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  2. View File Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern 2003) Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern 2003) HI REZ flashers added to fantasy mode.... Submitter Wildman Submitted 02/21/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
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    Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern 2003) HI REZ flashers added to fantasy mode....
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  5. Pin2dmd fried?

    Very unlikely unless you have a dc dc converter installed. The panels are very sensitive to input voltage and you won´t get a good picture with anything above 5V.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Then you should use replacement mode instead of Color Mask for scenes which don´t contain dynamic content like score information.
  7. Addressable Rgb's

    Ledwiz or pinscape or many generic equivalents are needed to control other toys correct.
  8. sound of VPX tables

    thank's so much
  9. Ah, DOF master....you have been installing then, caved in? That current script I was using.... I'm not sure why pieces were missing, it was a while since I did work to it. I'm going to add a shaker in for some scenes which may enhance it a bit, so I'll add it when I do that ok.
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    thanks for the info I guess Bushido is not a good example to use for this since all the scenes are a single color. their are no shades.
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  12. Pin2dmd fried?

    I did, for the first time, and found that my 5v power supply is actually supplying 10v! I presume it's been that way all along but I don't know...
  13. Pin2dmd fried?

    Measure the power to the panels first
  14. sound of VPX tables

    you have to turn up the volume just like on a real machine. open coin door (end key) and increase with 7,8,9,0
  15. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Try CTRL-C CTRL-V instead
  16. sound of VPX tables

    why do some vpx tables work properly but have audio and low volume effects? can someone answer me? thank you.
  17. it seems that Sub sw48_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(48):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub Sub sw58_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(58):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub Sub sw75_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw(75):DOFALT 128, DOFPulse:End Sub and Sub leds_Timer() . . . DOFUndercab(led_num) . . . End Sub and Sub DOFUndercab(lednum) if ballsInPlay > 0 and giOff = False Then For i = 1 to 12 If i = lednum and lednum <> 12 Then DOFALT 200 + i, DOFOn Else DOFALT 200 + i, DOFOff End If Next end if End Sub are not in place in the new version, or some code around has been changed, there are not strobe and rgb undercab actions in the DOF, could you have a look?
  18. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Hello! I started working on Judge Dredd. I need some advice with ColorMask->CopyToNext. I was working with the SuperGame anim, and after the 4th CopyToNext click nothing happened (I mean the palette was not coppied over) Is there a limitation or is it linked with the plane numbers? With ColorMask mode ->CopyToNext button I can work faster than with Replace mode. I'm using version: (2018.01.09), because the new one keep crashing when I'm trying to switch color with ctrl+click
  19. Addressable Rgb's

    Hello people. It must be exhausting answering all the newbies but the topic is complex for people who like Pinballs but know little about electronics. Got the 144/m leds, the teensy and adapter and I read very much. But here myself to make the most stupid question of the thread. This will only manage the adressable LEDs stripes right? Cause I was about to buy some strobe and beacons and said to myself "how is this two cable device to receive signal from a Ethernet cable of the teensy?". For beacons and strobes, LedWiz is mandatory right? Here in Spain LedWiz is like plutonium, I actualy found out it is cheaper to buy eight meters of 144/m leds and cover the whole Pincab of lights. Making a secondary matrix of stripes for the top of the cab is maybe a better solution for flashers dont you think? Thank you for taking your time and congratulations for those beautiful machines that are so inpiring.
  20. Pin2dmd fried?

    Hi, I've had pin2dmd in my TSPP for several months and working great. This weekend I was messing with my led backbox lights and I seem to have shorted out my pin2dmd. I still get a green light on discovery board but no display. I put the old dmd back in and it's working fine (glad I didn't sell it!). How should I troubleshoot to figure out if I fried the board, the rgb panels or both? Thanks
  21. Now worked. I have also one problem with dmd. It is very small and ot appears on the table mot at the backglass screen. How can I fix it to the right size and place? Finally I would like to ask something about keys settings. In my cabinet I have I pac2. In the setting of visual pinball for the keys settings I adjust the bottons I want but only the right and the left flipper work. The botton that I adjust for the plunger doesn't work, it makes tilt.
  22. Wait.. do you have your windows resolution turned? It needs to be turned 90deg .. is that landscape . It will look wrong if you are in windows and standing at the machine but that is how vp expects it to be... like this image..
  23. I did what you said. but I could not do it. I just see these settings https://postimg.org/gallery/swihqpfg/
  24. Pin2Dmd Editor

    No. ColMask uses the 4 shades of the original screen. So if you have a screen which only uses the 4th shade you will end up with 4 possible different colors, but normally a scene uses all 4 shades which will result in 16 colors.
  25. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    are these still available? sent a pm
  26. New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    So what they have it Pinballx set to start from boot, which means it is located in the startup tab. Google for which version of Windows you are running to stop that. Or if you exit out you should get back to windows screens Once you are in windows you need to find your PinballX folder, then the setup files?? (Sorry at a different cpu.) There you will find all the settings and which executable of VP9 or VP10 pinballx is running.
  27. Version


    Includes a reproduction of the English language factory card. Also includes coinage cards, US currency only. Type and layout produced with Adobe InDesign. Image clean-up for the QR code and the Enterprise illustration used GIMP. Assembly, vectorization, and colorization to simulate print out on Solar Yellow stock in Adobe Illustrator. Also includes shotmaps extracted from the factory PDFs and dumped into a Flash container. Horizon font by Bitstream, available at FontsMarket.com. I used this font with some skew in InDesign to create the title and added some effects in Illustrator to create a vector-based ultra high-rez wheel image. Starfleet insignia silhouette was traced in Illustrator using a hi-rez image of a prop reproduction that is sold by away-mission.com Klingon empire logo is from Wikipedia and modified in Illustrator. Stern card template comes from earlier work. Flyers - raw image extracted directly from the brochures published at sternpinball.com using xpdfbin and converted to lossless PNG using ImageMagick. I've also included the Jpeg flyer and promo images available at IPDB.org. The flyers at IPDB appears to be higher resolution than what I'm able to get from the PDFs at the Stern website. Special thanks to to Rocky Mountain Pinball and J.M. Artés at veopixeles.com for reference images. I also took my own pictures at Pinballz, a great local arcade with the largest pinball collection in Texas. I used my own photos for images of the QR code and the Enterprise. Once again, thanks to Inkochnito for hosting the factory shotmaps. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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  29. Pin2Dmd Editor

    thanks is it safe to say that you can only use a total of 4 colors; when you are using the color mask? I was able to color the top score and this scene using the color mask, with the 4th color in each group, but the other colors don't show in the preview screen.
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