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  2. What do I need to create dmp files from a real pin? Is it as simple as connecting the micro USB cable to a PC while playing the table? It seems like I would need a program to capture the data?
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  4. Do I need a V4 shield for pin2dmd firmware to connect?

    fixed, had winusb as the driver. installed libusb and all seems well at this point
  5. dmdext gives pin2dmd not found. help

    that was it, had winusb installed probably read that 100 times, just kept reinstalling winusb. thanks for the nudge.
  6. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Virtual DMD ? Do you use freezy´s DLL ? If yes did you try mine ? The OS version (64bit) is not relevant for the DLL version. Only the 64bit version of pinmame needs the 64bit DLL.
  7. dmdext gives pin2dmd not found. help

    Which driver is installed for the device ? libusb or winusb ?
  8. Indiana Jones

    sorry if I double post, but this site runs like crap on my PC I re cut the monkey brain scene and added all the frame triggers ( I did not color any scenes) https://mega.nz/#!0s1ngByC!_TstQ20JKmYTEK2jkHfqNDlfmjabRcpbqbHYNPV0JO4 now it does not matter what the score or the time on the counter is the frames will swich I added an spread sheet of all the scenes I cut and the hash triggers I added you can see that Monkey Brain 3 is made up of a frame found in scene Monkey Brain 1 and another frame found in Monkey Brain 9 Monkey Brain 1 (551f7ba) will trigger Monkey Brain 3 (551f7ba) so I did not add a trigger for Monkey Brain 3 (551f7ba) but I did add Monkey Brain 3 (F074B4EF) similarly I did not add Monkey Brain 10 (F074B4EF) because Monkey Brain 3 (F074B4EF) will trigger Monkey Brain 10 more then likely you will have to do the same for the Gun Fight Scene and the rail cart scene any scene with a countdown timer.
  9. Indiana Jones

    Thanks for the hints! Will try it! Here is another wip indy project2.zip
  10. Thank you to both of you for your responses. I'm stepping away. Sorry if I came across as rude.
  11. dmdext gives pin2dmd not found. help

    I am using the v1.7.1 of DMDext. Nucleo 144 F429 with pin2dmd v2.55 installed and ACTIVATED. I get the following: C:\DMDext>dmdext test [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.945 INFO | Launching console tool. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.974 INFO | PinDMDv1 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.996 INFO | PinDMDv2 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.000 INFO | Checking port COM1 for PinDMDv3... [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 ERROR | Error: The parameter is incorrect. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 INFO | PinDMDv3 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.145 INFO | Added VirtualDMD renderer. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Resizing virtual DMD to 128x32 [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Setting up Render Graph for 1 destination(s) [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Connecting Image Source to Dmd (Bitmap => Bitmap) [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.187 INFO | Press CTRL+C to close. [5] 2018/08/16 08:39:59.452 DEBUG | Disposing Render Graph... [5] 2018/08/16 08:39:59.452 INFO | Source for 1 renderer(s) stopped. ^C C:\DMDext>dmdext test -d pin2dmd [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.345 INFO | Launching console tool. [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.388 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.389 ERROR | Device PIN2DMD is not available. The USB registry shows VID_0314&PID_E457 which sort of matches what the code is looking for when parsing the registry list. I have been at this problem for about a week trying all sorts of suggested solutions. I know I have probably missed something since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks MIke
  12. ^And this is what I'm talking about. When users have pointed this out, you get defensive. Which one? There are several. And several pages long with other users whose concerns and issues mirror my own and don't exactly work out in the end. Because, frankly, I don't have the time to screw around with something that doesn't work as it should. I only revisited it when I had the time. I consulted every forum as you suggested back when Evil Dead was first released. P-ROC would not function no matter the steps taken. The fact that it DID work after taking additional steps that weren't actually written down in your documentation is telling. That said, I admire what you do and I am attempting to be diplomatic. Thank you for your work. I just wish you'd be more patient from time to time. That's not unreasonable.
  13. @Thalamus - I am well aware that my preferences do not mirror the preferences of others. As I've said, I don't have an issue with ED. Jaws, on the other hand, isn't very good despite the best of intentions. My biggest issue, despite everything, isn't so much the lighting as it is P-ROC and the hoops you have to jump through in order to get it to function correctly.
  14. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hi Lucky, can I ask for support on this... I've been updating everything to the latest...latest pinmame (v3.2 rev 4641), latest VPX (v10.5.3490), latest pindmd (2.57 (although display says 2.55). Now.... a lot of STERN tables do not work anymore: when starting up the BG comes up, table comes up (no lights) and then....few seconds, VPX hard crashes, back to Windows screen. Of course this could be everything but... When I go into the test-function of pinmame itself and I choose game-options, disable external .dll then the table is fine, starting perfect (although no pin2dmd but when I enable it, I can get a virtual display. Now...this might be a sign that there is something with the pin2dmd as disabeling it from the f1 menu (or, as I can not get the table running I change it in the Pinmame test menu). As a test I switched all to non-colorized ROM's. As a wild gues I reverted the pin2dmd software (both firmware and dll to V2.37 (I know...old one) and that worked! Tested 2.45: also ok....2.50..also ok 2.55 does not work for me and also 2.57 does not work anymore. So, with 2.50: now tables start, real colored rom's won't work (but that might also be a pinmame issue) standard colorized option does work. Now...any clue? 1 thing I do not know: I am on Win7 64 bit. Do I need the 64bit dll from the github source? (I tried it but it did not work as well). Tested with: AC/DC Rom : acd_168 Avatar Rom : avr_200 Metallica : mtl_170h color roms for ad/dc and mtl I can not get to work (anymore) with this 2.50 pin2dmd version Thank you!
  15. RGB sequence changes when I load a new DAT file

