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  2. @Rappelboxi waiting for my shameless money return 700€ i have waiting too long for the stuff and i don't want anymore your items if you have some.???? seems like you have no money and your shop have no stock. you can run a business this way this is not a game. people have pay and waiting patiently. shame on you you are not a nice guy please don't run a business anymore.. christmas coming and i don't want to spend that holy days thinking if my order coming or not. BTW. you are a liar and of course you scam and rip off people.. i hope nobody else order from you dominik (german scamming supplier)
  3. Yesterday
  4. It seems that the firmware has not been properly installed, since the red user LED in the Nucleo is off, which should be on with no SD card inserted.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Full rebuild from scratch New HD translite (based on @WRD1972 pictures and others ressources from the Web) Resolution : 2560 x 2048 px For 2 and 3 screens, no DMD Image Authentic lamps placement, Rom ID and animations Authentic translite mask Photoshop lighting Special thank to @JP Salas and @Bord for this amazing table recreation (and all the other authors and moders as well) and to @WRD1972 for the translite HD picture. Cheers Blacksad
  6. View File Black Knight (Williams 1980) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s Full rebuild from scratch New HD translite (based on @WRD1972 pictures and others ressources from the Web) Resolution : 2560 x 2048 px For 2 and 3 screens, no DMD Image Authentic lamps placement, Rom ID and animations Authentic translite mask Photoshop lighting Special thank to @JP Salas and @Bord for this amazing table recreation (and all the other authors and moders as well) and to @WRD1972 for the translite HD picture. Cheers Blacksad Submitter Blacksad Submitted 12/15/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  7. What the size of the .bin file? must have 348KB. Can you take screenshot of the stm utility?
  8. Hi Everybody I'm still stuck with my first V4 pin2dmd... This one 's hard for me... :( Now, My display stay definitively off... I've well flashed my Nucleo with last 3.05 Pin2dmd XL bin (For a Baywatch) Board power up with a green/red flashing led on it. I've taken some pics for you : Any idea for help me ? Thanks a lot ! Best regards ;-)
  9. Thanks a lot for this explain. I understand my mistake after few times. Have a good week-end. Ben
  10. The tools can be found here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/tools. I just added a version for Win64 and OSX. Best results can be achieved with no colorization installed on the device and the tool running on OSX. Windows ist not the best choice for realtime applications with the need for high timer precision.
  11. The problem is that you used upload and not upgrade as described on pin2dmd.com. If you choose upload you make a copy the memory content of the (empty) device and possibly overwrite and corrupt your pin2dmd firmware file.
  12. Last week
  13. It's worksssss, i think i have a bad file. Thanks for your help. Ben
  14. I go ahead, I arrive at this stage, I do not know if I should say yes or no?
  15. Where can i find the latest version of the pin2dmd.exe tool (to support the latest firmware) and is this what I use with a laptop (connected via USB) to grab screen dumps in real-time for colouring? I want to grab some uncoloured screens for the author or TSPP who doesn't currently have a real TSPP to grab them from himself. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, I set pin2dmd in dfu mode. My computer reconize it like this. When i load DfuSEDemo, i do this! So i can't upload firmware??
  17. hi, rar archive seams broken can you please upload new. Sorry all good when update win rar
  18. Version 1a


    Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper + DMD + Wheel Kit PLEASE NOTE: I have upgraded this kit with all-new includes and updates (see below). It also turns out when compressing the DMD videos in MP4 format, because they are so small (128x32), the MP4 codec automatically "aliased" the images in the videos and made them "blurrier" then they supposed to. I have recompressed all the DMD videos into AVI BMP video format that DOES NOT compress or artifact the images or videos so now they are razor sharp if using a RealColorDMD or a RealDMD. Make sure if you loaded the previous DMD MP4 video versions, you go to your "Media" folder in PinballX and DELETE the MP4s by hand because if you reload (import) these new better quality AVI BMP versions, PinballX defaults to the MP4 and it doesn't overwrite it. It keeps the old MP4 ... so you need to DELETE the MP4 completely for the AVI BMP version to play instead. If you choose to NOT use the AVI DMD videos, I have included PNG image file versions. Topper Videos and Images are: 1280 x 390 px. DMD Videos and Images are: 128 x 32 Kit Includes: - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper GREEN 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper RED 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper - No Title 1280x390.mp4 - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealColorDMD 1.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealColorDMD 2.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Wheel GREEN.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Wheel RED.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealDMD 1.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) RealDMD 2.avi - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper Still 01.png - Gorgar (Williams 1979) Topper Still 02.png - Williams - DMD Logo 1 - 128x32.png - Williams - DMD Logo 2 - 128x32.png - Williams Red - RealColorDMD Logo 1 - 128x32.png - Williams Red - RealColorDMD Logo 2 - 128x32.png Load into the files you want to use into PinballX or other front end of your setup. Enjoy! -HiRez00
  19. Hi Bosco, Sorry for the belated reply ( I haven't been following the posts/notifications). Make sure you drop all the files from the Music folder, in the download , to the Music folder in VP. Do not change the track names! I hope this helps. Cheers mate.
