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  1. Today
  2. I copied the triggers over from the Nov 2019 version from Malenko and reuploaded the VPIN & REAL files, please try again (same links as before).
  3. OK it might be the rom version, I was developing against L-5. I will take a look at the triggers in my version and the previous and see what changed, all the same source dumps are still there so hopefully just a case of restoring those triggers; I will let you know here when I'm done. Does everything else look OK? The only other pure white scenes are the burn rubber map and the full screen numbers (eg. during supercharger mode) I think, everything else should have colour of some sort.
  4. Hey, I'm using Pin2DMD evolution v3.11 on a real pin with ROM L-2 The traffic light scene has been properly colored on the previous version for all three colors. The lambo taking off has been b/w before as well I THINK (not sure anymore). I replaced both files on the SD card with the ones from the gdrive. The SD card has three files: the key and the two that came from you. That is pretty much all I can tell you about what my configuration looks like.
  5. Hmmm there is nothing particularly special about those scenes or how they are triggered. Are you running real or vpin? What rom version? Those scenes (probably) use new palettes, did you replace both the *.vni/*.fsq AND *.pal files?
  6. Take one Post link to the game and the Rom that don't work
  7. I am currently running VPX. Audit in VPinmame(sp) shows about 15 of the thirty roms as bad. Only about half my games will load. I have gone as far as download the suspect rom from multiple sites. No luck. Any suggestions?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Quick feedback after first play: First of all thank you for putting in the effort. Here's two things i found: 1. RED, YELLOW and GREEN are all only b/w, no colors present 2. When launching a ball the lambo animation of the lambo taking off is also b/w. Thanks again!! Julian
  10. @slippifishi ... thank you for the updated files, cant wait to try them out.
  11. Hi, I recently received my PIN2DMD model XL boards and I have little doubts. can you help me? I tried to test the operation of this model in device mode in "virtual pinball" but I was unable to make it work. I would like to see the operation of the titles in which the display is of this model in a vpin, but I have not found anyone who has done this. my other doubt 3 regarding the btn2 button. In one of my displays, I can't use it to select what I want in the display settings. Has anyone ever experienced this? Cheers!
  12. ok Lucky1, thank you very much for your reply! I'm going to donate a pinball browser to try to make this work. Cheers
  13. Last week
  14. get them sent UPS or DHL, it doesn't add that much as a percentage to 10 or 20 displays.
  15. They work for me, even in private mode, so I think you are doing something wrong. It's the same folder posted previously by Malenko if you want to try his links...
  16. Thank you VERY MUCH !!!! Unfortunately, none of these links are working for me :(
  17. Someone on another forum (MadNat, from the previous post, actually!) asked me to look at a problem with the attract mode in the Getaway project from Malenko. The next thing I knew I was asking Malenko for write access to his project folder, and I am pleased to report that I have finished a "slippifishi sparkle pass" on the project. Almost every scene has had some attention of some sort, including but not limited to: Subtle (or not so subtle) recolouring of multiple scenes Car wipes are much more reliable Attract mode complete rewrite Many missing text screens added Lots of bleeding reduced or eliminated Donut Heaven given a Krispy Kreme style I also added a better behaving mask to the video mode; this isn't great, but it will fire consistently Loads more - about 30horus work One final note of caution - the version of the project I used to polish may not have been quite the latest, and some scenes that Malenko had got working may no longer work as well/the same, but overall I am happy with how this looks. In keeping with Malenko's approach, the sources are already available on his google share (his original sources are in a subfolder marked "Malenkos Nov 2019 Edition", as well as generated files for VPIN and REAL - links are below. As the project belongs to Malenko, I will leave it to his discretion as to whether he wants to update the main download available hereat VPU, or else I can upload a fresh version if desired. Thanks go out to MadNat and the legendary Wob (as usual!) for their help in providing videos and motivation VPIN FILES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SG6htoGkxMJ7UzaJNafeHpOICk9A0-Ob?usp=sharing REAL PIN FILES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P-oTdnd_VGMxCbM5Hfnk9k7wPd9mFI2Q?usp=sharing SOURCES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z-JOH1FXInAUkuh1WQU8Kea6wdDCarkB?usp=sharing Donations welcome and much appreciated: https://paypal.me/Malenk0 https://paypal.me/slippifishi
  18. is there anywhere in the US or on amazon that sells the 2.5mm or 3mm pitch panels? waiting a month and a half for parts from overseas is for the birds.
  19. Have also got the text clipping/dull lines on the Game Over and say no to drugs screen, also have the issue with the high scores being white or having the green/red parts over it. I have sent vbobrusev some additional pictures of the issues and he said he will look into it. It would be great to get an update about the Rom 1.13 version questions as well. Thanks for your time and work.
  20. Did you try turning off ddraw -- http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3880-cursor-disappears-vp-x-10-please-help/?tab=comments#comment-42286
  21. Thanks but it didn't have anything that I haven't already tried. Tried removing and reinstalling 1.71 and no change. I them tried 1.8 and still nothing. I open the set up and test my roms and the freezy shows up, again on my playfield not where my dmd is, and has no issues. However, as soon as I try to open a game, I still get the no external dmd drive found error. I am at my wits end!!!! Does anyone know what would cause this error? Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  22. 14 downloads

    sahalove.zip - requires Gottlieb sinbad.zip to complete the set!
  23. If the alpha version is available to users who are not faint of heart, I wouldn't mind giving this a go!
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