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  1. Today
  2. Wow this looks good ! Will the new version automagically appear in the folder where I now see 1.18 ?
    Thank you! Been looking for a 7 digit one for days!
  3. I'll just leave this here...
  4. OK... so anyone who ever wanted to see my mug and hear me yapping... I was a guest chatter on manu's excellent Mystery Pinball Theatre 3000. He's a great guy and his channel is always a good time. Check it out here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/822774497
  5. Yesterday
  6. Show DMD/Display Window = PINMAME "display window" Freezys does not effect your dump , but you should have it installed and fully configured. How would you check on the status of your project. I like to make a dump ----> cut the scenes ---> create keyframes for all the scenes I cut. ----> apply a mono tone pallet. and then check to make sure that all my keyframes work.----> they need to be played on Freezys sceeen. Once I have confirmed that my keyframe works --> I can move to the time consuming task of coloring the scene I cut. it would suck to cut and color a scene just to find out that I need to re-cut the scene because the keyframe did not work.
  7. In Setup.exe (VPinMAME Installation program v 1.42) I have : "Show DMD/Display window" checked, and also "Use external DMD (dll)" checked. Is there anything else to set up? I dont see an option for , unless that is set somewhere else. But it sounds like you are saying Freezy should not affect the dump?
    Thanks for this one, looks fantastic!
  8. if you do like that we can't put the connector on the 5v. all my panels go like this
  9. dmd dumps are only saved if you have User External DMD (Dll) checked aka Freezys Enabled AND Show DMD/Display Window checked PINAME window enabled both need to be checked. or you will not generate a DMD dump
  10. I am collecting DMD dumps for the pinball clock I ordered (using Visual Pinball), but after I installed Freezy, I checked and saw that no dumps were being saved in the "dmddump" folder anymore. It seemed to have worked up until I added Freezy. Luckily I made a backup, so I deleted the Freezy files and moved back the original DmdDevice files, but still no luck. I have Show DMD window and Use external DMD (dll) both checked in the VPinMAME Setup.exe Default Options. I am new to all this so I could be misunderstanding something!
  11. There is on mine as well. I've still seen people do strange things and plug them in the wrong way. The design change that Lucky1 incorporated is the safest bet. Thanks for doing that!
  12. Last week
  13. Sorry, I mixed two scenes on the french rom... ! It's corrected on the google drive
  14. I updated the EVO design on github and pcbway to avoid killing the panels when 12V get connected to the 5V connector. I simply run the 5V input through the DC-DC converter now.
  15. All releases files can be found in the download section:
  16. Ready to test when you have a new update, thanks for the fast response! I have replied above in green.
    Hey that is very nice, thanks again for all, Wildman ! 🏅
  17. on all my cards there is a key on my male connector. we cannot put it on the 5 volt one.
  18. Folks, I activate multiple boards regularly with Lucky1. Just click the donate button in any of his posts, provide 10 Euro for each board you want activated and then on the screen that shows you the message "Enter your PIN2DMD UID and Forum Username here", provide him with the proper information. Then be patient. I am in Canada and he is in Germany (I believe). I usually do my donations late at night and by the time I get up in the morning he has usually sent me the activation keys. He is very efficient but give him a bit of time! As long as you follow the instructions, you will receive your keys. There is no need to send him multiple emails or do things separately.
  19. As Lucky1 told me many months ago, the safe thing to do is remove the 5v connector from the BOM when you order the boards. That way PCBway or whoever you order your boards from will not install a connector there. I had one person do the same thing. Destroyed the LED panels. I believe the 5v connector is there for a specific use but I've never needed it and I have ordered a large number of boards.
  20. Hi, Thanks for the new videos, it helps ! - New issue - The initial words "Last Action Hero" animation now lag and look like they have dropped a lot of frames. => link to new ReplaceSequence Mode.. not sure I may change back to previous mode... - First Data East logo animation is still red. The next ones still get stuck besides the one before the DCS animation. => I 'll send you some files to check before modifying again my whole project - The DCS animation gets cut in half at the last frame => ? - The finger for the push start animation also is stuck same as before. => Modified to ColorMask, hope it'll help - Tales from the crypt animation is still good! No red at the end now. => Changed to ColorMask, which is the best option when not havong to much colors.. ! - Participate in local tournaments repeats at the end. => Link to the ROM ?? - Don't Move animation, after he pulls back his gun a white square is left on the image. => changed the detection mask, should solve the issue - Second run of the above and the Last Action Hero lag is not presenting and the DCS animation is ok. Not sure why. I am compiling a video now. - Find benedict scene has an initial scene but doesn't show a countdown. Just stays on "Shoot scoops to search for benedict" => issue starting the LCM mode, i'll send another file along DATA east logo, just to test the two scenes - Hitting the 3 eyes displays the correct scene but has a red frame at the end (Benedicts bonus boost) -> added on TODO list - Chicken Car animation seems to be frozen with just the image of the car -> not sure why - Wild Card animation doesn't look to be coloured. => it was... I changed the colors (still has work to find out better looking colors...) - Balls Draining animation not coloured? and has the red frame in between => added on TODO list - Scene with person holding a ball just has RA L letters => added on TODO list (to chekc and add keyframes) - Next Ramp 10 million running animation doesn't look fully coloured and some red frames in between => will be checking - M-Ball ready animation with cars, red frame appears when the 2 men with the machine gun and dynamite in hand are shown => added one missing keyframe, should be ok - The Word "Match" at the end has a frame of red => added a few extra frames, should colormask this if possible, let me know if you still have red frames in the end !
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