latest version of Backglass Server v1.25 that was updated for this particular table. (Thanks Herweh)



  20. Atlantis(Bally 1989)(FS)(v1.1)(9.15+)

    Atlantis v1.1 for VP9.15+
    by ICPjuggla, Herweh and OldSkoolGamer
    Physics by rob046
    Thanks go to CaptainNeo and Plumb for the pf scan and Koadic for getting us started. ArcadiusMaximus for the 3D model Sub
    Special thanks to EalaDubhSidhe for the great pictures.
    This was a 'from scratch' rebuild. All Artwork/Lighting/GI by OldSkoolGamer
    Thanks for and to:
    - Physics tweaks by rob046
    - Flasher images and more from JP
    - Ball rolling code, some sound files and the single ramp refresh idea by JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by Rascal
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken
    - lighting bugs looked at by Kiwi
    and to all I've forgotten here (maybe).
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPInMAME, UVP, or B2S, DMD rotation, GI Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds, Ball Size, and even your choice of Flipper Coloring.
    We have added a new 'customizable Option' in the script for the instruction cards. use the original black/white or new colored cards.
    colored cards are set to default, just change them in the script if you like the black/white better.
    Fixed top kicker hole
    Fixed flippers
    Added a better looking sub



  21. Satin_Doll

    Started from Ash's vp8 version, but completely redone.
    A wonderfully simple EM.
    Hitting all 5 center rollovers:
    1st time: Lights all rollovers, and bumpers.
    2nd time: Double bonus.
    3rd time: Lights Special.
    Replays at 85,000, and 95,000.
    Redraw: Chinzman93.
    Plunger from JP Salas.
    Bumpers from Bob 5453.
    Thanks to Koadic for putting his plunger in.
    Author: Itchigo.
    No rom needed!
    This should play all the way down to 9.1.2, and still work with the current version. No primatives in it.
    Direct B2s is included in the zip file.
    Ask before modding please, but borrow whatever you like.



  22. Mousin' Around - VP915 - FS

    Mousin' Around for VP9.15+
    by Epthegeek, ICPjuggla, OldSkoolGamer and Herweh
    Playfield and plastics illumination by ClarkKent
    This was a 'from scratch' rebuild.
    Table is saved with layer infos so for the best experience (and for the best flashers) use a VP9.16 beta build or higher.
    Thanks for and to:
    - Physics tweaks by thewool
    - Flasher images and more from JP
    - Ball rolling code, some sound files and the single ramp refresh idea by JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by Rascal
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken
    - great help with the illumination and details by luvthatapex and Kiwi
    and to all I've forgotten here (maybe).
    Here is a pretty cool dB2S backglass from R-DuB.
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may easily select VPinMAME, UVP or B2S, DMD rotation, GI and/or Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds or Ball Size.



