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  3. I don’t even own a PC so I can’t try the new stuff. Getting a new computer is on my list but way down with the low priority stuff.
  4. But you've tried at least the latest and greatest ? It has become damn impressive. Stuff like this is made Ok, if that can't tempt you - nothing will Anyway. Nice to see you're not completely forgotten about us. Don't be a stranger !
  5. Well, I’m not really back to visual pinball again. Only passing by. I will maybe stop by more frequently in the future.
  6. I believe @NailBuster forked it if from @freezy and that it is available on github. https://github.com/nailbuster/dmd-extensions
  7. Where can I find the modifications made to freezys dll ?
  8. This is why I'm thinking it's a firmware issue... My buddy rablack was one of the testers, he uses a pin2dmd, and has PinUp running. However, he's running a much earlier version of firmware for the pin2DMD.
  9. I hear different reports from pin2dmd users. Terry stated that some can run anything. I know that Senseless had some issues with some Gottlieb. I was still under the impression that the dmddevice provided by lucky was the recommended one ?! PinUP uses a slightly modified version of freezy'.
  10. I've been trying to get PinUp Player to work, but it crashes PinMAME when using the dmddevice.dll that is supposed to be unified. I've narrowed the crashing down to using the most recent Pin2DMD firmware v2.51 with the unified dmddevice.dll from PinUP. I guess I could downgrade firmware, but don't really want to loose the more enhanced color options.
  11. It's a helper app. I know he used it for giving a extra keypress for the R6034. Maybe he should add that functionality back since I haven't been able to get rid of it. I don't find what else he said it did.
  12. Hmm, what would cause the Controller error when trying to load via VP? Just trying to launch table via VP directly. What is ProcPinXBefore.exe for?
  13. Last week
  14. When I try to register the controller this is what I'm getting... Is this right? c:\P-ROC\tools>python register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py --register register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py:194: SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level def Run(self, extra_arg=None): Registered: VPROC.Controller
  15. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    @JeanDrEaD unfortunately, arduinos with ch340 aren't compatible with this flashing procedure,. Sorry
  16. start up trouble on my pin2dmd activation sega

    ....please do not forget me ....
  17. Nice to see you back Rosve. Hope you decide to stay awhile too. There has been a lot of changes as you see to VP in the last couple of years I'm not into the coding but I know that there has been done changes to db2s and I'm not sure if that has updated to any repo.
  18. Hi everyone, I've been away from virtual pinball for quite some time now but a few days ago I found out that Stefan (Herweh) made the source code public. I am surprised to find that the old screen selection "bug" from my original B2S code is still in there. The backglass screen number that you enter into the screenres file is used in B2S to select the display with that number in it's name: DISPLAY1, DISPLAY2 ... A better solution would be to use the number in screenres to select a screen from the screen order as it is defined by the user. Number 1 should point to the first display, number 2 should point to the second display and so on. Same method as the old UVP and probably also PinballX is using. Here is a suggestion to any programmer who want to experiment with it. The screenshots are from the class B2SScreen in the b2sbackglassserver. Same changes must probably be made in the b2backglassserverexe as well. My changes are highlighted in the screenshots. Only problem with this change is that the old B2S.exe files may be displayed on the wrong screen for some users. Could be solved by storing the old b2s in a separate folder with it's on screenres file.
  19. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Maybe this helps
  20. Pin2Dmd Editor

    "Color Mask Seq" is explained in one of the YouTube videos. I have linked to where it is discussed below. I am trying to use this method in The Getaway but so far haven't got it working.
  21. start up trouble on my pin2dmd activation sega

    thank you very much lalicata.gaetano@hotmail.com
  22. start up trouble on my pin2dmd activation sega

    Hi tanino, Please mail me your contact data and I’ll send you all necessary tools etc via mail.
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