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  3. can you help me with the script for NBA stern ?? i can send you the file and manual ... i have an un release VP9 nba stern that you can try to see how it works or use part of the script
  4. Ahh this is great. Now that I have Vp9 and PhysMod with surround, I switched to a single sound card 7.1 6ch setup "permanently". The best part is that the volume control finally works uniformly. Thanks again Toxie!
  5. This is real nice Xenonph. You know how much I love your work and this is a nice table with your flair stamped all over it. Top notch.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ok , I can work on graphics and table layout .. I have a few table i need help with script ..but i can do this one if you got the script
  8. Thanks. I haven't fiddled much more other than recreating the config file again, no luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Heh it's definitely not still in current production. Table should be a breeze to re-do with the newer VPM versions that handle the wheel for you. I can help out with the scripting if someone can work on the table.
  10. Just checked it out. Seems to work perfectly. Awesome! As I mentioned before the "Front is front" and "front is rear" are identical in VP9 because nothing deviates from the middle. But I think it's best to leave it exactly as it is. Thanks!!
  11. @DJRobX: I just merged some of your changes into both VP9.9.X and VP9PM5, could you please look at it again AND test on your surround setup?
  12. What table are you guys using with this? I'm using the most recent VP10 version and get no ROM audio when loading with the table. However, if I run the ROM via PinMAME I do get audio and color. First time I've run into this issue.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    fs to dt
  14. So, we should shake the leg of @DozerAUS ?
  15. oh of course .. it is a Stern table in current production (?) so not likely to see it released.
  16. Mentioned previously.. It is out there .. for some reason it is not released on the forums.
  17. I been looking to remake this one ??? anyone had this made ??
  18. ah, I see. thanks.. I'll try and look at the script for the table and work it out..
  19. Dof config website let's you customize each table and maintain personal changes. You will have to find the solenoid number for that power magnet I assume and remove it from the shaker field for TZ
  20. Hi, I have DOF working well with Solienods, flashers, addressable LED Strip, and a Shaker. In certain tables like TZ and TAF, I noticed that the shaker is fired during game play, and I don't really like that effect. Ie. In TAF when "The Power" is on for the 3rd ball lock, and in TZ, when "Battling the power" . Is there somewhere I can edit/change in the config tool, that will remove the shaker from these events? Will that only effect my own tables? If theres a global change to the table, will I need to redo my settings? thanks for any help!
  21. I'll find mine for you, and upload soon if you need it still.
  22. Thank you man! I will try that after my holidays Skickat från min E2303 via Tapatalk
  23. It will be the same as running VP 10.3. Which is to say it will send the table sounds out the FR and FL channels. That's not ideal (and is horribly not ideal if you're using a single sound card). which is why we're talking about backporting the speaker config changes. Yes! With this new surround feature you can now run everything off your U7. You can also use your current setup with just the U7 now and have it use the backglass speakers for surround effect, or you can add another 2.1 amp and put more speakers inside the cab. For all speakers off the U7 in 7.1 mode, connect FR and FL to the backbox, SR and SL to the rear of the cab, and RR and RL to the front of the cab. Tell windows you have no center channel and no sub to make it a 6.0 setup. And for anyone who's looking at this and wants an example table, Alessio took my updated WCS 94 table, which will do surround sound if it's running on 10.4
  24. Last week
  25. pin2dmd

    Yes thats right. About 80.00 USD. Send me a PM when you like to Order it.
  26. That's because of a wrong keyframe. It will be fixed either by malenko or me.
  27. pin2dmd

    Hello! I as well am looking to get a Pin2DMD set up for my virtual cabinet. Just wanted to confirm the price of: Set 1: Pinball STM Controller (25.50 USD), preloaded with latest Pin2DMD Firmware (need actication on Pin2DMD.com) V3.2 Shield (with parts for Virtual/real Pinball) (20.00 USD) WITH soldering service (10.00 USD) (up to 14 Days lead time for every soldered set!) costs: 55.50 USD + Shipping + The Frame with shipping to Canada Guessing about $80 USD?
  28. Hi Blacksad.

    The Star Trek LE does not display any lamps or solenoids on the B2SIDFinder.

    Do you know what to do or how to get the ID's?

    I have checked that in the Wildman B2S also do not work even if you have them.


    Hola Blacksad.

    La Star Trek LE no muestra ninguna lámpara ni solenoide en el B2SIDFinder.

    ¿Sabes a que se debe o como conseguir las ID´s?

    He comprobado que en el B2S de Wildman tampoco funcionan aunque las tiene puestas.

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