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  2. Yeah that pinside thread , when not derailed, is pure gold
  3. I think it'd be great if Lucky made a more comprehensive tutorial as a companion to the source files, He fixed a lot of things I did wrong in the making of this colorization.
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  5. I can't think of anything that has changed with VPM that would impact those games. This may be an issue with the patch or Pin2DMD fw. Can you post a report on a Pin2DMD thread? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. the new patches dont work. I had to revert to the old ones. Pinmame crashes with new patches roms Pin2dmd 2.40 firmware 2.9. pinmame 32 bit- Win 7 64 bit
  7. I've been watching the videos a bit to see if I can figure this out... hopefully your source files can aid in that process. Thanks.
  8. new way of sorting out interference flicking on future pinball on sash latest shield pin 1 and 4 on swd to gnd on power pack plus pin 4 swd pins was missing when it worked for vpinball mame still no gnd on the panels but stull trying to find a gnd to tie to. the shield
  9. It is so sad, that you blame me all the time. Just because of your ego. I have no real pinball to try something and all jumpers are labeled. My real life job keeps me busy (yours may be not) and I don't check all the threads every day. We worked so good together and just because of your ego it is all gone... You say all the time "one phone call can fix a lot of issues"... so call me, when you like to fix it! And now you can blame me again, like every time...
  10. Thanks for that. Worked a treat
  11. @bent98,I don't recall your setup. Can you give some more details? How do they not work? Are you using a Pin2DMD?
  12. 1;Sorry for the newbie question but how do I get th table to work? My launch keeps telling me, "Line 58: game not found!" I fiure that's got to do with vPinMAME not finding the rom but I've place avr_200.zip in my roms directory but in my test list for vPinMAME 2.9 I can't see Avatar. Do I have the wrong vPinMAME version, if so which version should I have or how do I add it to vPinMAME?
  13. I saw there was a new shrek and POTC color rom patch. I tried them but they didnt work with pinmame 2.9.
  14. Glad that it is working now. This jumper does not even exist in my reference design on github. Sad that it causes trouble and I have to take care of it.
  15. I think its more beneficial to everyone to have the source. Seeing how things work is easier to learn from for me that looking at a guide. Lucky1 still helped me out immensely with this.
  16. Congratz on finalizing SFII ! Also thanks for sharing the source files so I can learn from it. When I'm back from holiday the first thing I will do is play SFII with color dmd .
  17. Yep I'm familiar with that page will circle back again
  18. Its in the documentation where you downloaded that dll - section reporting bugs. Set Cabinet mode. You probably read about that at Carney's link about DMD.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Yeah totally understand. Tech is very impressive Tables work perfectly when external is not checked. How do I turn on debugging? For now I'm defaulting to no external checked, loading though Pinballx and then F1 to change to external than f3. Work around for now. Not sure if they're are shortcuts to uncheck/check. Also noticed that powered by mame is showing when the table loads. Before it would just load without showing screen. Likely due to me deleting the rom name in registry during troubleshooting. Need to figure out how to change that back.
  21. Turn on debugging for the dmddevice. Try the same tables, untick the use external dmd - doesn't it happen then, well, then the log might be something freezy would be interested in looking at one time in the future. Bugs should be posted on github. You have to remember - you're running bleeding edge software where there will be bugs, so, if this IS related to that dll, well, then you're kind of out of luck because the programmer doesn't have time right now to work on the project. We have to respect that, it is after all something he does for free out of love for pinball and this community.
  22. oh ok - just to be clear, that will only work on pin2dmd hardware not the virtual dmd right? I only have the virtual dmd option On my end, still troubleshooting and now it works just randomly. I just open table, it crashes, repeat and now it opens. But it's not repeatable. I get an error from VP but not sure that's helpful. What's the best thing to look for to report this bug?
  23. That was It! Thanks for sticking with me, lucky1!!!
  24. do you have the .Net requirements installed? I cant remember them of the top of my head. Check the DOF install guide.
  25. i guess everyone's system worked first time
  26. Appreciate the response lucky. What dll are you referring too that works and can you share here? You mention vpx is timing critical - wasn't following.
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