  20. This is the first time I'm setting up dof and can't get it working. I already went through the step by step guide and online videos guides. I only have a kl25z and sainsmart 8 usb relay. I was wondering if a pinscape or ledwiz is required for dof? I configured both the kl25z and sainsmart relay, went through all the steps, and still can't get the switches to turn on/off. On the relay is have the left and right flipper on port 2 and 3, shaker on port 4 and beacon on port 1. The sainsmart software shows that it detects the relay and I'm able to turn each switch on or off so I know windows recognizes it and all the toys work through that software, they just don't work on VP. Is there any other software I can try out to test the sainsmart relay besides the one from the manufacturer? Thanks! -Mike
  21. another month passed and still nothing arrived - a very bad experience with German Gaming Supplies I'm still waiting for my replacement Pinscape as the one I've got was soldered incorrectly. and I never got the buttons I've paid in March ( 6 month ago !) @Rappelbox what's wrong?
  22. arf, I had not seen ... Thank you all for your help
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Here are the included files Enjoy and re distribute Ace Ventura 2 MF.png Ace Ventura MF.png aliens badass.png Ant-man 2 MF .png Ant-man MF.png avatar 2 MF.png avatar MF.png Baby Pacman 3 MF.png back to the future 2 mf.png back to the future mf.png bad cats mf.png batman 66 pen mf.png batman 66 rid mf.png batman the dark knight 2 mf.png batman the dark knight 3 mf.png batman the dark knight mf.png bounty hunter 2 MF.png bounty hunter 3 MF.png bounty hunter MF.png Bubba the redneck werewolf 2 MF.png Bubba the redneck werewolf MF.png cactus canyon 2 MF.png cactus canyon MF.png Christine 2 MF.png Christine 3 MF.png Christine 4 MF.png Christine MF.png cirqus voltaire 2 MF.png cirqus voltaire MF.png CLue mr greenmf.png CLue mrs-white mf.png CLue prof plum mf.png CLue scarlett mf.png csi MF.png cue ball wizard mf.png Diablo 2 MF.png Diablo MF.png Dirty Harry 2 MF.png Dirty Harry 3 MF.png Dirty Harry MF.png Dr dude.png Dracula 2 MF.png Dracula MF.png Elvira 2 MF.png Elvira 3 MF.png Elvira 4 MF.png Elvira MF.png Evil Dead 2 MF.png fallout 2 mf.png fallout 3 mf.png Family Guy 2 MF.png Family Guy MF.png fire MF 2.png fire MF.png Fish Tales 2 MF.png Fish Tales 3 MF.png Fish tales mf.png Gargamel 2 MF.png Gargamel 3 MF.png Genesis MF.png Gilligan's island 2 MF.png Gilligan's island MF.png goldorak 2 MF.png goldorak 3 MF.png goldorak MF.png good bad ugly.png Gremlins2.png Guns'n Roses 2 MF.png Guns'n Roses MF.png harley davidson 2 mf.png harley davidson 3 mf.png harley davidson mf.png Haunted house.png Hitchcock.png Insaneclown.png ironman 2 mf.png ironman 3 mf.png ironman mf.png Jack-Bot MF.png jaws mf.png jp nascar logo.png JP's Nascar race 2 MF.png JP's Nascar race 3 MF.png JP's Nascar race MF.png lord of the ring 2 MF.png lord of the ring 3 MF.png lord of the ring MF.png Monopoly 3 MF.png Monopoly 4 MF.png Monopoly MF.png monster bash mf.png Mortal Kombat 2 MF.png Mortal Kombat 2A MF.png Mortal Kombat 2B MF.png Mortal Kombat 2C MF.png