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  3. So given PinballX searches for associated media using the <description> fields (not the table name), all the media files have to match what is in the <description> field. Is there a script that will allow somewhat intelligent search and renaming options, using what is inthe <description> field of the xml database, search the various media folders for names that are close, and prompt for a bulk name change? I've seen online java-scripts that do that for video media / HTPC setups, I wonder if anyone has written something for PBX/HP For now, I'm not yet sure which is easier - adjusting my <description> field to match various media from ftp an other sources, or changing the filenames on my media downloads. Everything never totally matches - there is always renaming to do. Thanks!
  4. Can you set this up in PBX where the MAME games are NOT part of the "All Tables" selection, and that they only show up when chosen as a custom list? Or, is there a way in PBX to have it start up in such a way as to display, say, "VP ONLY" tables? I'll try this out over the weekend when home with my setup, but for now I wanted to ask the question before I forgot it. Thanks!
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  6. A project from vborusev on pinside using pin2dmd editor
  7. Version 1.0.0


    fs to dt
  8. I was looking at those but didn't want to mess anything up. Still new to all this! Going to work on this today! Thanks so much for your help! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  9. The implementation was more easy by using a different DMD timing on the pinball side. The display on the benheck system board is driven by a parallax propeller. I uploaded the modified code (spin file) together with a compiled binary on github. You just need to replace the bin file in the dmd folder of the AMH V23 zip image and make a upgrade to install it. Of course the modified code is also working with the original X-Pin display.
  10. That's where the x-scale and y-scale as well as offsets come into play. VPX has a camera mode (Table, Camera/Light Mode) that lets you adjust the settings and see what they look like as you do it.
  11. Another data point: With Sliderpoint's WIP for Metallica LE, I could run the dmddevice.dll virtual DMD with at91jit enabled. With the release version of Metallica LE I have to run with at91jit disabled or the table would crash with every trial. I have only played a few games, but I have not had any slowdown as I do with TWD LE.
  12. So I did the 270 and it definitely made the table rotate. No the only issue is that the table doesn't fit completely in my screen. There's big space on the left and right of the table. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  13. Why does green bleed and not any other colors Thxs paul
  14. Nice Job with your Eagle File. And thank you for sharing and it is nice to see that you still use some of my ideas in your schematic for the Official OpenSource V3 Shield. To bad that you don't like to work with me anymore..... cheers Sascha
  15. Ok. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Sorry if I am misunderstanding you, but here are my settings with the table leading to a perfect smoothness even in Klingon Multiball + PewPew=1 : My rig is : Asus B85M-E motherboard / Intel Core i7-4770 / 16 Gb DDR3 / Geforce 1060 6 Gb / SSD 240 Gb / Win10 x64 and latest versions of everything Please don't care about the green arrow, it's a screenshot I used on a french forum to explain that table user customizations override videos settings ++
  17. I'm still pretty sure you're using an old version. I'll publish a new official release soon to get rid of that doubt. When using the exe, the log is what's displayed in your console.
  18. V2.37 virtual pinball improvements -new dmddevice.dll with improved timing for colouring features real pinball machine improvements - fix bug with colormask - modified parallax propeller code for Spooky Pinballs AMH V23 uploaded eagle files for V3 shield instead of gerber
  19. I manually created the list using QMC2 which displays in notes tab if game is vertical or horizontal also showing native resolution.
  20. Thanks Wildman. I've been telling people for years that your work is the best.
  21. confirmed that I was actually using the version I linked to command dmdext mirror --source=pinballarcade --destination=virtual --virtual-position 3000 400 1600 --flip-y I'm not sure where the log is written to. I thought it might be in c:\temp but that folder is empty.
  22. Hello all, Main issue: I'm having some issues with a couple of Stern tables since upgrading Vpmame to the Stern'd version of 2.8. I had to rename the ROMs and edit the script call in a few tables, and they all run fine except for Ironman 2, which is giving me the "Rom not found" with im2_160 & im2_183, but even if I rename the archives to im_160 or im_183 it still isn't loading. Is there another step that I am missing? Do I need to rename the files inside of the ROM as well? Second issue (just for fun): I can't get AC/DC to run from inside of PinballX. It will start almost without fail through PM5 (I have to disable BS2 and set textures to low, but it always starts and plays), Is there a way to view an error log for PM5? This table is amazing, and I really want to show it off, but it crashes back to PinballX whenever it is launched. Third Issue (current workaround is acceptable): Mustang LE for VPX throws a .NET exception error when I run it with B2s, no matter what B@s I run it with. I currently have PBX set to just display a static image as the backglass and it is working.
  23. This is a great game. Any chance of a small update to sort-out the flecks / spots on the textures?
  24. Last week
  25. Thanks a lot Karlson !!! That has also totally solved the issue for me on the various colored roms. cheers
  26. View File Robo-War (Gottlieb 1988) (coyo5050) Ok, so I decided to find some alternate sources and edit/clean up to make a new image. I also added several animation snippets to give this some life, but still subtle and not over the top. Lasers look like they are firing and targets getting hit, etc. LED reel is on the backglass image so you can see scores and stuff. Submitter coyo5050 Submitted 02/21/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
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