  23. Playboy (Stern FS)

    This table was a from scratch build recreating the Stern Playboy machine. It was co built by myself (85vett) and Luvthatapex. Special thanks goes out to him for all the scripting work. I spent most of the time on redrawing the images. I think we paired up nicely and built a fun table.
    Fair warning that this is a resource hog table due to the number of animations (6 total) in the machine. Plus we added a PG and a mature version all in the same table. I have no issues on my cab running it with my ledwiz while in hyperpin. Outside of hyperpin I do get some stutters when the ledwiz is active. For weaker machines you may want to export the images and resize them to be a lower resolution.
    In order to change this table from the PG version to the mature version you need to change the "0" to a "1" on line number 8. ****Warning, the mature version contains nudity. Due not make this script change if this is offensive to you or others that will be able to play/watch the game.****
    Their is a direct BS2 backglass for this table that luvthatapex made at - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2377-playboy-stern-2002/
    In the media pack I added an alternative translite and a couple different wheel images. The alternative backglass is not a DB2S backglass so keep that in mind if you want to use it. I think it goes well with the mature version of the table. Media pack can be found here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2378-playboy-stern-2002/
    This table was built under the 9.16 version 608 build. I've played it under the released 9.1.5 release and haven't noticed any glitches.
    Hope you enjoy!
    *** Update 7/21 - Vesion 1.02 ***
    Thanks to the assistance of Aaron James I am launching an update to this table. Aaron tweak some setting to make the table more efficient which should help with PC performance. Some of the things updated are:
    - Alpha Plunger was updated
    - X/Y coordiantes updated to make the table less wide looking
    - physics of the game updated : flippers/rubbers by outlanes /some walls/etc. Table is a bit more bouncy now.
    - all alpha ramp flashers updated to "additive bi" which makes them look more like The flashers on JP's tables
    - Updated wall on the left side of skill shot. This should prevent balls from rolling in behind the Skill shot animation when you shoot the ball just to the edge of the lane.
    - Round Walls added above each sling shot to prevent the ball from stopping on them. Played several games and haven't had it happen again yet.
    - Added a cover to the whole next to the left ramp. This should prevent the ball from flying into that gap and sticking. Never could get it to happen so hopefully this fixes that issue
    - Other minor changes to help with table performance
    Most of the above was completed by Aaron (thanks again for the help).
    Lastly, in an effort to make sure everyone whom wants to be able to play this table can (hopefully). I created 3 versions. Which are:
    - High res - Same images as the previous release. Only for those with pretty strong systems.
    - Low Res - Playfield images and plastic images have been had the resolution reduced. This should help those that have a good system but were getting some studder or texture issues. On my 46 inch LED (now you know why I go with high res images :-)) it's a bit blurry but smaller monitors or TV's should be OK.
    - Low Res and No GI Flashers - I took the low res one step further and removed all the GI alpha ramp flashers. They weren't animated but these are the things that made the lights glow (outside of the basic GI tweaks on the table images).
    For all 3 versions I did not touch the Girl animations. If you still have issues I would recommend reducing the resolution on them. I couldn't bring myself to do that as I think that's the best part of the table, so hopefully one of the three table version will work for most of you.
    *** Update 9/23 - Version 1.03 ***
    - Script changes made to fix the centerfold bug with MB.
    - Script changes made to allow the splash triangle to stop on triple jackpot and splash when appropriate. Bonus here is you can now see the girls better :-)
    - left ramp adjusted to allow the ball to roll under it. Switch 23 it now hit-able and this should prevent ball hangups there.
    - added wall to the left of the left ramp in the void space to help prevent balls being hung up their as well.
    - script change to the tease frame animation so it moves more inline with the real table.
    Big thanks to dupe3d for the scripting changes.
    I also resized the images so hopefully the full version is playable on everyone's system. If it is not playable for you then you may want to try and resize the images more. What I've uploaded is the lowest res I want to go as lower than that it starts to impact clarity on the playfield. the resize cut most playfield and plastic images in half.
    *** Update 9/24 - Version 1.04 ***
    Fixing the bugs that were introduced with 1.03.
    - Changed the top lane screw to non-colideable so it wont impede the ball from rolling down the wire gate.
    - added another one way gate that is not visible in the shooter lane which will help prevent ball hang ups
    - fixed Switches 25, 41 and 42 so they now register properly
    - watched some more videos of the real table and have corrected the grotto kicker to now kick the ball into the pops as it does on the real table.
    - removed the dark black from around the switch wires. Now looks more natural
    - added back the high res version by request
    ***High res version is only for high power systems. IT WILL crash your Visual Pinball application if you can't run the images needed. If this happens use the low res version. If it still crashes you will need to resize them smaller. Going small then what is in the low res really messes with the clarity so I'm not uploading a table of that nature.****



  24. The Rosve EM FS Collection

    A compilation of EM recreations that I made over the last couple of years.
    They are all fullscreen cabinet versions.
    Big Valley
    Captain Fantastic
    Central Park
    Dipsy Doodle
    Flash Gordon (re-themed 1965 Gottlieb pin "Ice Revue")
    Mars Trek
    See Saw



