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  2. You can edit the brightness with the pin2dmd.exe tool and save it to SD
  3. I tried this out last night but site was down earlier try starting with the last color palette (amber?) and change the hue on all the colors to 7 i think the brightness slider should also be increased is ther a way to save default brightness to the SD card? Thanks
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yep. The promo was very popular! It just used a pinball theme on a daily poker challenge.
  6. hello, I send to Mr J Amann the device ID then he send me very quickly the file.
  7. @tino3899I received a donation today but no device ID to generate the key. Please always send the Device ID together with your donation
  8. The settings depend on the display. What I would do is display a scene where all shades are used in the pin2dmd editor and the same scene on a plasma. for comparison.. Then you can use the ColorPicker with Live Preview activated to adjust the colors.
  9. I would be more interested in getting my hands on Groni' LOTR.
  10. so Ive been chuggin away at this, have the vega claw and bonus reveals done. Original: redeaux: and the bonus reveal! the reveal is masked so it will show every bonus in red, weut!
  11. Thanks for sending PayPal deets for those interested here is what we ended up using;
  12. Just to chime in i have no issues with walking dead le running with latest 2.9 and pinballx. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  13. Well, the fact that it seems to work outside of PinballX is good news. I have not had any reports of problems with LE and PinballX. One big change with PinballX within the past month is the addition of support for Topper videos/images. If you updated and are using this feature then that would be another tap on system resources. You will need to do the usual checks: Using current version of PinballX? All pinball related exe and dll unblocked and running as admin? Updated to current LAV filters? Tried configuring PinballX as windowed-full screen instead of exclusive full-screen. If you can live without PinballX launching the table then you can always just set up a shortcut to launch just TWD LE. If you know AutoHotkey or batch language you can also script something that PinballX launches, shuts itself down, and then when you exit the table, relaunches PinballX. PITA for one table, but seems like that would be a workaround for your situation.
  14. OMG crap I was sure I paid you, we sent a bunch of DMs over and back and you did a great job. Ill check my DMs for your paypal address and ship the money tonight. We never used it externally but used it internally as a teaser. I'll share more info later. If you haven't DMd paypal address or if it has changed, let me know.
  15. My Walking dead LE VPX is still having problems. Played a game stand alone and it seemed to work fine. Within Pinball X (even with updated dmddevice in all folders) it seems to start slowing down on the DMD. I have disabled things in the script to make it run better to no avail. My CPU is running at 70% absolute maximum and the RAM is running at a very low % in task manager. It is not loading up my RAM so I wont be throwing more money into the cab. Strange thing was it was working perfectly in Pinball X until a month ago.
  16. There is still a note in the VPM bugs.txt: Data East/Sega/Stern/Gottlieb DMD timing is not 100% accurate (although i think thats only true for GTS3 nowadays, but not really 100% sure). Apart from that you could try experimenting with 'MDRV_CPU_ADD(M65C02, 3579000/2)' in gts3.c (and/or also the 'MDRV_CPU_ADD(M65C02, 2000000)'), maybe the clock is still off (although it should be correct from the sources i know)??
  17. Exactly. As we could not see any performance benefit, and in addition some functionality has to be disabled in 64bit mode for VPM anyway at the moment (all directx code and the AT91 JIT speedup), we did not bother too much about 64bit releases in general so far.
  18. I cannot get a plasma orange color look either. Any tips?
  19. I did it .. and then he disappeared and didnt pay me a cent..
  20. It is sad, his work and really excellent, I am written to him to ask if could finish the table are not it must be table so it is compelling it is too beautiful but it has not yet replied I meet fingers
  21. wow amazing no-one took you up on this. hope you got it figured out.
  22. @lucky1 Wow....great! Tested the new dmddevice.dll and YES this works well with the pause menu within PBX! Slightly different behaviour compared to the dll before: Before when the pause button was pressed the in the PinballX gamemanager defined display video/graphic came up. Now with the new dll the last real running table display is stopped before entering the pause menu. But...both are perfect, can have a look at the flyer when I want to and no error message, haven't test the freezing of the colorDMD within SpidermanVE but as this was tested before and showed good results with the new win drivers I think this will be OK. Thank you for your (good & quick) support! PS: the pause key can be very usefull......if you want to have a look at the flyer..... take a beer...or want to let go the results of having a beer :-)
  23. Hello I received today a DMD device from german gaming supplies and I've made a donation today. I'm just waiting for the activation key.
  24. Thanks for the reports. The vpinmame.dll and pinmame.exe in this package are identical to r4284. If you just use these two files and you have already installed r4284 then there is no reason to download this package. This includes the latest dmddevice.dll for Pin2DMD and the 64bit build. The 64bit build is purely experimental. I'm not even sure it works. No way for me to test it. official rev 4285 SAMBuild_r4285.zip
  25. Yeah was strange! I think between myself and fren we are above average intelligence and honestly was a very tough thing to get working correctly for both of us. But is working perfectly now for me too
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