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  3. I have ordered many boards and the number of problems has been pretty low. I did have 2 or 3 where the solder points on the card holder were loose on one side. If pressed down on the holder against the PCB it would read the card. If you let it go you got nothing. It didn't go blank as you've indicated though. That's all I have regarding the card holder...
  4. hi, just a question regarding the orders placed by pcbway... Has anyone received a pcb from the PIN2DMD display with a problem? i bought a number of pcbs and one of them seems to be a problem with the memory card slot. I managed to load the dfu mode from the display and put the .upd file on the memory card. it happens that the signal display and the PIN2DMD logo appears in the current version when turning it on, when it is without the memory card. when I insert the memory card and restart the display it does not give an image signal. it seems to me that the card slot may be in trouble (shorting), as I remove the card and restart the display, the PIN2DMD image will work again. I tested other cards and to no avail. someone already had this problem are you able to solve? thank you!
  5. Hi, someone to help me ? Maybe another usb driver / dll to suggest ? Thx
    Thanks for the update! looks great!!
  6. Joe

    Stern Roms

    the .spk files are not the full images. for mame you may want the full SD card images (Not in pinmame / mame any time soon (don't piss stern off people need the files to fix there games if needed))
  7. Last week
  8. Maybe you need to adjust the RGB Sequences. The the colors on the startup screen need to match the colors PIN2DMD.com startpage. (RED second to left and yellow second to right) THE RGB sequence can be adjusted in the onscreen menu.
  9. I can't deal with colors in STNNG, the latest version of PIN2DMD (3.13), ROM L7 and still the colors do not match those created by slippifishi, on other machines where I have PIN2DMD works well.
  10. I've looked a bit more in this by doing the following: Entering the debugging screen (ESC while playing table) I went to the lights section which allows you to turn ON\OFF\BLINKING individual lights. I was able to turn on any light I wanted except for the monster heads and others mentioned above. The light properties look OK to me but I'm new to virtual pinball and just started dipping my toe into the editor. Maybe the lights are behind something opaque? Any help or suggestions on where to go next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robb
  11. Everything you need for this game is in the support topic which is the one you posted in
  12. Have been trying to contact CB3 for his real pin color files - he does not seem to lurk here regularly. Does anybody else have files for sale or have an email for CB3? Cheers
    Just getting back into VP, and these backglasses really add to the nostalgia and immersion. This one is great!
  13. That sounds like multiple problems and not enough information. 4 colors palette and Spike pinball ? Spike needs 16 colors ! Is it a Spike pinball machine ? Key on the SD and not activated = wrong key or keyfile not named correctly. ONLY keys starting with # must be renamed to pin2dmd.key
  14. I was trying to create a 4 color palette using the editor and what i think was the color prism. I now have an issue, display just shows pin2dmd logo and states stern spike, will not fully boot. It states it is not activated, albeit the key file is still on SD card. I did select reset from menu. any ideas to fix?
  15. un GRAND MERCI pour tout ce que vous faite pour nous 😄

  16. Official rev r5046 Added Last Action Hero 1.07 and 1.04 French [volkenborn] Corrected rom for Pentacup (rev. 2) [volkenborn] SAMBuild_r5046.zip
  17. 25 downloads

  18. I asked the author of pinball browsermultiple times to add a readable export format to his app but he did not want to do it. Additionally the concepts from the browser and the editor are different. Pinball browser colorizes the frames by modifying the ROM. The Editor needs the frames like they come from the dmd controller.
  19. Upload the project somewhere and send me the link
  20. That function was requested by other users to be used together with older machines which don´t have a DMD. They preloaded a picture with e.g the manufacturer logo which stayed there during gameplay. You can use a file called dmdlogo.txt to display what you want on exit. Example attached. dmdlogo.txt
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