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  2. Yeah, well, there were some code that DJRobX found when he debugged Metallica crashes. That change was pushed to upstream awaiting 10.3 release. Maybe related to what you now are experiencing.
  3. I was getting very regular crashing with Metallica LE and occasionally on TWD LE. This was using: Using PinMAME r4285, VPX 10.21, dmdext 1.5.2 (with or without Pinball X gave same result, using coloured roms) I have since tried "only" updating to the latest VPX 10.3 beta (3089), and "so far" I haven't had any crashes with Metallica LE, or TWD LE, and the hammer, all lighting for Star Trek LE and other tables,ACDC diverter, etc....seems to be working. No crashes yet. While I do have more testing to do.... it's so far so good.
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  5. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=37744&p=377889
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  7. Thanks for the hint, and you are spot on, I am getting a .NET Runtime error. Application: VPinballX.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: exception code c0000005, exception address 01080348 Stack: It is odd that it is only an issue with the latest vpinmame.dll files. How did you manage to fix this? Thanks, Wob Edit: I should say I am running Windows 10 Pro, with the latest "Creative Update"
    Thank you Chucky
    The master is at it again. Thank you Wildman!
  8. I read dmdext has issues which could be why you have slowed down dmd. Try running with internal dmd Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  9. Were you able to find a fix for that? I'm also getting a .net error after a crash as you describe, but I can't re-install Net 4.0+ as Windows says it's already on the system,etc.... I'm using Win 10 Pro I also get the slow down effect of the DMD in Walking Dead LE sometimes. Using PinMAME r4285, VPX 10.21, dmdext 1.5.2
  10. You might check your windows events error log right after a crash on Metallica. I was getting this also and found it was actually a .net error. Nothing to do with SAM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. You gave the answer yourself. Since you use freezy´s dll you need to wait for him to update.
  12. Hmm, I don't think I'm running the latest firmware... after my last issues, not sure if I want to mess with firmware again. Ok, went ahead and updated the firmware. Seems to be working now. Thanks Lucky!
  13. how about those of us that don't use an actual pin2dmd? i have freezy's latest dmddevice.dll (1.5.2) and all other color roms are working fine with my lcd monitor. this one just crashes on startup. i have tried lucky1's dmddevice.dll but i think this only works for actual pin2dmd hardware. any suggestions? thanks, these color roms are sweet!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I found a green screen of the cars, added in a animated checkered flag. There is black space at the bottom because when two cars go by side by side, the nearest cars tires hit the 822 line. Think of the black as fresh asphalt.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    I used same principle as Corvette, with Jeff Gordon's #24 Chevrolet. Animated waving checkered flag, car rolls in, stops, then speeds out.
  16. Hi, OK, I did some more testing tonight, I stuck to using the Metallica Premium Table for testing as it seems to be the one that crashes most often, usually within a game or two (and I am not very good, so maybe 10min max). The crash is very random, it can be at any point in the game, or even as it was doing the match number. I am using a pin2dmd and have lucky1's latest dmddevice.dll (I updated tonight to the one from 4 days ago, but had the same issue with the release just prior to that). I am also using the colourised version of the rom (mtl_170hc). But as previously mention this is not limited to fully colourised roms, although I do use at least a basic colour patch on most tables. For reference I am also launching from pinballx using the version of XDMD that calls dmddevice.dll. To test I have just been copying various versions of the vpinmame.dll file, I have taken no other action apart from changing this file. So far it does seems linked to the vpinmame.dll, if I use either 4277 or 4285 (yes I know they are technically the same) I get the crashes as above, if I use 4253 I no longer see a crash, although as expected the hammer will not work. I played half a dozen games without a crash. I have run out of time tonight, but I will test some more tables using 4253 to see if any crash, but I was running that version since its release without any crashes. I will also do some testing outside of pinballx to eliminate that as a cause. Is there any other diagnostics I can do to test for possible conflicts? Thanks, Wob
    Hey this one is great for Loading Screen at PinballX
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Animated fireworks, and a little glare on the tents.
  18. Hi, I am having some random crashes during game play, VP just crashes and I am spat back to PinballX. I am still trying to work out exactly what is causing the issue, The crash.txt files don't seem to be giving me any useful information. I suspect it is related to versions of vpinmame as it has been the only thing I have updated recently. I have updated my nvidia drivers and tried disabling\enabling at91jit without success. So far I have had crashes in "Metallica Premium Monsters", "Attack From Mars", "AC\DC" and "Austin Powers". Metallica seems to be the one I can get to crash regularly, it will crash most games, the others seem very random. What I was hoping to do is run a script that will control vpinmame.dll files, run a stable version for most of my tables, and then copy the beta in place for the newer tables that need it. So question is, will copying the vpinmame.dll be enough, I know the recommended step when in stalling a new version is to run the setup and click install, does this do something more in the registry or somewhere else? And before I try and re-invent the wheel, does anyone already have a script doing this, or something similar? Thanks, Wob
  19. No need to patch any ROM here. You have o make sure that you use the latest dmddevice.dll from my github account in integration together with the latest firmware.
  20. Did you patch the rom with the bsdiff utility Dazz? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  22. I placed both files into altcolor/simpprty and seem to only be getting different shades of yellow...
  23. Anytime I can help you know I'm like stink on shit
  24. Thanks, bro. Appreciate the assistance.
  25. It runs with anything. Or it should. Yes that's the one from freezy
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