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  1. HyperDMD

    HyperDMD is an exciting application that allows you to create your own Dot Matrix Display (DMD) animations and sequences. HyperDMD is a powerful tool with many features enabling creative users to replicate 99% of the scenes you see in real pinball machines. This software is compatible with Visual Pinball so table creators can make their own custom DMD's with fast communication to HyperDMD.
    Amongst the many features is a robust text engine that allows creators to create their own custom fonts, apply text to existing scenes and even update text during scene playback. This can all be overlayed over various media such as SWF animations, GIF animations, Video and Images. There are many text features such as strokes, spacing, multiline text, coloring, justification, effects and much more.
    Another great feature of HyperDMD is it's huge collection of prebuilt animations that you can apply to your images in just a few clicks using the included Project Builder. Users can even design their own transition effects. This is a continuously growing animation system that can be easily updated with more and more animations and effects as time goes on.
    The most popular feature is HyperDMD's ability to output its content to a real DMD using the amazing pinDMD board brought to us by the folks at pinDMD.com. We work closely with the creators of the pinDMD to stay up to date on the latest breakthroughs in their PC to DMD technology. This has allowed us to create our own software to communicate with your DMD via the pinDMD board.
    HyperDMD comes fully documented and you can read a whole lot more about HyperDMD and it's capabilities on our documentation page.



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