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Future Pinball - - (DT)

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  1. The Good Dinosaur

    The Good Dinosaur.
    An original future pinball table, based on the Disney and Pixar film.
    Table rules, Light "DINOSAUR" for special at the top kicker, by hitting targets on the right side,
    ( special lasts for 90 seconds).
    The upper leftside kicker (behind the lone droptarget) gives chance for multiball.
    Light all six blue stars at lower midleft kicker, (target and triggers under blue star holograms) for bonus,
    and a chance for bonus multiplier to increase.
    Light "ARLO" in the roto spinner for 60 second chance for
    10,000 bonus points (at upper left under green star hologram).
    (rotospinner give small bonus chances).
    Replay scores on the table card.
    ( Some very well made Midi renditions of Rock and Pop music were used for background music.)



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