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  2. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    No log is being created...
  3. World Cup Soccer

    Holy crap. You are simply amazing Rob. You just continue to give and give. Of course - this shout out goes to Malenko as well. Thank you soo much both of you !!
  4. World Cup Soccer

    I've put quite a bit of work into the WCS colorization; I think it's starting to come together pretty well. Thank you for sharing your project files Malenko, very inspirational work that you do! Just about all of the scenes Malenko colored are keyframed and I've done a whole bunch of others, it's pretty playable now. Here is the VNI+PAL if you want to give it a spin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TSATRWXJHxkcAOF75MmtrqHPJzpOXveN/view?usp=sharing And here's my updated project https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AkRUbvlG8K0eGQGjyDaDT4ndAdMBidUF/view?usp=sharing
  5. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    There should be a dmddevice.log also
  6. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    dmddevice.ini is posted above. I don't recall which driver I'm using, but I think it's winusb... I'll have to check in the morning.
  7. Yesterday
  8. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Did you configure the dmddevice.ini correctly. Which usb driver do you use ? Libusb32 or winusb ? Maybe change with zadig.
  9. Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    Thalamus - thank you so much. It worked just loading it manually instead of double clicking. It even worked when I launched it from PinballX. I would hsve never tried it so thanks sgain for the tip.
  10. Stern (sam) on VPX

    Regular SAM should work already if you are running the version you claim to do.
  11. World Cup Soccer

    Well said, I second this Malenko.... observing your colorizations and works are what got me interested in trying to do my own. I hope to see you continue your work! A good friend of mine once told me "Focus more on those around you who support you and less on the few of those who don't"
  12. Hi folks, I would like to play Stern (sam) pinball machines on my visual pinball X. I am a big software noob so I don't understand what to do. I have installed VPX (all-in-one pack) and did the update to 10.5 rev 3455, this works fine. I also found a link with info but I don't understand what to do. Can someone tell me 'sep by step' how I do this? I play VPX with one monitor in desktop mode. Thanks a lot !! link:
  13. Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    That sounds like at91jit problem. http://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/turning-onoff-at91jit/ Also. And this is really weird also. Try opening VPX and then load the table manually inside the program instead of starting it by double clicking. I don't know why. But this often seems to help.
  14. World Cup Soccer

    There are always people who post things that might frustrate and discourage you but be aware of the fact that they are the minority and mostly only a hand full. The funny thing is that this hand full of people can give you the impression of beeing the majority by posting their shit again and again. They do this either out of personal (financial) interest or they are just in desperate need of attention, which they often don´t get in the real world but unfortunatelly do get in the virtual world. You can identify both groups easily. The first promote (their) products and the second have a unusal high number of (senseless) posts. Just ignore them both. Makes life much easier. You did an awesome job on your colorizations.
  15. Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    Well now table and backglass load but tables wont start and exits to editor after abouts 10 seconds.
  16. Last week
  17. World Cup Soccer

    Sorry to hear that. With freezy's dmdevice.dll now fully supporting output from the Pin2DMD editor, that opens things up for users who don't use real DMD hardware. Maybe somebody from this group will step up and finish this off. Again, that other platform will never serve the VPin community. Don't waste your time waiting. They've been quite clear on this. Pin2DMD is it!
  18. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    I was looking for the log earlier, but it looks like a log isn't being created. I am not running from a protected folder and have tried via Pinmame Setup and VP. There is nothing with dmddevice on my C (Windows) drive. D:\VPinMAME > <target name="console" xsi:type="ColoredConsole" useDefaultRowHighlightingRules="false" layout="${pad:padding=4:inner=[${threadid}]} ${date} ${pad:padding=5:inner=${level:uppercase=true}} | ${message} ${exception:format=ToString}"> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Trace" foregroundColor="DarkGray" /> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Debug" foregroundColor="DarkGray" /> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Info" foregroundColor="Gray" /> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Warn" foregroundColor="Yellow" /> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Error" foregroundColor="Red" /> <highlight-row condition="level == LogLevel.Fatal" foregroundColor="Magenta" /> </target> <target xsi:type="File" name="file" fileName="DmdDevice.log" layout="${pad:padding=4:inner=[${threadid}]} ${date} ${pad:padding=5:inner=${level:uppercase=true}} | ${message} ${exception:format=ToString}" replaceFileContentsOnEachWrite="false" deleteOldFileOnStartup="true"/> </targets> <rules> <logger name="" minlevel="info" writeTo="console" /> <logger name="" minlevel="info" writeTo="file" /> </rules> </nlog>
  19. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Could you provide a log?
  20. World Cup Soccer

    a lot was done, but I got tired of hearing shit from fans of a different platform. So the files are up and someone else should try to finish it cause I never will.
  21. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    This is what my ini has: > [global] ; how to downscale SEGA 192x64 pixel games to smaller displays: fit, fill or stretch resize = fit ; flips the image horizontally fliphorizontally = false ; flips the image vertically flipvertically = false ; enable or disable frame-by-frame colorization (inactive in VPX bundle) colorize = true ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor [virtualdmd] enabled = true ; virtual dmd stays on top of all other windows stayontop = true ; hide the resize grip hidegrip = false ; ignore the aspect ratio of the rendered dots when resizing ignorear = false ; use VPM's registry values when positioning the virtual dmd useregistry = false ; x-axis of the window position left = 0 ; y-axis of the window position top = 0 ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels width = 1024 ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels height = 256 ; scale the dot size (set to 0.8 for same size as pre-1.6.0) dotsize = 1.0 [pindmd1] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD1 enabled = false [pindmd2] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD2 enabled = false [pindmd3] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD3 enabled = false ; COM port, e.g. COM3 port = [pin2dmd] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a PIN2DMD enabled = true [browserstream] ; if enabled, stream to your browser in your LAN enabled = false port = 9090 [vpdbstream] ; if enabled, stream DMD to https://test.vpdb.io/live enabled = false endpoint = https://api-test.vpdb.io/ [video] ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file enabled = false ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used. path = [pinup] ; if enabled, send frames to PinUP. enabled = true When running Freezy's 1.7.0 DLL the game will load, virtual DMD will show (pin2dmd display is black), but then VPM crashes and VP exits completely. If I simply replace Freezy's DLL with the dmddevice.dll from the Pin2DMD github and everything works fine. I've ensured that I'm running Pin2DMD v2.55 firmware also tried v2.50. Ensured that PinMAME is updated, SAM dll is updated, VPX 10.5, etc. I do have the dmddevice.dll also in. The dll needs to be in these folders in order for these games to work. D:\Visual Pinball\XDMD D:\Visual Pinball\VPinSPA
  22. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    I’m sure it’s a stupid question but pin2dmd enabled in the ini?
  23. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    The only dmddevice.dlls I have are these. None of which are on my OS drive.
  24. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Make sure you don’t have any other dmddevice dlls in folders like syswow64, sytem32 etc. Only in vpinmame folder!
  25. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Since I don't have a pin2dmd I'm really on thin ice here. But, that is basically what happens to me if a bad combination of *.dll files exists. Maybe one guy that has it working - updated and all could make archive of just the files in vpinmame and see if that helps.
  26. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    PinMAME games will not display on my Pin2DMD when using Freezy's DLL.
  27. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    What’s the exact issue?
  28. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    I seem to have an issue with Freezy's DLL displaying PinMAME on Pin2DMD. This happened with previous versions as well, but figured I'd try to update to 1.7.0. I'm currently using Pin2DMD firmware 2.55.
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