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  3. Hey lucky1 I have just been informed that TS2940CP33 (IC3) is out of stock. Is there a specific alternative I can use? Thank you
  4. I have standar DMD from ali expres. It's extrange because now I see the picture in black and white. I enclose a picture of the seller and my hardware. Thanks.
  5. You probably have been a bad boy and put *.vbs files into where they don't belong. Now. Move every single *.vbs files you find into scripts folder. (probably in tables folder) After that you download 10.7 beta, you extract only the files in the scripts folder, overwriting the ones you've got. (Ignore the rest of the files for 10.7beta for now - you are not ready to run it, since you've made this mess in the first place)
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ok, I updated to 3.14 and it fixed the issue Which is hilarious because I spent a ton of time getting the environment up for dumping the log file and my camera only to have it work just fine on first try lol. Thanks
  8. after not having my cab on for about 6 months. I turned it on today and suddenly started getting Line one errors on almost every vx table. Some startindex errors too. Updated all the windows files and and running VPX version10.6 Wheel of fortune. Error while playing says : Index out of range Line 1 For example. Creature of the black lagoon ver 1.3 throws a STARTINDEX error when launched through PinupPopper, but runs fine through VPX externally. Could it be pinup popper? I am running 1.45 Anyone have the same issues or seen this before?Thanks!
  9. Did you read "It displays which of the input pins 1,3,5,7,11 (and 13 for Nucleo and EVO boards) " ?? If it is a discovery based shield that is o.k. Which hardware do you have ? Could it be it is a PinballSP DMDST32 board ?PinballSP did not populate all necessary circuits to save some money. Please make a picture.
  10. pin 9 and pin 13 are open. 🥺 for sure they will be important and there isn't a cheap solution 😭
  11. If your display is stuck on the splash screen it means that my software is not getting valid data. Most likely a hardware problem. Please run the input test as described on pin2dmd.com
  12. Hello! I'm continuing reading and dealing with the instlaation. I have updated the board, I put the key on the SD the files of the colored display of the Street fighter II Gottlieb and configured the options with gottlieb V2 and enhancer on. When I plug the pin2dmd on the machine I only can see the Gottlieb V2 and nothing else. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or I f a need another files on the sd. With the pin2dmd.exe I selected the same option. I already tested with Gotlieb V3 with the same result. I really apprecite your help.
    Great stuff as always! Thanks Wildman!
  13. Hello I have 2 remaining Pin2DMD 128x16 board available... with the EEPROMs. Asking $125 per, they were made for digital pinball users... however can be used in real pin devices.
  14. https://pin2dmd.com/tool/ point 1.3 Which Gottlieb mode did you set as devicemode ? SMB needs Gottlieb V1
  15. A video I can do. What do you mean by dump of the scene? I will need detailed instructions if this is a feature of the pin2dmd......
  16. Last week
  17. Hey all. First time pin2dmd user here, be gentle :) I have a SMB with this DMD and I noticed on the bullet bonus the animation colors don't fully come to display on screen until after you jump over the first pit. Since you cannot see the floor/background you just have to blindly guess, but if you are successful then all the elements suddenly come into view and you can successfully continue the rest of the animation doing the run/jump. I've figured out through repetition that if I jump about 2.25 seconds after mario shows on the screen I can sometimes jump over the invisible pit, and the moment I do the floor/background suddenly appears. I have turned the brightness up to its highest setting and I have tried 3 different color palletes (light blue, white and another) and all 3 give the same exact behavior. I suspect its not a color/brightness issue as everything displays fine after you jump over the first pit, and when you beat the game there is also a running animation as well that you do and that one also works fine. If you have advice for me on how to troubleshoot / resolve I would love to look into it to help diagnose the issue. The board is running 3.10 firmware.
  18. I have ordered many boards and the number of problems has been pretty low. I did have 2 or 3 where the solder points on the card holder were loose on one side. If pressed down on the holder against the PCB it would read the card. If you let it go you got nothing. It didn't go blank as you've indicated though. That's all I have regarding the card holder...
  19. hi, just a question regarding the orders placed by pcbway... Has anyone received a pcb from the PIN2DMD display with a problem? i bought a number of pcbs and one of them seems to be a problem with the memory card slot. I managed to load the dfu mode from the display and put the .upd file on the memory card. it happens that the signal display and the PIN2DMD logo appears in the current version when turning it on, when it is without the memory card. when I insert the memory card and restart the display it does not give an image signal. it seems to me that the card slot may be in trouble (shorting), as I remove the card and restart the display, the PIN2DMD image will work again. I tested other cards and to no avail. someone already had this problem are you able to solve? thank you!
  20. Hi, someone to help me ? Maybe another usb driver / dll to suggest ? Thx
    Thanks for the update! looks great!!
  21. Joe

    Stern Roms

    the .spk files are not the full images. for mame you may want the full SD card images (Not in pinmame / mame any time soon (don't piss stern off people need the files to fix there games if needed))
  22. Maybe you need to adjust the RGB Sequences. The the colors on the startup screen need to match the colors PIN2DMD.com startpage. (RED second to left and yellow second to right) THE RGB sequence can be adjusted in the onscreen menu.
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