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  3. Only options are above or use freezy to mirror it to another screen or real DMD
  4. Hey fellows, I'm having some trouble with the DMD. I was able to position it on my 3rd monitor but it's still small and I have no idea how to size it to 1280 x 320. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Please suggest some games for future league events.
  7. I just approved some scores. For future events we will not accept screenshots. Need a little more info on the images. For example:
  8. It's working for me now. I submitted a a couple of scores. This is a great idea, Dazz!
  9. Try this one. https://matchplay.live/vpuleague1 May explain why I haven't had any other people playing... This is why this is just a test. Wish I would have known earlier.
  10. Can you confirm the link to the MatchPlay event? I've searched for VPUniverse and other terms and cannot find the tournament.
  11. Great idea! I tried the link and am registered on MatchPlay, but I got an error message that the tournament was not found ("Tournament Not Found"). The URL is https://matchplay.events/app/tournaments/33588 Any ideas?
  12. Great!!! Waiting for final work... I will make Donation for Real Pinball files (my third donation jjjj).
  13. Ok I updated both 2 and 3 scr to get rid of the dmd image 😎
  14. Thank you for the link by the way. Working on doing this. Would love to get backglass dmd objects working on dmd.
  15. I have a rig with a pindmdv3. No backglass though. Table and dmd. bartop kind of setup. I just bought a pin2dmd and just have it connected to pc standalone right now. No rig.. May make a second bigger rig with a backglass for it, but just testing it right now.
  16. Last week
  17. So you have to setups one with a pin2DMD and one with a pinDMD3 You are displaying your scores on your real DMD from a back glass that has the score on it, That's what you are trying to do? The score Displayed on my pin2DMD with no problem Using the 173... For your pinDMD3 you're going to want to do this Use dmdext.exe from 1.7.2 And DmdDevice.dll use from here https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=40679&p=424932
  18. To start. Try this one in 1.73 Does the dmd work? http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5144-tron-classic-original-2018-mod-v102/ I had to move to 1.71 to make it work. This is for pin2dmd. I haven't messed with 1.73 yet on pindmdv3.
  19. Excellent. Thanks. Learn something new every day.
  20. This is what I do After you import or Delete something (or make a new one) make your changes then go up to Top where it says backglass, then click create B2S backglass file, then click on backglass preview and test... Then another window will pop up where it gives you a chance to run the backglass and then you can decide where you want to save it B2S Backglass Designer v1.2 https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7549
  21. Post links to 2 of the games that will not work for you So I can test
  22. I cant believe everybody missed that ,,,, The quickest way to get rid of it put it in the editor make sure your looking at the dmd image then goto image / resize tab then resize it to 1x1 pixel then save your file... don't know why its even in there at all . will update it when I get some time
  23. Hey Wildman, great BG I run 3 screen but cant seem to get the word Bally off my dmd. Regular dmd starts but then gets covered up. Any suggestions on removing this. Thanks
  24. I haven't tried. Will have some time this weekend. I am feelin good that it will work. I finally got 1.71 working again normally on pin2dmd and I am back on it. I found the beta version of 1.73 wouldn't play tron classic mod and other similar dmd type games. Could be just a problem I am having on 1.73 not sure.
  25. No music or sound effects! Only table clicks. Also no flipper noise, rom maybe? Anyone know why? Using mb_106b, everything works great but no sound.
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