  25. F-14 Tomcat (Williams)(1987)(JPSalas, Rosve, chinzman93)(2.1)(FS)(9.21)NightMod

    This is a modification that I had started last winter and never got around to finishing until now. It is primarily cosmetic. Alpha flashers
    have been added throughout the table. Upgraded plunger and fading lights routine. Scripting change for selecting controller.
    I hope everyone enjoys the changes made to the table.
    Turn it up load and turn out the lights!
    I would like to thank:
    JPSalas and Rosve for their great work on the previous versions and allowing the mod.
    JPSalas for use of his Fading Lights routine and for flasher images.
    Koadic for use of his plunger method and controller selection code.
    Aaron James for giving the table a spin and offering suggestions and use of the controller selection code.
    All the authors, art guys, and other contributors that make this such an enjoyable hobby.
    Please feel free to let me know that you think...good, bad, or otherwise. It's my first release so
    if I am doing something wrong, I would like to fix it for the future.
    Note: This modification was built with VP 9.16 rev 652 and also played with the latest beta.
    I am not aware of anything that would prevent this from using 9.15. However, the flashers do use
    Additive BI and maybe a bit strong without it. I would recommend 9.16 or better with this, but
    feel free to give it a try with 9.15.
    Version 2.00
    Add B2B scripting
    Night modded.
    New GI with 6 colors for the user to choose and they can be mixed and matched throughout the table. I really hope you have fun with this. The colors are white, yellow, red, blue, green and purple.
    Code to overide GI on by location with different colors.
    Tested with ball size of 50, larger balls will get stuck.
    JP flipper code
    The user options section:
    '***************** User options for controller and General Illumination ****************
    'Ball size: Values above 50 will likely result in stuck balls.
    Const BallSize = 50
    'Choose Controller: 1-VPM, 2-UVP, 3-dB2S, 4-B2S by Rosve (Please note: If using option 4, all naming convention for table,BG,and Hyperpin still apply.)
    Const cController = 1 '<-------Select controller here
    'Choose GI Colors: 1-Blue, 2-White, 3-Red, 4-Yellow, 5-Green, 6-Purple
    Const cGI = 4 '<----Selected desired color for GI. Indiviual bulbs can be overriden below.
    'GI Colors Layout
    Select Case cGI
    Case 1:Bulb_Image = "f14_gib" 'Description: A cool temperature blueish white
    Case 2:Bulb_Image = "f14_giw" 'Description: A crisper white
    Case 3:Bulb_Image = "f14_gir" 'Description: A redish white
    Case 4:Bulb_Image = "f14_giy" 'Description: A warmer yellowish white
    Case 5:Bulb_Image = "f14_gig" 'Description: A greenish white
    Case 6:Bulb_Image = "f14_gip" 'Description: Somewhere between pink and purple
    End Select
    'The code below will allow for the user to override the global GI color selected above on individuals areas in the table
    'argi126d and argi127d below demonstrate how to override the global GI color. See above for valid values and a description of the color
    'This will allow for the user to mix and match as desired. Hopefully you have fun with this!
    argi7.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi7a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi7b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi9a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side mid-table under wire form shooter lane
    argi9b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side just above righter upper flipper
    argi9c.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side second lamp above upper right flipper
    argi10.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Upper target banks
    argi12.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above left lower flipper
    argi13.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above right lower flipper
    argi14.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right sling
    argi15.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left slipng
    argi18.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left mid table
    argi19.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right mid under flashers
    'The two below need both variables updated
    argi126d.image = "f14_gir":LGIBulb = "f14_gib" 'Location: Second light above left lower flipper.
    argi127d.image = "f14_gir":RGIBulb = "f14_gir" 'Location: Second light above right lower flipper.
    Hope everyone likes it and plays around with the lighting. Please report any issues to the support topic.