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  2. Freezy DLL not colourising ROMs

    Where did you get Freezy's DLL from? The one included with the VPX all in one installer has colorizing disabled.
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  4. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    I ran my 750ti with dsr 4x 100% yes. When it comes to what GPU brand/model you should buy. It is kind of up to you and how much money you would want to spend. I went overboard and bought a 1080 to be on the safe side. I'm quite sure that it will work just fine, no guaranties though.
  5. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    So would you recommend this one? https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-GAMING-Support-06G-P4-6161-KR/dp/B01IPVSGEC
  6. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    What should the DSR be set to? 4x @ 100% ?
  7. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    Tht's weird.. When I was playing BSD it said I was getting 961 fps... that can't be right. Also, the test I did above said a 196fps.. how is that possible?
  8. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    Oh. Yes. You need a 1060 to drive 4k. While you wait, play on 1080p with nvidia dsr turned on.
  9. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    It says 196 fps... But that is only after I set the tv to 1920 x 1080 instead of 4k my fault.
  10. Will a Better GPU Solve fast motion scenes?

    It can be many things. Since it is a tv it normally is a bit "slow". But, have you looked through the menus ? Maybe you have a game profile in there ? On some tv' - changing the profile helps a lot. Try others as well. I doubt that a upgrade of the GPU will help you in this case. You should press F11 and see that you get a stable 60 FPS. If you do, then it is not related to the GPU.
  11. Terminator 2

    I need to upload the patched files. New jerb is chewing up my free time
  12. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    PIN2DMD is a DIY project and has a lot more features compared to PINDMD3. Read more about it on pin2dmd.com
  13. Hey guys, I just put a new samsung tv in my cabinet. Little input lag, but at 60hz, the ball just seems unrealistic during fast play i.e. ramps etc. My current system is: 12GB Ram i7 @ 3.2ghz GTX 750 I'm wondering, if I upgrade the graphics card to a GTX 1060 would that help these fast scenes? or is this solely on the refresh rate of the TV? Just bought the TV yesterday for Best Buy and had to CUT the case off, so returning it is not an option lol. I can DEAL with the issue until next year when I can justify to buy a 40" 120hz tv Thanks!
  14. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    IS this the same thing as the pindmd3 that is sold on https://virtuapin.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=231 Is pin2dmd better?
  15. Any progress on this subject (memory mapping of TPA) ? I'm no programmer myself but I would be pleased to contribute if needed ! For the time being I use DOFLinx for solenoids/Flippers with a pinscaped KL25Z and I plan to plug a USB XBOX controller to get motor vibration ...
  16. Black Rose b2s backglass

    my hero thanks
  17. Black Rose b2s backglass

  18. So. I've got a copy of the Williams Widebody plans, which suggests that the width of the cabinet is 594mm. And I've got this page, which says the width is 630cm. And if I'm using 3/4 in. wood, then that's 38mm, or about the difference between the two. So does that mean that the Williams plans specify the inner dimensions, rather than the outer dimensions, or am I totally misunderstanding? Thanks in advance.
  19. Black Rose b2s backglass

    Hi folks, does anyone have the Black Rose b2s backglass? I was able to find it on vpforums.org but for an unkonwn reason, my account doesn't work, I tried to contact the admin but no answer for more than 4 weeks now...I can't download it http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27049 If anyone can share it with me, I will really appreciate Many thanks in advance Cheers Seb
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  21. Game Show (LG-6 German)



  22. Game Show (LU-3 Europe)



  23. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    https://www.komplett.no/product/882393/datautstyr/skjermer/skjermer/philips-43-4k-led-bdm4350uc# Bought it late Nov. 2006. I expect there exists better alternatives today. But, no - I don't notice any frame skipping. I saw one guy swearing that 120hz where needed because all monitors with less hz had issues. I don't know who needs glasses. Him or me. I doubt he was an expert that had seen all the alternatives out there. Unfortunately there is only one sure way to know. Test. Before buying - I tested VP on my regular LG TV. That was absolutely unplayable.
  24. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    Do you notice any frameskipping or anything with your 60hz? Which monitor do you use?
  25. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    I would help you if I knew. I used over two mnd. to find my current monitor. It was a lot of reading and I crossed my hearth before plunging my first ball. The problem is that specs by producers doesn't really tell you the essential specs. for gaming. gray to gray etc. isn't a good measurement, only a indication.
  26. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    So I'm torn between these two, one is a couple hundred more, is there any benefit to the more expensive one if it is still 60hz? The Seiki claims to do 4k at 60hz so tha tmight be nice in the future. Does VP need 120hz+? That's my only reservation here. $500 is a lot to spend just to have to upgrade in a year or two. http://www.grooves-inc.com/iiyama-iiyama-x4071uhsu-public-display-iiyama-accessories-pZZa1-2097583367.html?language=en&currency=USD&utm_source=froogle_us&utm_campaign=froogle_us&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk8OAtNPd2wIV0oV-Ch3RmgLmEAQYAiABEgKALfD_BwE https://www.amazon.com/Seiki-SM40UNP-40-0-Inch-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B00RVGXZ08/ref=sr_1_13?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1529343929&sr=1-13&keywords=40" Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you
  27. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    I would not say that. I run 60hz on 4k monitor. Monitors are normally faster than TVs.
  28. Another Playfield TV/Monitor post :)

    I guess I’m concerned about the 60hz. Doesn’t that mean there will be a lot of motion blur?
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