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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm looking for prototype ROM for the cirqus Voltaire pinball and also the prototype old ringmaster voice. is it still possible to find the D58 D60 or L1 ... or maybe others (voice...). thanks in advance for any help.
  3. @fastdraw can you share chrono.ogg please? Tu peux partager le fichier chrono.ogg stp? Merci
  4. You can use the 32bit version of the pin2dmd tool
  5. hello I would like to switch my 4 color files under DMC extension to PAL extension while waiting for multi color version how to do please
  6. I don't have a pincab but most of the guys that have built one say that plywood is stronger than MDF. I'd say that applying a veneer would be easier than trying to figure out how to do joints so the end grain does not show.
  7. Here's a few more updates. Thanks Rockdude233 and lucky1 for pointing me in the right direction. Multiple scenes and keyframes for dynamic content is the only way it works for an LCD, at least as far as I've discovered.
  8. Last week
  9. Fast flips will probably not work - the address changes with every build. The worst case is slow flips or flippers that are always turned on, until I get around to adding it. Please add the ROM CRCs and stuff to vpinmame for that rom first, then I can take care of the fast flip addition for it.
  10. Makes this pin sooooooo mutch cooler! Thanks for all your work!
  11. Yes. Just rename for now although I don't know if fastflips will still work for it. Toxie is still in the process of fixing DE timing, so I hesitate to just run a build today. Plus, @DJRobX or somebody may need to see if the new game code requires a change in the arm 7 memory address to support fastflips. The process for identifying which memory address is described in the source. I'd try to figure it out, but I'm just too busy with RL work at the moment. Of course, if you do rename and fastflips is still good then report it here. This would at least save us a step.
  12. Check out my build: Or, the VPF topic here: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=43812&hl= I mostly used MDF and plywood but veneered the entire thing in Zebrawood. I think that is a really good compromise: ease of building with sheet goods but the look of whatever species of wood you can imagine. Pretty cost effective too. oakwoodveneer.com and several other vendors have great selections of real and reconstituted wood veneer. All I can say is that my wife is letting me put it in the living room
  13. The mask is only valid for the specific frame and not a global mask . The spinner to select the mask number is disabled. btw Global masks are limited to 25 (0-24) and Colormask Layered masks are limited to 10 masks for now.
  14. Hello, I have all of the DOF software working and can get a LED working with my LEDWIZ but I tried to wire the shaker motor the same way as the LED and the motor just spins really slow and then quits. I've searched forums and diagrams for hours and nobody seems to just have a simple wiring diagram with a LEDWIZ and a power supply and a motor. I have seen some with a Relay or a Booster but I don't understand why either one does and if I need one or the other???? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need something else what would I buy and where?
  15. Thanks, Lucky1. Question - for the Sequence modes - if you use masks to set the triggering hash on frames, do those masks count toward the 10-mask limit or are those a different type of mask?
  16. If your business skills are half as good as your DMD coloring skills, you'll make it for sure! Best of luck!
  17. Unbelievable. That’s just sick. Thanks for your hard work
  18. Would this be a good example of where to use the Colormask Sequence mode if he did have a real dmd? I was wondering if you could just give an overview of this mode as well as the Replace Sequence and Replace Masked modes? I don't think anyone is really utilizing them at this point because of a lack of understanding as to their purpose.
  19. SPOILER ALERT! For those who would like to get an insight into the current state of my Jurassic Park colorization, the incredible @Wob provided 10 minutes of gameplay in this video, thank you so much Bro! I underestimated the dynamic content of this table, it was really an insane amount of work to reach the current state (around 500+ hours). I will have to fix some minor issues as you will se in the video, but I hope to be ready for a release at the end of next week. Stay safe!
  20. From what I understood he does not have a real dmd which means he can´t use the new coloring modes.
  21. Good luck my friend, and thanks for all that you have done
  22. Not quite sure how you are stating this, but yes you want to mask out the match numbers so that they do not contribute to the hashtag calculation (so no matter what random numbers pop up, the keyframe hashtag will be identical for that particular frame). Btw, as I stated before, this is probably not the most efficient way to do this (again I suspect the ColorMask Sequence is the way to go), but it does work.
  23. I see. So I would have 20 single scenes, each one masked, and then 20 keyframes to match. Now the question is, since it’s a dynamic scene with the match numbers, I assume I would have to make the D-Mask set for the static image, (being the word Match) for all 20 frames. That makes sense in my head. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  24. Are you using a multi-frame ColorMask to accomplish this? If so, this is what I was talking about in one of my previous posts. I usually end up doing multiple single frame Colormask scenes to get it to work correctly. So if this match scene is a 20 frame animation, I would make 20 single-frame Colormask scenes and then have to keyframe each one as well. However, Lucky1 is saying the Colormask Sequence mode is functional now, and I believe that is what needs to be used in cases like this (as long as it's a real dmd you are using). However, I really haven't used that mode myself (waiting for instruction from someone who has used it before).
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