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  1. Hyperpin

    * Wheel based menu system with transparency
    * Designed just for DYI pinball cabinets
    * 16 x 9 display and HD Resolutions
    * Works great with both Future Pinball and Visual Pinball
    * Dual monitor support for backglasses
    * Supports various monitor setups, orientations and resolutions
    * Show your own graphics on the backglass while switching games
    * Works with joystick based pinball controllers
    * Use real arcade controls to control menus
    * Supports full HD video backgrounds
    * Backglass video support
    * Favorites system to save your top tables
    * Full genre system with many filtering options including table type and popular manufacturers
    * Interactive flyer viewer allowing up to 8 page flyer spreads
    * Unique instruction card viewer that supports scaleable vector graphics
    * Swappable intro video
    * Open source scripted game launching allowing for endless possibilities
    * Full help file to get you started
    * Huge helpful online community
    * HyperPin will make you cool!
    ** For more functionality download FPLaunch and overwrite the files from HyperPin v1.0.



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