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  2. You're coding cool stuff like DOFLinx for virtual pinball tables, so I think you like virtual pinball... So if you do you definately should have a look on Pro Pinball Timeshock (ULTRA) since it's really one of the best tables ever made. (btw. "Silver Castle Pinball" is building a real life version of the virtual table at the moment...) ---------------------- Well, thanks for your answer. I think it will be hard for me to help since I'm not a programmer. I was involved extremely in ravarcade's BAM for Furture Pinball (betatest of the 3D cam functions), gave some tips to Slamtilt for some of this ultra-versions. I own a pincab with realDMD and ledwiz and all the things I wanted are working (DMD@FP, DMD@TPA, DMD@PP, Ledwiz@FP, .....) but I never used DOF, so I simply do not know it (I coded my own lines for FP-Ledwiz-functions...). Since there are so many infos about DOF, DOFlinx etc. it will be a long way for me to work into it, and then I still think I wont get Pro Pinball run with LEDs. Hmmm, maybe "Gigalula" will come back some day. He posted a video with LEDs and solenoids working with Pro Pinball... so there is already an existing version of Pro Pinball plus DOFlinx. It's alive but nobody else knows how to do it...
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    Send me a PM
  4. I hang around here too just not as often. Happy to offer any advice if I can, but I have never used, or even looked into, Pro Pinball TImeshock.
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  6. pin2dmd

    can I buy a kit to convert my pindmd3 to pin2dmd? How much and where can I order?
  7. I actually overlooked the build, thanks. I will try to route it through my plugin host soon !
  8. Yep I would think so too. You can grab the build in the first page to try it out. Toxie integrated it into the mainline VP so tables you save will be compatible. I also have used VPX 10.3 to load a saved table, and they give you a warning but they don't break, so it's pretty safe to use.
  9. Well, we will see, when your new system will be public, but since most VST hosts are multichannel capable, surround channel routing through the different plugins should be possible. You are absolutely right, that some plugins will route only stereo sources, but then you can use the same plugin multiple times and each one routes two different channels. I already use this technique in VP 10.3 with ONE soundcard and two virtual audio cables to support two pairs of speakers (BG and PF). Sounds difficult, but some screenshots will show, that it is quite easy actually. And the difference is not subtile, it is huge BTW: There are a lot of great free plugins (and some plugin hosts either) !
  10. 3 angels is a must. Excellent table Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. i would realy like if someone ported road girls. FP has not been developed since 2010. and to keep the table alive i feel the only way is to port it. i realy hope someone does it or develop a software that could do the job. or if VP 10 could be compatible with FP. Like Unit3d tried to do. but that also seems like it has stoped. so please Port Road Girls.
  12. View File The Avengers LE (Stern 2012) The Avengers LE (Stern 2012) Submitter Wildman Submitted 11/23/2016 Category B2S Backglasses  
  13. Try getting in touch with DDH69 at vpforums Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. HERE YA GO! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monster-Bash-Pinball-Machine-Cabinet-Decals-Limited-QTY-NEXT-GEN-/302382950795? NO NEED TO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE! I JUST LIKE TO HELP!!
  15. I know some of you have these files.... please share! I have other designs to trade.
  16. I know some of you have these files... can you please share them. I have designs to trade...
  17. Last week
  18. For Visual Pinball, you don't need the PinSound hardware. It is recommended that you get the PinSound Studio software.
  19. Oh, really still nothing...?! I'm reading this post since months. Sorry for my bad english.... I cannot believe that NOBODY seems to be interested in getting Pro Pinballs Flashers blink. Pro Pinball (especially Ultra) is the very best pinball simulation on this planet, I think. There must be a away... and well, there is one... I saw a video on youtube with flashing LEDs and knocking bumpers, but the guy who did it seems not to be have time at the moment.... So I think, I hope this is not a very long way to get DOF working with Timeshock?!? Unfortunately I'm not a programmer, but if there is a way I can help on this project (hacking hundreds and thousands of digits in a stupid matrix or something like this) let me know... I'll do the assembly-line work..... I would be SO SO SO happy to see my ledwiz-LEDs flash with PP. Greets from germany
  20. Thalamus, I am still new to VB and VpinMAME. Do these new soundbites work without the PinSound Studio hardware? Rick
  21. feel free to tackle it, I have a beta file up where I pulled all the masked frames and started working on them, but its slow goings. Real pin, with profanity ROM
  22. I'm using this table: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11625 I forget what ROM it's running but I'm not having any trouble with the sound. It has been a while since I spent any time on a Temrinator so I am going to switch back to the non-coloured ROM though to get more familiar with it and then switch back to the coloured ROM to appreciate the differences better.
  23. Yep shouldn't be a problem.
  24. Yep. I put IF version_major > 10 or version_minor > 3 around the 9 parameter version of the PlaySound calls, so it will work with 10.3 or 10.4. The only thing about the VST plugin is that I don't know what will happen with a surround-sound source. It should be fine as long as the software supports multi-channel setups, but the built-in Realtek EQ for example only seems to have an effect on the front 2 channels.
  25. So it is already in the version 1.0 of WCS94?
  26. That sound awesome Ginsonic - thank you, looking forward to it.
  27. How did you guys know, that I recently added two speakers to my playfield ? BTW: I will soon write a tutorial how to use music VST plugin technology in a pinball cabinet. Since I am hobby musician and quite familiar with VST plugins, hosts and such gadgets, I can no longer imagine to drive my cabinet without it. You won't believe, what magic stereo enhancers, equalizers and compressors can do for your ears
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