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  2. B2S snippit steps change request

    Sorry, I never used rotation, no idea how that works... My skills with Basic is limited early Commodore times (VIC20), 35 years ago. I quickly checked Herweh's source about snippts and was unable to find any restriction. Did you tried it? Is there a message saying only steps of 4 are allowed - or limited to 90? Can you upload your b2s for testing? You could open the file with a texteditor (-> Notepad++), it is XML, clear text. It looks for me as if there should be an entry for a snipped named "SnippitRotatingSteps" which give the steps - or alternative an entry named "SnippitRotatingAngle". If the angle is given, it is calcuating: SnippitRotatingSteps = 360 / SnippitRotatingAngle which looks for me as steps would be in unit of 1 (the result from above is rounded to integers, no decimal point) If the designer limits you to enter values, you still could overwrite them using a text editor, just to try...
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  4. Lethal Weapon 3

    I’ve heard that one of the only changes in the new ROM was Multiball to Tri-Ball due to law suits. Hopefully there won’t be much to change. Did you stumble upon a cow graphic in the shooting range section? I read someone thought it was removed, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in my game with the latest rom. Eagerly looking forward to this!
  5. Lethal Weapon 3

    welp, scratch that Im running an OLD ROM revision in my pin, Steve just got me a 2.08 dmd dump, so Im going to see whats different and what needs colored in addition to the change from Multiball to Triball
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  7. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    Thank you. Can you pm me when you get those shields ready?
  8. Thank arngrim I´m glad you like it. Thanks also for the script, I will look into this. I know I have to complete some missing things. Well I know about the flippers. This is my test setup. I like to test the flippers by dropping a ball in debugmode. Too lazy to start a new game everytime, so I always enabled them. Will be solenoid powered only in the release. Yeah the GI is too bright. At the upper lanes for example. This will be my finetuning at the end. At the moment TomTower adding the ramps, since he have much better knowledge to create them. Also some nice features will be added
  9. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    No final price at the moment, but think next week is realistic. Shipping cost depends on weight and quantity. I use p2 panels, yes. But to be honest, you don't want to mess with the suppliers. Additionally you'll need a frame, power supply etc.
  10. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    Do you know how much they will be and shipping to the US? Also, for the XL, what panels do you use? P2 64x64 and put 3 of them? Thanks
  11. SOLVED ....happy days Thankyou Thalmus..
  12. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    New shield are already in production and soon available in my shop Link in my footer.
  13. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    Will you release the xl firmware for the discovery board to the public ? There is no v4 shields available yet. Thanks
  14. B2S snippit steps change request

    I cannot comment on the technical limitations but I know this issue came up years ago when some were trying to make a smooth Black Hole spinning back glass. In hoping the increase in steps could lead to an improvement in this area, i therefore approve this suggestion. Lol
  15. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    V3 is for the discovery board. V4 is for Nucleo. They both have different pinouts and are not hardware interchangeable. XL firmware is only publicly available for the new Nucleo design.
  16. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    Hi, I was wondering if the shield V3 with the Nucleo144-F429ZI board will be able to run on a real Sega Batman with 3 x P2 64 x 64 panels. I see that in the last version, there is a .bin to flash the Nucleo board to support XL DMDs but does not mention if would work with the Shield V3. Thanks
  17. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Your right, we need to update the docs for 2.42.
  18. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    You don't see the 5 flashers turning green at the start of the table? Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  19. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    Strange, it works here Envoyé de mon SM-A320FL en utilisant Tapatalk
  20. Great to see this triumphant return of the legendary Groni!
  21. Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    Do note that if you decide to integrate Zaccaria Pinball into your front end; you'll need to turn Steam Cloud Sync off for Zaccaria Pinball. The script to do direct table load needs to edit the save file for the Zaccaria Pinball interface "last table selected", and Steam will balk at there being a difference between local and cloud and insist you select which one each time, unless you turn that feature off.
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  23. B2S snippit steps change request

    @Westworld ? Sorry, not trying to spam, just seems that the @ someone didn't work from tapatalk. -Mike
  24. Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    Yes, I just tested this myself (I'm a desktop user, but I have a second monitor I used to check it out). The cabinet feature and one table (Time Machine) are free, so you may as well try it out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/444930/Zaccaria_Pinball/ Edit: To start, load Time Machine, then go to Options > Camera > Cabinet. There's more information in the link @Thalamus posted if you decide to integrate the game with your front end.
  25. Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    I saw someone talking about that they just released a upgrade to do just that. But, since I don't play that title ( yet ? ) I didn't follow the thread that closely. Ah .. here is the thread http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38551&hl=zaccaria
  26. DMD Preview Video

    Version 1.0.2


    DMD Videos for Frontends Can be used on any System! Either Monitor, real DMD or Pin2DMD Setup! Added in 1.0.0 - AC/DC - Metallica - Star Trek Stern - Indiana Jones Williams
  27. Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    Thanks for the reply! Does the software support cabinet mode with two monitors?
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