    You are doing nothing wrong. Dat files created with the exe in offline mode without usb connection are all RGB
  16. Hi, Really stuck with this one....I have the Metallica premium monsters 4k table installed..with the correct rom mL_170h...the table is working fine....I also have the mL_170h rom selected in direct output etc...however only a couple of lights work i.e. strobe, right lamp in yellow, middle lamp in yellow - these are only at certain times....yet the table has loads of lighting going on, my motor works when the cross goes up and down....and I have watched several videos on you tube with similar setups and there is loads of DOF lighting?.... I have Zebs 5 RGB bar with 2 stores, shaker, knocker, motor, 10 contactors etc...all work fine on all other tables....just this one? Any helps would be appreciated, Sean
  17. My panels are RBG not RGB, so I change the sequence using the menu and option button on the shield. When I load a new DAT file created with PIN2DMD.exe (V2.53) the sequence reverts to default and I have to change the sequence with the buttons again. I have firmware 2.55. Not a big issue because as long as I don't change the DAT file again, but was just interested to know if I am doing something wrong.
  18. @tabascoman77 The above mentioned issues are to me one of the reasons I like especially ED myself - so there. Of course, if I where not to like it. Then, I couldn't really change/adjust it. So, I understand where you're coming from. Just don't make assumptions that your preferences are like everyone else. Even though you try to be polite about it, I don't appreciate your tone very much.
  19. Not my problem and I could care less how you got on. Have made a few guides over the years, plus the one that currently with vproc controller and a 2.7 which work on every machine I install on, if you really got stuck you could go to the source p-roc forum. Sure. Then why did it take you months to install a proc? This as your Best original based on Lighting. Fair play. I find it pretty dark aside from flashers, maybe I should have given you my screen brightness values. There's more to do in this aside from it being multiballs compared to original, but should've done the lighting better then maybe would've gotten good review. You weren't the first to bring it up anyway, if you got it working months ago you could have bought it up sooner and mentioned it then I would've adjusted to your preferences.
  20. Horse, I love your dedication to VP, but I'll say this without any regret and with all due respect: there are times I feel like you resent the users trying to install P-ROC and you get frustrated to the point where you don't listen to reason -- especially when the solutions you give don't work out. I get it. You hear the same thing each day about P-ROC: it's a pain to install and it won't work. There's a reason for that: P-ROC is a giant pain in the ass. It took me months to get it up and running and ONLY after running an updated installer PLUS another installer. Running either/or didn't work and still doesn't work. I'm glad it works now and I was able to find a way around. And I am someone whose job, in real life, is to make things work and install complicated software and hardware. Secondly, Evil Dead and Jaws are neat...but the lighting DOES need work. Evil Dead is bearable. Jaws is awful. In fact, Jaws VP, as a table, isn't a very good translation from the FP version at all. The FP version, in my opinion, is one of the greatest original tables of all-time. The lighting is a huge reason. It's far too bright and VP doesn't seem to allow you to fix the issue. Additionally, you have moments where every light on the table flashes so bright, you lose track of the path of the ball and that's plain annoying. The drain sequence on FP is cooler, the lighting is much more moody, the old school DMD just works better (the animations on the P-ROC display are cringeworthy -- though it works well with Evil Dead, giving off a cool "Dragon's Lair" vibe), and the toys don't feel like they're glued-on cardboard bits. That said, I love what you do and I like your passion. So, for what it's worth, keep up the good work.
  21. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Wow, this is just what I have been wanting. I tried just to color a few frames but had trouble as the editor has changed a lot over time and was a little hard to follow the older video tutorials. I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks!!! I tried again to create a simple coloring of the first few frames of Addams Family. I just want to color the first words in the game to make sure everything is working. I get the editor to crash many times, and can only create a .pal file. I think I also need a .vni file. I have done this in the past, but can't remember how I created that file. Running the windows 64 bit version 2 program. Will try the MAC version later today, but any pointers would be very helpful. It can't be that hard to do what I want. Thanks (I was only using replace mode with 1 scene) Can we report bugs here. If I click start new project while I have 1 scene selected, program removes Imported Animations as it should, removes scenes from list box, but scene is still showing in the large DMD area, weird.
  22. Last week
  23. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Thanks CB3 for this tutorial. I've been meaning to learn the editor, this seem like a great place to start!
  24. No Output on Pin2DMD in Table but Test Good

