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  2. Where did you get this from ? Currently Uncle Sash, Rappelbox, PinballSP, Ozstick and maybe some others manufacture the controller hardware needed for pin2dmd. So to answer your question - No it is not true.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Table based on Williams RollerGames of 1990. Thank you: Dark: 3d models and various arrangements. Zany: Resouces ClarkKent: arrangements in physics. Batch: Resouces and arrangements in the DT version And to all those involved in the development of VP, so that this Hobby is more beautiful every day
  4. So let me get this straight, this unit will no longer be in production?
  5. I changed both the actual rom names in the roms folder AND the names in the scripts. that's why im a bit puzzled - the only one I got to work again of the three was Avengers. I think it has something to do with B2s server. when I change the script to Vpinmame.controller the roms load fine. when I change it to B2s.server these two tables now it hang up. never had this problem with iron man or X-men before. is there something else I should be updating? thanks
  6. Game names have been changed. You need to update your ROM names. Run Pinmame Setup and look at the ROM names and rename as needed.
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  9. I have updated to this this, followed the instructions, and have all my PM5 tables working again except: a) Iron man - rom now not found X-Men - rom now not found c) The Avengers - fixed the problem when I renamed the rom from avg to avs as indicated in the release notes and changed the cgamename rom to the same avs in the script For Iron Man and X-men this did not work - the games still cannot find the roms even when both the rom and script are changed to im and xmn respectively any ideas?
  10. There are different communication modes for SD cards (SPI,1bit,4bit,UHS-I,UHS-II) Some cheap chinese cards do not support all modes. We need SPI.
  11. Thanks again Westworld. Played around this morning a bit to see how this works. Mostly it seems to work really well within it's limited setup. The biggest thing as you already said is the lack of EXE mode. I wouldn't really want to put something out that couldn't do that. I did send it some symbols to see what it did with them and basically it just sub'ed a blank for that spot. sending it text in lower case ie "test" it would just make upper case. So for me at least, in order of what would be nice: - EXE mode, really needs this to work - basic symbols , - _ <>/\,+ would be nice to have, though honestly don't know how much the real machines used - support for 10 segment LED displays as well, since the era I'm recreating is Gottlieb system 1 and that's what they used (really 8, they combined the cross pieces). I did try it with them, and it doesn't error, and some segments show up just not all or right place. something else that would be nice (but not necessary as it sounds like a lot more work) is if the b2sserver could do some of the animations as well, things like flashing text, text scrolling left or right, things like that. I know I could script it in the table as well, just thought it might be more efficient to have the b2s server just get one call to do an animation instead of a bunch of calls for each step. For that matter, being able to tell the b2sserver to blink a light might be a very nice feature too, kind of how VP does it with state of 2 being blink (right now B2SSetData lightnum, 0 turns it off, B2sSetData lightnum, 1 turns it on, something like B2SSetData lighnum, 2 to set the light to blink. Here is how the Pascal/Flippp replacement system 1 board does the basics on the 10/8 segment display (I believe these are right).
  12. Depending what you use the dmd for. If you use it for vpin then the microSD is not mandatory. What firmware do you use, did you try to update the firmware? Maybe you could also resolder the card reader joints.
  13. I did try fat32 but ill try it again. Is there any other settings when formatting the card that might help? What about bypassing the circuitry on the SD card module, that stuff seems to be unneccesary based on some other posts ive seen. problem is that I don't have any other SD cards to try right now so I have to buy them...
