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  2. Those modes have been introduced with V3.0 of the firmware and are currently untested. Some changes needed to use these modes are still missing in the editor. Here is a short description Replace Sequence is a sequence of replacement frames. Every frame of the sequence has a hash assigned which needs to be triggered to display the next frame. Color Mask Layered is meant for video modes It is a group of colormasks triggering on sprites or parts of the frame seperately. Every colormask with a matching trigger gets applied Replace Mask is only replacing a part of the screen. Meant for split screen display like used by some Stern machines. Color Mask Sequence is like Replace Sequence but for Colormasks.
  3. Tried resetting password and get no email. Using user/pass from password vault gives "Your account has been disabled"
  4. @mjr to the rescue please regarding all those music issues!
  5. The tutorials section didn't have a more general section, so I wan't sure where to post this... Virtual Pinball can be a great hobby... but it's made up of lots of different parts of a bigger machine of software and hardware. It can be intimidating to get into. This video is a good "starting point" for both simple Desktop users and Cabinet users to install the "essentials" of the software. This will get everything you need for VPX, and most of the cabinet related software as well. Virtual Pinball: "Software" Essentials - START HERE Bookmarks: Intro - 0:01 Disclaimer - 2:24 Links and Install Guide wiki - 4:29 Anti-Virus, and Blocked Files - 6:23 VPX All in One Installer - 8:40 VPX Beta Update - 17:25 VPinMAME Update - 20:29 B2S Server Update - 21:24 DMDext (freezy) - 22:48 DOF R3++ - 31:23 Screen Layout and Windows Text Scaling - 35:21 This won't cover Pinup related software installs. There are other videos and guides for that. It also doesn't cover any front ends. Future Pinball, DOFLinx, and Pinball FX3 will be covered on separate videos, as will setting up Pinup Player and PuP-Packs for Desktop / Cabinet use. ================================================================================ Virtual Pinball: "Software" Essentials - Visual Pinball X This topic has A LOT of content, but I cover the entire spectrum to give you all the basics so you understand what everything is and how it works. You will be up and running with Visual Pinball X, tables, roms, DMDs and backglasses the right way... the FIRST time! Bookmarks: Files and Folders (everything in the Visual Pinball folder) - 0:57 VPinMAME and DMD setup (DMDext) - 18:01 Websites for Roms, Tables, directb2s and forums - 31:17 First test of a table, gameplay demo - 33:44 Video and Graphics - 35:15 Service Menu Keys and Options - 43:05 Audio Options - 45:35 Manual Ball Controller - 46:40 Keys, Nudge, DOF - 47:35 Camera Mode, POV Files - 49:30 Cabinet View - 53:08 Table Options - 57:21 B2S Server and Backglass Settings - 59:45 DDRAW, AT91JIT, Registry, Exclusive Fullscreen - 1:11:38 Pinup Player, PuP-Packs, UltraDMD - 1:17:05 Communities, Website, Forums - 1:30:12 ======================================================================================== Look out for more videos in this series in my channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/TerryRed Pinup System Install Guide Wiki (great place to start for all your VP related software and PuP related software and setup): http://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=install_guide
  6. I'm sorry to see this I'd heard bad press about his site before, lead me to create my own back matrix instead of ordering from him I hope you get a reply and your product!
  7. Moin together, thanks for the kind replys. At the moment, beef279 is testing the project, ever thank you for the already found bugs. Maybe next week I gonna start to eliminate them. @DJRobX: Thanks 4 the info, of the ball control. So far, I used the ball rolling script, but unfortunately it always crash down, when the ball is destroyed. @Pinballuser: Jap, after this page, I have all the scenes. As I said, there are still missed a few Puzzel possibilities, as they are unfortunately selected randomly. Tanks to you all. We hear from each other and have a nice weekend.
  8. Last week
  9. use the ball control and go to this site https://papa.org/learning-center/players-guide/?target=general#1522695791552-c4628d31-af81 it has all the info you need on how to trigger scenes you may not know existed.
  10. official rev r4816 SAMBuild_r4816.zip
  11. Very nice work! Thank you for sharing the project so others can build upon it if needed. In case you weren't aware, VPX has a ball control option so you can manually move the ball around with the mouse, so you can get to modes without being a good player. Hit "D" (or esc and enable debug mode) and check the ball control box. Now you can click on the table to grab the ball and drag it around. Cheers!
  12. This is AWESOME!! Been waiting for a long time for someone to take this one on. Thanks for doing it. This may be the motivation I need to get down to the cab and call my table done enough!!!!
  13. this is a question about the editor not a request I saw all of Steves YouTube videos, and in Chapter 3 he explains Color Mask Sequence (on a very old editor version) nobody has coveted this method on any of their tutorials (none that I have seen), and I have yet to download a project that has this method implemented. 1. Each Scene that implements a Color Mask Sequence is going to need a unique Mask. Do I have to dedicated a mask for each scene that is set to Color Mask Sequence. If I have 20 Color Mask Sequence scenes in a project do I need to use 20 masks? 1. I tried to use this method but I can't modify the mask the pen, bucket and square are inaccessible. Steve does a Past Over (Shift+Ctrl+V) to copy and past his mask to a different scene. when I do this I copy the colors and not the mask (again I can't modify the mask). can we please get a chapter 4 video explaining what the difference is and how to use the following methods of masking methods Replace Sequence Color Mask Layered Replace Masked Color Mask Sequence I have seen Scenes that transition from a scene with dynamic content to another scene with more dynamic content (mainly the main score display that fills the majority of the DMD screen) the way I would do those scenes is by cutting the entire scene into individual frames and then use existing masks. Aside from not being the most efficient way of doing it; this creates problems as some masks are applied to wrong scenes. This is because I have to use very small masks as the main score display takes up a large portion of the screen. I would think that it would be faster and better to use Color Mask Sequences for this type of scenes but I"m still not 100% certain on how to use this method of masking.
  14. My apologies, I misread your comments in the change log.
  15. Hi Wildman. Can't seem to get the dmd display to show on the 3rd screen sadly. Could you check the upload? Thanks
  16. That is o.k. Pin 13 only shows on the Nucleo boards and PIN9 runs through the LS123 and can´t be tested that way. With Jumper on 2-3 , enhancer needs to be set to ON in the onscreen menu. You can also test with jumper in position 1-2 and enhancer set to OFF in the onscreen menu which bypasses the LS123 circuit.
  17. Pins 9 and 13 with the jumper on ENH 2&3 doesn't show. But in you video doesn't show pin number 9 either.
  18. You can run the input test in the onscreen menu as described on pin2dmd.com and shown in this video
  19. I placed the jumper between the pins and still is only showing the PIN2DMD display letters. There's a another way to test it? There's no missing files on the SD, appart from the 3 I have? Thanks.
  20. The work that is completed so far is Really well done., Thank you for this. It fits this game really nicely . I hope that you pick this back up
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