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  2. I am extremely sorry, I ask a hannibals Which was the last mod available, I respect your work and if you want That i remove the mod, i supress the mod away, excuse me again
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  4. "Man that ones really got guts! And they're falling out" Harrumph. Thanks for chiming in wildman. Let all be a little slower to throw stones or zombie heads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. From the album STM

  6. The new V2 editor will make this possible
  7. Ha, fair enough. Was not sure if this is even possible given I have not looked at the source.
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  9. The only example I can give is for the game Im working on. The street fighter logo appears in the middle then scrolls up. I redrew a new better logo, but I cant copy it from a previous frame and shift it up a few rows. I have to redraw the entire thing a few rows up, which obviously gets easier as the logo disappears
  10. The system clipboard support is only basic right now, but could be improved. For color masking there is already a mode where you can post mask portions and place them to the exact position. Similar thing could be done with images from drawing program. Need to figure out image / mask formats when using Photoshop ...
  11. My daddy always told me to be satisfied with what I get instead of asking for more, but since Steve is not my dad maybe he is willing to do something about that.
  12. I only used the fill tool for this on the first picture and filled the letters with color block 2 (colors 5-8) and the shadows with Block 3 (colors 9-12) Then I used "copy to next" on the complete scene. - Done The random bubble effect kind of limits the palette in this scene. Finding the right combination of colors to preserve the bubble effect was the "hardest" part. I had to play a little with the palette to figure that out (one minute or so) 6 colors should be no problem given that Block 4 is still fully available. The only difference would be that you have to spend a little more time on th first picture. The rest is the same. You should play a little bit with the ColMask mode to get familiar with it..The hard thing here is to understand how it works. Once you understood the principle, it is easy to do colorizations like this.
  13. Is there a post somewhere that explains what the items in DOF mean and Do Examples 10 Bumper AH AL AT AW E103 AL0 AT0 AW100 AH15 L1 E201 f200 AL0 AT0 AW100 AH15 L2 w400 f200 AL0 AT0 AW100 AH15 L3/E115 White AT80 AH20 AL0 AW100 700 3 BPW20 FD60 ASDD ASS300 L0/E115 White AT80 AH20 AL0 AW100 700 3 BPW20 FD60 ASDD ASS300 L0 @t@ @dt@ $PBXWheelLeft White 80 AL0 AW100 ADL AS500/$PBXWheelRight White 80 AL0 AW100 ADR AS500/$PBXWheelPageRight|$PBXWheelPageLeft White 500 AL0 AW100 AFDEN30 AFMIN80 AFMAX120
  14. Most sterns that uses a fire-button, the authors have chosen right magna-save.
  15. hi, I am new to vpx but got the table running! thanks! I am stuck on how to configure a key to fire the crossbow> help?
  16. I wish I had a video of you doing this so that I could see how it was done. What if you wanted to do it in say, 6 different colors though? Would you have been able to color it as quickly as described?
  17. Well I have left jobs where I did not like the tech stack. I much prefer Linux and PHP to Windows and .NET. A place I worked was switching from LAMP to .NET so I left. I realize it would have probably been in my best interest to diversify myself and learn .NET a bit more but I detest that framework, probably more than I dislike Java. Being that my familiarity with Java is rather low I will spend a great deal of time just ramping up on it, which is not something that I am particularly interested in doing either but I may in order to help out. It depends on my free time, which lately I have none. Today was a 17 hour work day for me (yesterday was 14). I would rather spend this time with my family but am more than willing to help out if it makes sense. What is the frontend app? I have not seen it yet. That interests me more than working on Java.
  18. Thank you, i will look at that. I am thinking something is just getting lost on me.
  19. Last week
  20. Sorry for the delay, I was pretty busy. I will try your file soon. Thank you so much
  21. Awwwwww man that will be AWESOME! Would we have to draw the whole frame in an external program (i.e. photoshop) or can we copy pasta portions? Super excited for this!!!!!
  22. I really hate to say anything but this is a VP10 alert post which is auto generated by the forum software it doesn't post all of the information.. The original post of the file is a separate post made by the author ...which is were the download is located / support / and as you can see from day one that credit was all listed there on who made the original table file ......it was not edited now whether the table is good or not lol I cant say and if permission to mod wasn't.. right again I cant say... Its just you dudes are raggin on the guy for not saying who made the original table that he modded and he did....so? .
  23. Just to be clear I'm also working hard on my day to day job and cannot do anything with love or hate with respect to programming languages. It's all just tools, firmware is build with C/C++ for goDmd partly based on nodemcu. Web frontend application for goDmd is based on simple HTML and jQuery/JavaScript. You have to be flexible these days. Maybe you can contribute in some other way...
  24. I just took a quick look at the intro and it took me about 5 minutes to colorize it using the method described. Here are the project files ft.zip
  25. I had not seen that POC video but that is very impressive. I am currently working 12+ hour days and am quickly approaching burnout at the end of those days unfortunately. Also I am allergic (READ: HATE) Java development. However if I ever have any time to contribute to open source coding my efforts would more than likely go towards this project.
  26. The pin2dmd firmware supports up to 32k colors (5bit per channel). This color depth is also supported in the editor in general. Not sure if you ever saw this poc video And the editor is open source, at least for the most part. see https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock new version is on branch feature/follow-hash. So if your are a developer and like to contribute some cool colorization feature / drawing tools, feel free to contribute. I will be happy to see somebody other than me working on that stuff.
  27. I couldn't agree more with both comments above!
  28. I am not sure but some sort of detection of similarities between frames to give the option to autocolor would be nice. Not sure how one would code that however. It would dramatically speed up the process. This is of course assuming that a game can support the 16 colors on the actual hardware if colored frame by frame. I am unsure about that. I should also state I am a software developer, however primarily with php, angular, and more recently vuejs. I however am not sure what is technically possible in the case of this editor.
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