  14. Format them as fat32 and try again If they still don't work try with other cards, maybe they're both faulty. If a third card still won't work maybe talk to UncleSash
  15. I agree. I think my next one I will design to use with the included plastic frame and I will recess the panels a bit. -Tom
  16. Hey guys, im having a problem with the communication between the pin2dmd editor and my device. Its weird because when I first connected and installed the driver, the device was working properly with the editor but all of a sudden it doesn't work and I get this error: USB error 3: Unable to open USB device: Access denied (insufficient permissions) After getting the error I have: updated java, deleted and re-downloaded the latest editor(at least I think its the latest editor. it says its 2 months old on the download page though...). I have also deleted the drivers on my computer and re-connected the device(it re-installed the driver) then updated the driver with zidag. Still no luck. Oh, the device communicates well with the pin2dmd.exe tool, just not the editor. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Tom
  17. In video preferences - click the check box for "Use always FS backdrop settings"
  18. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any similar problems as me and if there are any fixes. I have 2 of Uncle Sasch's rev2.0 shields with latest firmware and I cant get my SD cards to work. They are cheap no-name Chinese 2GB SD cards off ebay. They are not microSD cards, they are regular SD cards and the shield has a regular SD card reader installed. I have 2 identical setups with 2 identical SD cards. The cards work fine in my computer and I can put files on them and stuff but I cant get the pin2dmd device to save any settings or read them from the files on the cards. Are these SD cards just duds or could they maybe be formatted a different way or something to get them to work? any help is appreciated, thank you. -Tom
  19. Version 1.0.0


    fs to dt
  20. Cool, I really don't need lower case myself, so if it supports 0-9 and A-Z that should cover most of it, maybe a few symbols, dash, slash etc. I'll play with it tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Thanks! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  21. So I found out what was going on with the "No DMD device driver found" error I was seeing. I found that I am not able to load DMDDevice.dll if the table script loads VPinMame.Controller directly, it would only work through B2S.Server. The LoadLibraryEx call in VPM currently limits the DLL search to only the specified folder. So it would find the DMDDevice.dll, but then it couldn't locate a DLL it depended on (mscoree.dll). If loading through B2S, it - also being a .NET dll - loads this DLL first, so it bypasses the issue. Changing the LoadLibraryEx line to: hModule = LoadLibraryEx(filename,NULL,LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_DLL_LOAD_DIR | LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_DEFAULT_DIRS); appears to take care of it and allows me to load VPM directly with the external DMD working. I committed the fix to Carny's repo.
  22. Last week
  23. I Hope this helps you. OfflineData.m0d
  24. if I change my backglass monitor in display 3 than , in the game is the backglass okay.... but in PinballX is on the wrong monitor? It stands on the same als the Led display.... so if I use display 2 then it is good in the front_end... but wrong if I play the table... us I display 3 it is wrong in the front_end, but good wen I play the table.... Help please!!! I only change it in the setting from PinballX... Must I change more settings?
  25. to come back to the original request - adding alpha-numeric display for original type games. Browsing through the source code, it seems Herweh started but never finished, or thought it is not needed. The code is partly existing, but it is missing in documentation and not supported by EXE mode. Code says "TODO"... Before we start to modify and enhance the code, I would like to suggest to start with what's existing, to see if that would work and to have a better understanding what's missing. Missing today: - support for EXE mode - support for lowercase character or special characters (supported is A-Z and 0-9) to test it, simply create a backglass, add a 14 segment LED display and use as code: To set a single LED (specify the LED number, starting with 1): Controller.B2SSetLED 12,"A" ' to change the LED #12, set it to uppercase A To set a banch of characters, specify the display number (not LED), starting with 1: Controller.B2SSetLEDDisplay 4,"Test" ' set the 4th display to TEST, all uppercase Run it, remember to set the backglass to run NOT in EXE mode. If you forget that, the backglass will crash (you will get a .NET error and if you click on Details you see it fails for String to Number conversion). For me it works without EXE. Is that answering the concept of the need? What's missing? lowercase, special char and EXE support? More?
  26. I have a problem with my clone and I think it should be very easy to solve .. apart from the Ledwizclon I have a Pinscape plate that works great as a joystick and for the nudges but when I install the ledwiz clone this appears as joystick 1 and the pinscape Like joystick 2 and there is my problem. My query is .. how do I disable the clone joystick? This is my Devconfig.h file maybe I'm getting something wrong here. /* * LWCloneU2 * Copyright (C) 2013 Andreas Dittrich <> * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the * GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; * either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; * without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. * See the GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; * if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA */ #ifndef DEVCONFIG_H__INCLUDED #define DEVCONFIG_H__INCLUDED /**************************************** USB device config ****************************************/ #define ENABLE_LED_DEVICE #define ENABLE_PANEL_DEVICE #define NUM_JOYSTICKS 0 #define USE_MOUSE 0 #define USE_CONSUMER 0 #define USE_KEYBOARD 0 #endif
  27. Really great ! Was there ever a Avengers PM5 Table ?
  28. Got this one up and running today... amazing what happens when you actually read the directions left behind by others. You need to right version of the table, you need to patch it, you need to run it with the right exe... and you can't run it in windowed mode! Anyway, after all that... holy smokes, another beauty! These coloured roms are so amazing, thank you so much for your efforts on these Sharkky!
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