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  3. I present... the world premiere of BEZ BALL! For my 20th Anniversary, I decided to do make a funny pinball game for my wife... about her! This game has many modes, and a main overall objective. To defeat THE BEZ! (my wife ). She actually plays and completes the entire game! Definitely worth watching through the entire video guys. You've never seen a table quite like this before. It has a funny and cute build up to the final battle! You'll be amused... Featuring: - funny and cute Pinup Player videos from our 20 years together - amazing voice acting from...myself! I did the voices of The BEZ, my kids, my dogs, and my mother-in law! - full DOF feedback, lighting, and MX leds - many modes including: Bez Ball, Ba Ba Ball, Zack Attack, Emily's Magic Trick, and Bez Battle! - completely new table built from scratch (table, coding, sounds, music, videos, graphics) in less than 2 weeks. My first complete pinball table creation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyQoChdqBZc
  4. Sort of: We wanted to ensure that people who use the new 7.1 setups are able to configure VP9 appropriately. In VP9 it was possible to configure the table sounds to a separate card. If you switch to 7.1 or even 4.0, with the unmodified VP9 you have no way of getting the table sounds in the right place, it only supported two cards. So we ported the surround sound code and configuration bits, but did not enable the additional fade parameter in the PlaySound command. This allows you to put the playfield sounds in the right place (like a VPX table with no surround code), but the table is not able to control the fade position of sounds. It wouldn't be hard to port the final bits that allow the last fade parameter to work, but we weren't looking to add new features to VP9. We just want existing tables to play correctly on a modern configuration.
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  6. HUB75 extension cable

    I could place the shield halfway between the standard DMD position and the extended DMD, then each of the 16pin cables would be about 500mm. However I think a more elegant solutions may be to boost the signals for an extension as suggested by Rappelbox. I'll do some testing with some LS245 chips and see what happens.
  7. Go-DMD with V4 Shield and Nucleo firmware

    Thanks for the replies. The VET6, looks good. I will look into that.
  8. Do I need the V4 shield as a minimum to allow the Freezy DMDext test to work? I am using the Nucleo-144 with the f429 chip. I have uploaded the v2.55.bin firmware. It is registered and activated. This pic is my minimal connection showing it is working. however the DMDext program from Freezy 1.7.1 does not see it. PinMame setup does not see it. The DMDdevice log file does not even mention Pin2Dmd. I found an old DMDdevice.dll in a folder called PIN2DMD within the c:\visual pinball\pinMame folder that works with pinMame setup and serveral VPX games. I used the installer from VPforums to install visual pinball. This is my pin2dmd showing Elvis working. This is ok for the tables I have downloaded but will not work with the latest Stranger Things SE ultradmd requirement. Any thoughts? Directions? I have read a gazillion threads and 'fixes' so I thought maybe it is a hardware problem. Mike
  9. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Confirmed it works with v1.7.1 dmdext. Thanks guys
  10. Yes it is possible to build a .spk file out of the TPA bin. It's fascinating because it's kind of a hybrid of SAM & Spike - it has SAM ADPCM audio samples instead of the stereo ones the real SPK has. But PinballBrowser has no trouble with the format.
  11. TMNT

    You keep saying that but it does, we fixed that in 1.7.1. There are just keyframing issues so the 128x32 replacement scenes don't always play. But they do, sometimes, and when they do, they work fine.
  12. Go-DMD with V4 Shield and Nucleo firmware

    Should indeed not that much work. Biggest hurdle right now, no testing hardware left :-( @Lucky1: do have a controller and shield left for testing? But anyway: do not expect new firmware soon. Its summer season and I'm quite busy, so not much time to create firmware for other boards. If you just want to build a goDMD I would recommend a VET6 board incl. shield and wifi. You can order the ready to use shield including all sensors and remote control in my shop https://go-dmd.de/produkt/godmd-controller-rgb-komplettset/ I can also add one of these VET6 boards (like this https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1-st-cke-STM32F407VET6-entwicklung-bord-Cortex-M4-STM32-mindest-system-lernen-board-ARM-core-board/32864003267.html ) if you like. Maybe that's a faster way to build something. Best Steve
  13. Topper Videos

    Great quality and craftsmanship. All I have to do now is figure out how to use them :-}
  14. Go-DMD with V4 Shield and Nucleo firmware

    I wrote a message to Steve. Should not be to much work to add this hardware.
  15. HUB75 extension cable

    Keep the pin2dmd controller close to the panels and use a longer 14pin DMD cable instead.
  16. HUB75 extension cable

    If you’re firm with a little soldering you can add 2x ls245 to switch to 5V level what the panels actually use. That should help
  17. Go-DMD with V4 Shield and Nucleo firmware

    No, sorry! V4/nucleo board is not compatible with go-dmd yet as the pinout is completely different to v3/discovery combo. Steve hasn’t ported it to the new hardware so atm you/we are stuck with v3 Dom
  18. If you're talking about the b2s file, it's an enhancement of the translite graphic from the original Revenge from Mars (Williams/Bally pinball 2000 series). "Attack &" have been added...not sure what else. (only 5 years late with that response).
  19. I hope it is Ok to ask a Go-DMD question here. I understand that I can load the Go-DMD firmware on the V4 shield with the Nucleo controller. The shield has all the extra bits like battery and IR receiver. I tried loading the firmware godmd-stm32-v1.07-84.bin, but I get nothing on the display. Is this the correct firmware? am I on the right track trying to load Go-DMD onto this board?
  20. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    That is a good point. Use ColMask for editing as much as possible and later switch to replace when keyframing the scene to avoid sync problems
  21. Yet again, more beautiful work! The initial release was great and the LE version is even better! Thank you for sharing this with us! Gwen
  22. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Nice start. You touch on the fact that you can switch between ColorMask and replace mode, but I might recommend using Color Mask as much as possible as it always preserves the original dots, and thus is tremendously easier to work with once you understand how to set up the palette groups. Once you've finished colorizing you pretty much always want to switch to Replace mode for non-dynamic scenes, since the ROM and colorized sequences are pretty much never in perfect sync.
  23. HUB75 extension cable

    Does anyone have any experience with how long the HUB75 cable can be? I have a P5 panel that I want to install on the top of the pinball machine so I need about a 0.9m cable. I made a cable and tested it but the display was very messy with waves and ghosting and other interference. This cable was about 900mm long I made a shorter cable about 200mm long and the extension panel worked perfectly.
  24. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Thank You, this Tutorial will help a lot.
  25. MM

    excellent work congratulations, I would like to be able to enjoy it in my virtual cabin, thanks
  26. Last week
  27. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    If you updated to VPX 10.5, the included verison of Freezy's dmddevice.DLL has colorization features disabled. Go to think Thalamus gave above and get the full version again.
  28. Star Wars

    Hello, I see that also started a coloration of sw, I have not been able to see it before since I've been away from home for a while, if you want I can spend all my work in case it helps you or takes away some color. Greetings and great work Enviado desde mi EML-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  29. I dunno, it's been so long since I've seen a locked table, I don't think many think much of it anymore. I do remember hack-unlocking a VP9 table so I could look at something in its script when I ran across one a couple years ago.
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