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  2. Star Wars

    Already looking very nice @cb3 !!!
  3. SOON!!!!!! It's got to meet my quality standards before I release the final version, working on ironing out the last few keyframing challenges! Patience Padowans!
  4. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    1.7.2 of dmdext works for fx3 ( reported by others ) I don't play fx3 on my cab. 1.7.1 works well for me as a pindmd3 user. Mjr reported some issues that I haven't really experienced myself, and that was some of the changes that got added to 1.7.2. Pindmd3 and LCD users can test his version if they have issues with 1.7.1.
  5. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Well - then it is weird. Or at least it was. It is not like I re-try this myself on a weekly basis Have at least two cases where I've helped people out from the rom renaming and in both cases they needed to replaced the filename inside the zip in order to get it working. At least that was what they reported back to me.
  6. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Filenames within the zip should not matter. That would be weird.
  7. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    good to know especially now that version 1.7.2 is not working with the latest PINMAME and I don't remember the reason but I think that version 1.7.1 has a major flaw that version 1.7.2 fixed
  8. Last week
  9. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Not only that. It used to be ok if only the *.zip file was correctly named. Now, the file inside needs to be correct too. At least it was like this just some revisions back, and before that - it was good enough if only the *.zip was named correctly.
  10. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    There was some extensive rom renaming with the official source in the 3.1 cycle, especially S.A.M. system. Easiest thing would be to simply re-download. Or you can audit your rom collection with pinmame.exe and clrmamepro Or I think the official distribution may still include a bat file that will do the renaming for you.
  11. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Freezys DLL should also work with PIN2DMD but I still recommend my DLL
  12. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    correct me if I"m wrong, but I was under the impression that Frezys dl was made so that Pin2DMD editor projects and Pinball Browser proejcts could be use on LCD and PINDMD3 (NOT A REAL DMD) if the above statement is true, and you have a PIN2DMD on your cab, you should just install the PIN2DMD drivers to get your device going.
  13. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Did you check the Colorize DMD checkbox in the ROM settings ?
  14. Star Wars

    I know the work that brings congratulations. I hope you can put the files for the real machine and be able to test them regards
  15. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Unfortunately, not my area of expertise. I have a Real DMD, You've installed Freezy' dmdext ? At this moment you need 1.7.1. There is a bug in the latest, preventing it from working correctly. https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases/download/v1.7.1/dmdext-v1.7.1-x86.zip And - yes. You seem to have done everything correct. It might be the bug mentioned that is your problem.
  16. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Check your parent ROMs, I had an issue with FG at one point, it was using a rim out of the parent. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  17. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    That's just weird... I happen to have Family guy on my desktop computer the other ones are on my cab and that's all a part..... Sorry
  18. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Thanks. Someone was able to send it to me... Now running into the same thing with Shrek, World Poker and Wheel of Fortune. I'm not sure what changed, but my roms for these games were working... Now when I check them in PinMAME they say Actual = 0 meaning the filesize in the zip is 0 bytes.
  19. oh yeah, this and the table remastered by g5k are looking great..
  20. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    FInally got around to trying this, no dice. Tried CB3's WWF royal rumble and my own LW3 pin2dmd.vni and pin2dmd.pal are the only files in the folder for their respective games. Didnt work If you wanna help me with something else........I cant seem to reposition the backglass in VPX. I tried setting it to screen 1 , 2, and 3 but it always shows up under the playfield
  21. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    This is the rom I use with - SAMBuild_r4639 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytrobd29x6gx1jg/fg_1200af.zip?dl=0
  22. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Has there been any changes with Family Guy lately? Been trying to run fg_1200af but getting terminated. I've tried everything I can think of and keep getting same termination error. Even downloaded new rom from Stern and tries, getting same error. Rom name inside of zip matches what PinMAME is expecting.
  23. Can we use PinballBrowser to extract the image.bin? I have the replacement for GB, just need to repack it into the .spk.
  24. Pinballbrowser with inframe should work. Also replacement with pin2dmd editor.
  25. So this is my final look for my Jaws PuP-Pack. I MUST have everything locked down as final before I can make the rest of the pack because of the drop shadows and also the effects I do. This video shows the default look, but at half way you will see the DRAIN effect I’m playing with. Just wait for it. This Pack is using a video underlay layer at 60fps for the water, main video layer in the middle, overlay still image for the frame, and the bottom middle video layer changes for Text and modes, or can be used for UltraDMD for those who need to. I also have an Overlay Video layer for the Drain effect…maybe others…not sure yet. https://youtu.be/oz4FUCJaBb0
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