    I was attempting to get acd_170hc working. I am running version 2.36 on my Pin2DMD. I know Lucky1 released a new firmware but I haven't updated it since all my tables were working in VPINMAME.dlls I updated B2Server to 1.3.03 and registered the dll ccorrectly. I updated VPINMAME.dll from SAMbuild version r4614 to the latest version 3.2 from I think VPINMAME 2.6 or 8 (definitely an older version) from . I updated the dmddevice.dll and updated dmddevice64.dll from Lucky1 Pin2DMD gethub (latest version). I placed the dmddevice dlls in the root VPINMAME folder. Re-ran setup – initially did an uninstall and then an install. Everything installed without error. I setup defaults as they were originally set. Ran a test with PINAME on a ROM (24 and XMN). The ROM loads and displays on the Pin2DMD while in test mode; it works perfectly. I exited the test. I opened VPX10.5 and loaded AC/DC with the acd_170hc ROM in the script. The table loads correctly with no errors. But what is happening is now, the Pin2DMD is not displaying anything – it’s black no graphics, texts, etc. I tried multiple other tables with the exact same results – nothing displaying. Again, I tried to run the ROM in test mode in VPINMAME and it is displaying on the Pin2DMD correctly. Also, tried copying the dmddevice.dlls but nothing seems to be working. I don’t know if this is a limitation, if I have a setting not correct, or if the latest vpinmame.dll is not compatible with Pin2DMD. Any thoughts on what is going on? I don’t know to go back to the older version of PinMAME and the older version of AC/DC which ran fine on the Pin2DMD; and of course, all the other tables were displaying in the Pin2DMD. I'm really lost on how to resolve this. Thanks for any help.
  25. MM

    Is there a way to use the wip to inject to the current rom? Sorry if it's a noob question, first time even looking into a color dmd mod, but Medieval Madness is my favorite table and I'd love any effects I can get in full color (I've got a pindmd v3)
  26. I present... the world premiere of BEZ BALL! For my 20th Anniversary, I decided to do make a funny pinball game for my wife... about her! This game has many modes, and a main overall objective. To defeat THE BEZ! (my wife ). She actually plays and completes the entire game! Definitely worth watching through the entire video guys. You've never seen a table quite like this before. It has a funny and cute build up to the final battle! You'll be amused... Featuring: - funny and cute Pinup Player videos from our 20 years together - amazing voice acting from...myself! I did the voices of The BEZ, my kids, my dogs, and my mother-in law! - full DOF feedback, lighting, and MX leds - many modes including: Bez Ball, Ba Ba Ball, Zack Attack, Emily's Magic Trick, and Bez Battle! - completely new table built from scratch (table, coding, sounds, music, videos, graphics) in less than 2 weeks. My first complete pinball table creation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyQoChdqBZc
  27. Sort of: We wanted to ensure that people who use the new 7.1 setups are able to configure VP9 appropriately. In VP9 it was possible to configure the table sounds to a separate card. If you switch to 7.1 or even 4.0, with the unmodified VP9 you have no way of getting the table sounds in the right place, it only supported two cards. So we ported the surround sound code and configuration bits, but did not enable the additional fade parameter in the PlaySound command. This allows you to put the playfield sounds in the right place (like a VPX table with no surround code), but the table is not able to control the fade position of sounds. It wouldn't be hard to port the final bits that allow the last fade parameter to work, but we weren't looking to add new features to VP9. We just want existing tables to play correctly on a modern configuration.
  28. HUB75 extension cable

    I could place the shield halfway between the standard DMD position and the extended DMD, then each of the 16pin cables would be about 500mm. However I think a more elegant solutions may be to boost the signals for an extension as suggested by Rappelbox. I'll do some testing with some LS245 chips and see what happens.
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