Mortal Kombat 2D MF.png Mortal Kombat 2E MF.png nitro ground shaker.png Pin-Bot MF.png pinbot MF.png Playboy 3 MF.png Playboy.png Playboy2.png Police Academy MF.png Rat Fink 2 MF.png Rat Fink MF.png Resident Evil 2 VII MF.png Resident Evil VII MF.png Rick and Morty.png road girls 2 MF.png road girls MF.png Road Runner 2 MF.png Road Runner MF.png Robocop 2 MF.png Robocop 3 MF.png Robocop MF.png Rollercoaster tycoon 2 MF.png Rollercoaster tycoon.png Schwarzenegger's Commando 2 MF.png Schwarzenegger's Commando MF.png Scooby doo & kiss 2 MF.png Scooby doo & kiss MF.png secrets of the deep MF.png Serious Sam 2 MF.png Sexy Girl.png shaman mf .png shaman mf.png Simpsons Pinball party 2 MF.png Sleepwalkers 2 MF.png Sleepwalkers 3 MF.png Sleepwalkers MF.png South park 2 MF.png South park 3 MF.png South park 4 MF.png South park 5 MF.png South park 6 MF.png South park MF.png spiderman 2 mf.png spiderman 3 mf.png spiderman 4 mf.png spiderman 5 mf.png spiderman 6 mf.png spiderman 7 mf.png spiderman mf.png star wars last jedi mf.png star wars solo mf.png STARWARS_Droids MF.png STARWARS_Return of the Jedi MF.png Still Crazy 2 MF.png Still Crazy 3 MF.png Still Crazy MF.png Street fighter 2 MF.png Street fighter 2-1 MF.png Street fighter 2-2 MF.png Street fighter 2-3 MF.png T2 MF.png Taxi.png Team America 2 MF.png Team America 3 MF.png Team America 4 MF.png Team America 5 MF.png Team America 6 MF.png Team America MF.png The Adams family 2 MF.png The Adams family 3 MF.png The Adams family MF.png the flintstones 2 MF.png the flintstones 3 MF.png the flintstones MF.png the getaway 2.png the getaway 2a MF.png The last ninja 2 MF.png The last ninja 3 MF.png The last ninja MF.png The last of us 2 MF.png The last of us MF.png The Mask 2 MF.png The Mask MF.png the simpsons MF.png The sopranos 2 MF.png The sopranos MF.png Thor 2 MF.png Thor 3 MF.png Thor 4 MF.png Thor MF.png Tom and Jerry 2 MF.png Tom and Jerry MF.png Tomb raider 2 MF.png Tomb raider MF.png transformers 2 MF.png transformers MF.png ufa champion league.png wheel of fortune.png wheel pack.png WPT 2 MF.png WPT MF.png X-men MF.png young frankenstein.png
  24. Started my build and was wondering. After looking at all the hard work people have put into the setup, the New PinUpSystem stuff. I was saying, Hey Eric... Because thats my name. So Hey Eric, do I need a Topper? I mean the answer is obviously yes. I have an extra port on Video card, (DVI) and im using the PInDMD v3, and thats USB, so perfect. I even have an extra monitor so its practically free.. FREE I say !!! But its a 19" and my back glass is 32" so I might wanna go smaller, HELL, who knows. Just looking to see how everyone handled that if they did. Thanks again all. All my screens and PC are in the living room taking up space on the ottoman. lol Cheers all
  25. line 8 error syntax remplacer scoretext par scorebox If Table1.ShowDT = false then Scoretext.Visible = false '<=== error replaced by scorebox End If trad. google: eh guys with a minimum of effort to see it for yourself in the bg. de plus le "script" est symbolique , vous devez constituer vos règles vous meme
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